This has been the most intense two years (2020-2021) for being a soul within the third and fourth dimension or a conduit of Pure Source Light and frequency holder/stabilizer on Gaia working within these realms. Since November 2019, the collective consciousness of Gaia entered the Dark Night of the Soul in order to fully awaken the masses and begin to release the density of the third and fourth dimensions. Consequently, this has also been the time that the most dense energy has been purged by the collective to be released from the planet via these conduits. This has been a massive change for many conduits that have been tasked with this. The sheer amount of density and frequency of this Light has changed the entire lives of many conduits and their physical vessels that are needed to transmute such intense energy off planet. As we move into May and June the intensity will begin to ease up and there will be a relocation and shift in the function of these conduits that have been working in the lower realms assisting with this clearing.

The collective dark night will be coming to its end and we will begin to exit the the complete darkness into the first slivers of Light. This means that more and more souls upon Gaia will begin to clear their own energy easing the workload of the conduits that assisted during this phase of the collective ascension. There will still be clearing but it will be more balanced across the collective as each begins to open to the Light of their soul. The next level of consciousness for the collective will allow these conduits to assist more in the stabilizing, balancing and holding of a particular frequency and tonal chord within the collective Light body. This will come effortlessly as a part of simply being Pure Source Light or Love. To BE love takes all of our energy and focus. Our everything is concentrated into being Pure Divine Love that there is nothing left to do because our full consciousness is unified as being the Source of Love and Light at all times. When we are able to maintain this level of consciousness we are able to be Pure Source Consciousness, to be Divine Love. This allows us to flow as the river of Light or Love that is the ONE Pure Consciousness moving our reality as ONE, accepting and allowing whatever happens or needs to happen in each now moment. Therefore, we do not have to try to do anything as all manifests effortlessly through us from a state of being the Source of the Light. If there is something to that needs to happen, we do it, not from a place of having to do something, or a sense of duty or obligation or role to do something, that is identity. It simply becomes a happening, a consequence of the Light flowing through the vessel creating in the now moment whatever is meant to be created without attachment to a having to do something, or a feeling of fulfilling some obligation or duty as a separate identity. It just comes in the moment with no agenda or reason except to be love.

As we move through the remaining weeks of the Collective Dark Night, the clearing demands of the Pure Source Conduits assisting via their vessels will begin to subside in intensity. This will allow for each to move permanently back to the higher realms of New Earth and to physical locations upon Gaia where each will be the radiation center of Pure Source Light and Love for this star system. These beings and all Pure Source Conduits and New Earth Visionaries will be in place along the planet so that the entire living Light body, the Collective Diamond Sun Body is in full support for the event that will trigger the shift of the collective consciousness of Gaia to the frequencies of New Earth. Once this occurs, it will not be a visible instantaneous change for the outer physical collective reality. It will be the beginning of rebuilding of our collective reality in the frequencies of unity consciousness.

The Event to Ascend the Collective to New Earth

All the lower density Light that we have been shedding during the collective dark night of the soul has been to allow the Light of the fifth dimension to fill the collective Light Body via every soul on our planet that has consciously or unconsciously chosen ascension to New Earth. Once each soul receives this Light during the event, each will birth themselves to New Earth and we will birth our collective consciousness to New Earth via Pure Source Conduits. Each soul of the collective will receive an initiation of Light during the event which will contain the Light of their soul at the fifth dimensional frequencies of this Universe. All those that chose to remain asleep until this moment will awaken to the truth, all those that are awaken spiritually and still in the illusions of the third and fourth dimension will awaken to the truth. Every soul that has chosen ascension will know the truth and all will ascend to New Earth! Once this occurs, the collective soul will have enough Light of this frequency to completely ascend our collective consciousness into the frequency bandwidths of New Earth and unity consciousness. This will change everything on our planet but it is not a magic wand! The outside world is physical and it takes time for the Light to filter through the realms of unmanifest to manifest for the outer reality to change – but it will change! 2022 will bring about unprecedented change upon the face of this planet. Remember how 2019 was “normal” then 2020 came and everything changed! 2022 promises to bring this kind of change but in the opposite direction! Building the new instead of dismantling the old!

During the event, each soul will receive the Light of the fifth dimension into their own Light body. As all souls on this planet are a part of the collective Light Body, this means that the collective Light Body will make a HUGE leap in frequency ascending our collective consciousness to New Earth. This will significantly shift the consciousness of each individual soul as well as the collective soul. We will see many collective and individual choices that begin the forward motion needed to propel our civilization into a new phase of evolution in the realms of unity consciousness. We will be on New Earth as ONE collective and we will begin building the new from our hearts as ONE collective soul. We are preparing for a monumental leap in our evolution as a species and as a part of the collective consciousness of this star system. Once the dark night is over, the uncomfortableness of seeing our shadows and fears has shown itself for what is really is and we have dismantled the many mind constructs, belief structures and actions through the darkness, we will step into the Light to begin building the new. We will continue to dismantle, however, it will be with more ease and grace as we shift into the frequencies of unity consciousness and begin to clear in the Light. The outer will dismantle and rebuild in alignment with the new frequencies of consciousness that each soul will now possess and that we as a collective will begin working to embody.

We must also be heartful of the truth….the event will not turn our world into a utopia over night. Our consciousness will awaken to a new level of seeing and interpreting our world. This new vision will help us to begin making the choices needed to change our reality to align with our new way of being. Expect big change through choices, action and each of us working to build a world of unity together through what we do as an individual. It takes everyone clearing the distortions within for the outside to change. We will all see with the eyes of the soul after the event. This does not mean we will all think the same thought or move in the same direction. It simply means we will make choices that benefit the whole versus our own individual self. Each is coded at a soul level to do different things and contribute their Light here in a very special way. It is not uniform, it is a symphony that together creates harmony! What we have already created in our world will still be there for us to make the necessary choices to change. This is part of the embodiment process. Through the embodiment of this Light we will make the choices necessary to create or rebuild a New Earth. What we will see is how when we align our hearts in a unified vision or choice, we can make incredible change upon this planet quickly and efficiently.

As we embody the frequencies of New Earth individually and as a collective, it will be reflected in the outer reality we experience. We are headed for a completely new way of being. The shift from the third and fourth dimension to the fifth dimension is one of the greatest of the journey. It is that pivotal moment when our heart burst wide open and for the first time the Light of our soul and the whole truth of who we are is experienced. The moment we see, we remember, we know…..LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! When we feel this as a collective and each soul inside themselves awakens to the truth, it is going to change our world forever and it will truly be a New Earth!

There will be more shared here and from other Pure Source beings as we progress into the weeks ahead in preparation for this monumental change upon our planet. Trust that each’s soul knows and will guide each through this sacred passage. All is in place to support each soul and humanity itself in this mass awakening and ascension to the New Earth both before and after the event. We have come so far as a collective through this dark night and together we will cross the rainbow bridge into the frequencies of New Earth as ONE awakened collective soul. I love you! I support you! I honor you! I am you! We are ONE! We are Light! We are LOVE!

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