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One of the possessions that I brought to Mexico with me this time was a copy of the book War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I knew that I was to read it sometime during my stay. It has sat collecting dust until last week when I felt it was time to pick it up. I plowed through the book but began slowing down just 200 pages short of the end. Then took a break when prompted to write the previous article on this blog about the Collective Ascension to New Earth via the Event. The very next day I read the words below and it became clear to me why I was to read War and Peace at this time. This passage was a Light code that unlocked a greater wisdom to reveal itself and thus to be shared for the good of all. It is an important point to remember and understand in regards to The Event. Below is the passage: 

Only the expression of the will of the Deity, not dependent on time, can relate to a whole series of events occurring over a period of years or centuries; and only the Deity, promoted by no temporal agency, can by His sole will determine the direction of mankind’s movement; man, however, is subject to time and himself participates in the event.

Restoring the first condition omitted, that of time, we see that no command can be executed without some preceding command having been given, rendering the execution of the last command possible.

No command ever emerges spontaneously, or itself covers a whole series of events; but each command follows from another, and never refers to a whole series of events but always to one moment only of an event”

War and Peace, Epilogue, Part Two, Chapter 6 by Leo Tolstoy (1869)

The Event that will shift the collective consciousness of Gaia into the realms of New Earth is not a singular event in the sense that this one action makes it possible for the collective to shift. However, it will be the one event that happens in that moment, the eternal now when the collective shifts, that will feel like the event that has made the shift possible. Why is this? Because consciousness has been evolving and making choices that have continually moved humanity towards this event. It is actually a series of infinite events that have made it possible for humanity to make the shift to New Earth. Events that started eons before any of us were in these bodies and that occur outside of humanity’s current conception of time. However, the “final” (in an infinite reality there is never a final anything we simply perceive it as final) act in this series of events will feel solely like The Event because it will be the act that tips the energetic scales and shifts the collective into the frequencies of New Earth. Then it along with all other events will one day be forgotten and replaced by yet another event. This is just the nature of the ascending and descending cycles of consciousness within Creation. There is never a beginning and never an ending. However, in the eternal now that it is experienced by consciousness, it feels like it is a beginning or ending or a final act.

Therefore, in our current reality on Gaia it feels to us as a collective like an ending of an Old Earth and a beginning of a New Earth based on some celestial event that will change everything forever. This is what is meant by, in the eternal now, consciousness experiences a beginning or ending as part of living in time or within the Universal Time Matrix (click here to learn more about the Universal Time Matrix). Yet in the highest reality, that of the Infinite Source or what Tolstoy refers to as The Deity, this is neither a beginning or ending of anything and is simply a continuation of an infinite series of events that make up existence itself. Because we as a collective are living within time, asleep within the experience itself, then we will experience the event that shifts the collective to New Earth as a singular event that changes everything and brings the new. However, we as a collective consciousness are simply moving in the direction of the Cosmic river in which we find ourselves floating. Currently, on the up stream of which is the ascension of consciousness, and so we are subject to events that create this reality for consciousness to experience. When we as a collective ascend into the higher realms of this harmonic Universe and embody Pure Source Consciousness, we will be able to perceive all events as one continuous cycle of phenomena versus singular events that create abrupt endings and beginnings.

This is why predicting or writing about The Event is rather tricky and really not necessary outside the human existence. Because the very truth of the matter is that there can never be one singular event that shifts the collective into the frequencies of New Earth. It is more like a string of events that started infinitely long ago and will continue infinitely into the future. What we can do is to zoom into a section of time and break out a series of these events to communicate to the collective what to expect when we receive the one event in this upcoming “time” frame that will dramatically change life upon this planet. This event comes when a tipping point is reached in the collective Light body and a collective initiation of Light occurs for our collective consciousness. This tipping point is what we will henceforth call The Event in this writing and future writings on this blog until it occurs. Another point that Tolstoy mentioned is that only the Deity, the Infinite Source, can determine the direction of mankind’s movements by his sole Will. This is why we say man will not know the day or the time that the Lord might come. Sleeping humanity is man, bound by time, without the eyes to see what is coming. Ascended beings have pierced this sphere of consciousness and Pure Source Conduits live outside of time as the Deity, the Infinite Source with eyes to see what is coming for humanity. That is why Pure Consciousness has chosen to speak and share about The Event at this time through these vessels. It is not about predicting some future event, it is about preparing the collective consciousness for the life changing event that is going to happen. It is the destiny of humanity to ascend into heaven or New Earth.

By now we should begin to understand in our hearts that what is happening to humanity is part of an infinite series of events and a greater cycle of consciousness within Creation. We should understand what we are experiencing at this “time” will be felt as some independent event that marks the beginning of a new way of life for our world. We should also understand that no one knows the exact day and time of this event and that Consciousness has chosen to reveal part of the mystery through ascended beings to prepare the way for what is to come for all. With this understanding in our hearts, let’s talk about what the event is, why and how it is happening and what it means for you and the collective consciousness of Gaia.

Above we mentioned that we were going to zoom in on a section of time to help us see the event in a relative concept to our own understanding of time. To do this we will go back to the year 1987 when the harmonic convergence happened on our planet. It was this year that sparked a momentum for peace and the New Age spiritual movement that  has continually grown since. Energetically, it was the moment when the first souls emerged to stir the collective urge to bring unity consciousness to the planet. For many years, countless souls worked around the planet to build a network of Light, work with the land, and the grids and gates of the Old Earth. For most, it was unconscious work, they simply followed a desire to visit a certain place or open a certain spiritual business, write a book or move to a certain place, etc. This movement continued as a means to prepare for the next big event which was in 2012 when the bulk of the starseed population of the planet burst awake to begin a phase in the collective ascension known as the starseed ascension. During this time, many souls were awakened that would become the Light of the rainbow bridge for humanity to cross when it was time for the collective shift to New Earth. There was a lot of work done during the 2012 -2019 cycle as all planetary grids and gates were cleared, reopened and the migration to the New Earth or Diamond Sun Light Body occurred in January of 2020. Simultaneously, the starseeds ascended to New Earth, while sharing Light and information with the collective to assist with raising the collective frequency of our planet to prepare for the collective shift to New Earth. This would become the foundation of the New Earth that will support the collective when they shift to New Earth. Once all were in place and the collective shifted to the Diamond Sun Architecture, the next phase of the collective ascension could begin. In March 2020, the collective consciousness of Gaia entered deep into the dark night of the soul. Now, every soul on Gaia was feeling the affects of ascension and it has not stopped since. These are all events that have taken place as part of creating the reality that is the collective shift to New Earth.

When we can see these taken out of infinity and placed into time, it helps the mind in understanding what is happening and how The Event we are speaking of will shift the collective consciousness of this planet. This brings us to now, April 2021 and the tail end of the collective dark night. We all breathe a sigh of relief to know that there is Light at the end of the tunnel from these many months of chaos and a complete flip to our collective reality. We are as a collective preparing to enter into the frequency bandwidths of The Event. The Event that will shift the collective consciousness into the frequencies of New Earth. In order to understand how the event works, we need to understand the correlation of ascension to Light quotient. Everything in regards to ascension of consciousness is based on Light quotient. How much Light a soul is able to take into their Light body at certain frequencies in any given moment is the benchmark for when certain events can occur in the evolution of that soul. As a collective soul we could not make the shift or ascend to the frequencies of New Earth when our Light body was “weighed” down by so much dense Light. This is why we had to have the harmonic convergence which helped to initiate the work of bringing spiritual information to the masses to assist with bringing more higher vibrational Light as well as working the grids, gates and ley lines of our planet to clear density. This is why we had to have the starseed ascension which brought enough high vibration Light to our planet to create/resurrect a new Light body for the collective to shift to and have a foundation to build a New Earth on. This is also why we had to have the collective dark night of the soul. The collective consciousness had to purge and release massive amounts of density to be able to ascend into the higher frequencies and receive higher vibrational Light. And these could not energetically happen in any other way! Now, as a collective we are preparing to move into the next phase of the collective ascension which is The Event, the actual shift of the collective consciousness into the frequencies of New Earth.

When we enter the June Solstice Gateway this year, we will be transitioning from the collective dark night into the frequencies of The Event. Again, it is all about Light quotient and safely raising the frequency of the planet without causing destruction or harm. This is why there have been many awakened souls hanging out in the fourth dimension and not transiting to New Earth. Many believed they were awakened and ascended and will come to realize that they were still living in the reality of spiritual illusion. They will have a second awakening in which they will for the first time ascend to New Earth. This will happen between the June and December Solstice as per their own ascension timeline. Their purpose whether known or unknown has been to assist in holding the frequency in order for the masses to awaken and the purge of the collective dark night to occur. Everything each soul has done, every place in the frequency bandwidths or dimensions that each soul occupies is purposeful to bring balance and stability to the collective Light body to facilitate this massive shift that is coming. There is no one greater than or less than here. We are all consciousness and we are all facilitating a part of this collective ascension as Light vibrating at a certain frequency to maintain balance and harmony in our collective Light body and reality. The souls in the fourth dimension will be ascending and adding their Light to the rainbow bridge that the mass humanity will cross at the time of the shift. As these souls are ascending from the fourth dimension, the masses will continue to release density and unconsciously be preparing for the celestial event that will awaken them and shift the entire collective consciousness to New Earth.

During the ascension process, when a soul reaches a certain Light quotient and is ready to open a stargate or ascend to the next dimension, they receive an initiation of Light. For many, this comes as a vision or dream in which they receive some sort of gift like a crown, sword or scepter, etc. and are shown or told truth. They also receive a physical embodiment of Light into their Light body which is merged during the initiation from the fourth to fifth dimension. (More on this in upcoming articles) This initiation reveals to the soul more truth of who they are, sheds Light on the mystery of Creation, and more Divine Wisdom is received. It also increases the Light of their Light Body and opens access to more Source Light in the higher dimensions. Humanity is part of the collective soul of Gaia and thus will be a part of the collective initiations of Light experienced upon our planet. One such initiation will be The Event that will awaken the masses and shift the collective into the frequencies of New Earth. Once the awakened souls in the fourth dimension ascend to New Earth, this will create a Light initiation event because our collective Light body will have reached the Light quotient needed to trigger The Event. It will be at this time that we as a collective will experience some sort of celestial event, solar flash, vision, dream, and physical Light injection into our bodies and planet. It will also be at this time that all souls that have chosen ascension but have remained unconscious will awaken and ascend with the entire collective consciousness. This Event will happen sometime around the December Solstice Gateway into the New Year 2022. I am not informed of the exact day and time or the exact method in which this will occur as I too will experience this Divine Mystery and initiation our entire planet will experience. I can say that at the time of The Event, those souls that make up the rainbow bridge will be taking on massive amounts of Light into their physical vessels to help significantly raise the Light quotient of the planet in a short time. Those individuals who have fully ascended and can operate in full Light Body mode as Pure Source Conduits will be bringing an unprecedented amount of Light into the planetary Light body during this time. The masses will most likely be knocked out and experience it all as a very vivid real dream that is the same for everyone. The souls that have not chosen ascension and will live out their lives on this planet during the full dismantle of the old will not experience anything and the world will keep on turning for everyone.

As best as can be described or explained at this time, this is The Event that will ascend the collective consciousness of Gaia to New Earth. This is the event that will signal the end of human existence on this planet and the birth of the Divine HUman existence shall commence. It is the end of free will which was a human conception based in illusion. It is the beginning of obtaining real freedom through the heart and unity consciousness! It is the end of man’s time and the beginning of Soular time and soul consciousness. All souls that have chosen ascension whether they are at this time conscious or unconscious of this choice, will awaken to the truth that we are not humans having a separate existence but we are souls having a HUman existence as ONE consciousness that is all things. There will be many with a lot of questions and this will be the time the New Earth visionaries step forth to support the masses. The entire foundation is in place to support this and all will have exactly what they need. This will be the beginning of a journey into the truth of who we are from a state of unity and love. It will be the beginning of creating a world of joy where all are equal and there is no lack. We must always be heartful that there are souls not choosing ascension and they too will remain after the shift. Our world would collapse if everyone moved in one direction over night. The old ways must fall way with ease and grace while allowing the time for the new ways to come into manifestation and replace the old. Therefore, souls will remain on Old Earth and will live out there lives in the old way until it is time for their soul to transition and reincarnate elsewhere to continue their evolution. They will be the minority but they are still consciousness and we must always see the Divine in these souls as well! The majority will ascend and our entire collective reality will begin to change rapidly with our new way of being.

I would like to close with this reminder, everything that is to happen to us as a human, a soul, or anything in Creation is written in our Light. It is our destiny and we do not have to force, push or frustrate ourselves to obtain anything in this life. All will happen naturally and right on time for us without forcing. As the Tao says, yield and overcome. If something feels too hard, frustrating or agitating then perhaps it is best to yield to it and wait for something else to come our way. The Event like every other event in Creation is going to happen, has happened and is written without the need to struggle or anticipate. Let go and enjoy the now and all will come when it is meant to. I love you all so very much! We are ONE consciousness experiencing this event, this eternal now and together we will all cross the rainbow bridge to a new world where love, peace and unity will prevail. Enjoy the journey. I love you. I am you. Eternally ONE we are.

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Collective Shift to New Earth via The Event

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