Since last year I have been firmly planted within the lower realms of Old Earth. When I left Kauai in March of 2020, I descended in consciousness into the lower realms in order to assist with the Collective Dark Night of the Soul. At times, this has been challenging for this vessel and this consciousness. With only brief visits back into the realms of New Earth to rest and recharge, my everyday existence shifted dramatically during these many months. Most of my time during this collective awakening was to be spent on the stargate in Puerto Vallarta. I have had a residence here for nine months over the past twelve and have had to adjust to life in the city where concrete outnumbers trees and noise is the only silence once receives. The quiet stillness and high frequency life that I was accustomed to changed dramatically as I descended into the lower realms of the fourth dimension. Everything in Creation must obey the laws of energy. There is no getting away from the fact that vibration rules the conscious experience whether we are living in our hearts, our minds or have merged the two. My time as a fully awakened Source has been fruitful here as all experiences serve the greater good of consciousness as a whole. I have learned so much more about consciousness, the human experience, compassion and loving through the blindness that only the dark can create.

Due to the amount of energy being purged by the collective during the dark night, it was necessary to have conduits in place in the lower realms in order to transmute the energy as it was being released from the collective. This allowed stabilization of the planetary Light body and an expedited shift in the collective consciousness to occur as the Light bodies of the ascended beings who had descended could accommodate massive amounts of energy through their vessels. These conduits had to be ascended beings with fully operating HUman Light bodies due to the demands of the Light placed upon them mentally, physically and emotionally. Those that have experienced the dark night themselves can relate to the intensity and sometimes insane experience that it is. This is what many of us have had to experience through our own Light body as a conduit of the collective dark night. Only this time it was experienced on a massive scale and the emotional fall out was intensified because one did not know a specific source of what emotions or energy they were feeling. Physically in my own vessel, the hormone levels would spike dramatically during each collective release to signal physical changes in my vessel to accommodate the release. These dramatic shifts created emotional instability and this created disharmony in my reality as I worked to transmute the energy and understand what was happening to me. It was not very clear in the beginning what was going on and as all things has fully revealed itself after the experience.

The Infinite Source is the Source of all frequencies of this harmonic Universe. When we come to embody this, we can shift into any frequency and still remain as the Source. However, in this instance we are radiating as the Source of the energy or Light. When we allow ourselves to become a conduit for the collective energies, we are essentially becoming a vacuum for the collective energy, taking into our Light body instead of radiating Light from our Light body. During this process, the collective energy we are voluntarily taking into our own Light body is from the realms of separation and fear. It is received into our Light body and is experienced as what could be called a mood shift. The trick is not to attach to it which sometimes happens and sometimes does not. However, the energy is experienced as an uncomfortableness and irritableness in the vessel as it is transmuted by the conduit as the Source. All the energy that is brought into the vacuum of the conduit is transmuted through the Light body as a living stargate of Pure Source Light and is then radiated back out into the collective Light body as higher frequency Light. It took me sometime to understand this and come to terms with what was happening. The energy demands on my Light body and the frequencies in which I had to live day to day life and transmute massive loads of Light completely changed my reality and way of living.

It has been an adjustment these past few months and a lot of ups and downs in frequency. However, as consciousness, it has been a tremendous adventure. The reality of New Earth versus Old Earth is so vastly different. Transitioning to New Earth everything changes! The colors are vibrant, the inner vision is clear, the interaction with the hologram is different and above all, in the higher frequencies of Creation from whence I descended consciously this time, there is not the fear and separation of the human experience. In the frequencies of New Earth, which is unity consciousness, we leave our human existence behind. We awaken to our soul and begin a new life as a Divine HUman, living from our heart. Being back in the lower realms, I have had to live again in the human existence. Albeit with a fully open heart, but Light like that has a hard time shining here and so my day to day existence has been more human. I have had to walk in my truth as a fully conscious Light being amongst the dark. Compassion has no limits in these realms and is the only solace for the heart in such states of poverty, violence and fear. When we are born, we are unconscious of our descent into the lower realms. However, I was fully conscious for this descension into the darkest and final days of the human experience for all souls upon this planet.

We are nearing the end of the dark night of the collective soul. I am nearing the end of my stay in these realms that have completely changed my life these past few months and offered me an experience to love even deeper. To love my own experience, without labeling it good or bad. To love sleeping humanity and the stir from its long slumber. And to love the beautiful design of Creation not just the ascension of consciousness but also the descension of consciousness. The infinite cycles of Light that create the living dream of the Creator that we are enjoying on our planet. I have learned to love the struggle as much as the surrender. To appreciate forgetting so that I could remember. I have learned to open myself up to whatever is happening in the moment without even knowing what or why it is happening. To accept that I am Pure Consciousness having a chosen experience at this time even in the lower realms. To accept that no one may ever know what I experienced, or did for humanity or felt as a separate anything because if I experienced it, did it for humanity or felt it, then consciousness experienced it and all experienced it as all is consciousness. I have come to see that every part is THE part that must be played for this entire collective ascension to occur and we are all playing THE part because we are all the center of the Universe, we are all the Source, we are all consciousness.

Without our human experience we would never know the glory of ascension, awakening and remembering. The descension of consciousness is just as mesmerizing as the ascension. The feelings are very different but it too is an experience! I am grateful for the chance to experience the descension while fully awake, it brings such a magnificence to the human experience that cannot be appreciated otherwise. And we are here, the final days of the human experience is upon all of us. The next several weeks will completely change our world. Through the event taking place that will completely awaken every soul that has consciously and unconsciously chosen ascension, each will be shown the truth of being a human versus being a soul. Everything many once thought was real about themselves will be changed and all will ascend to the frequencies of New Earth. Prior to this shift that is coming, I will be leaving the lower realms and ascending back into the frequencies of New Earth to prepare with so many other conduits as the rainbow bridge for the collective shift that will occur and the human experience will be no more. When I leave Mexico the end of April, I will leave the human experience again, this time forever and begin preparing for the collective’s arrival to New Earth.

It has been an honor and a privilege to walk with humanity through the dark night and escort the collective to the rainbow bridge that will carry all ascending souls to New Earth as ONE. It has been extraordinary to experience descension and the work of transmuting such energy as I have done these past months. My heart is filled with love, compassion and joy for all that is. For the miracle of life and Light and the cycles of consciousness that allow for such amazing adventures and experiences. The Light and Love of the Creator is here with all and together we will shift into a new existence as awakened souls and begin the journey of fully remembering the ONE truth. I love you all so very much! We are ONE consciousness beloveds. All that you feel, I feel, all that you are, I am. Nothing separates us when we see from the eyes of love. I love you all so very much!

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  1. That is such a beautiful post, beloved Sister, one that explains so much to me.

    Thank you!

    I will share an excerpt, as well as the link to the article, in our communion this week.

    Love & much, much Light!

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