Mt. Shasta, May 12, 2021

Each year on our collective ascension timeline we enter into the summer eclipse season in May/June that takes us into the Lion’s Gate energies of August/September. Historically, this is a deep passage of working with our distortions. A time when we begin to see from the higher frequency we have embodied during the first six months of the year and when we must make choices that will affect the new timeline that begins manifesting during the Winter Solstice. Timelines are a part of a continuing cycle of consciousness that we must traverse while on the ascension path to full embodiment. Currently, our collective timeline or cycle is aligned to the frequencies of soul consciousness that we must embody individually and collectively, which is why it aligns with the planet’s revolution around our sun as the center or Source of our SOULAR system. From a dimensional perspective, this cycle can be thought of as the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions of consciousness. This year’s passage is unique because it is the first year that the mass collective of humans are awake and must face a choice point to further guide their soul along the ascension path. Let’s explain why.

During the previous fifteen months the Collective Consciousness of Gaia as been heavily engrossed in the dark night of the soul. There is no one alive on this planet that has not been affected by this and that did not participate in this in some way. April 2021, brought us to the end of the dark night, the Light at the end of the tunnel was clearly visible to those with eyes to see and the energies of May have delivered this Light. Since the gateways of the 5/5 portal at the beginning of May, we have been receiving significantly higher frequency Light to “lift” the collective out of the dark night and into the The Event energies that will dramatically shift the collective consciousness to New Earth. The first half of May delivered massive Light to “lift” the collective and prepare each for the annual eclipse gateways into Lion’s Gate passage. Last week, I travelled to Mt. Shasta to open the gateways for this passage that this year brings with it the energies of The Event. It is the energies that we are receiving right now and all through the summer into the Lion’s Gate passageway that will set the stage for the collective shift to New Earth sometime from the Winter Solstice into early 2022. Because of the purpose of the Light we are receiving and will continue to receive all summer, this year’s passageway is a unique event. It is unique in that for the first time our root race is awakened as a collective consciousness. This means that there will be a lot more souls consciously affected by the Light of this passageway then there has ever been before during our time as a species on this planet. It will be this massive amount of souls participating in this passageway that will eventually tip the scales for the entire collective to shift to New Earth. Let’s talk about how this will occur.

When consciousness is asleep, or another way of saying it, when we are living as an unawakened human, we are generally oblivious to the shifts in energy and distortions they amplify in our reality. We simply believe that is how life is and we continue to muddle through our lives discontent or content with how things are. We are fully under the veils living in the illusion of our self created reality unware that we have the power or choice to change it. However, once we begin to awaken and step onto the path of ascension, we begin to see and feel the uncomfortableness of the distortions in our reality and it is here that we begin to learn mastery of our reality through the Master Key known as conscious choice! This one action, choice, is the most powerful tool that we have to change our reality. For many years now, most people have felt that they do not have a choice in life, that each must continue to live a certain way because that “is just the way things are” or “that is how life is” or “that is the way it has always been”. We have been held powerless over our reality because we have not exercised our conscious choice. This is not a free will choice of the human mind, conscious choice is so much more than that. It is a choice rooted in the heart, a choice commanded by the Source, our true self. And, it is through this collective conscious choice that we will shift our collective frequency to New Earth. New Earth is not a new physical place or a new outer world that will instantly materialize before our eyes. It is a new reality, set on the same stage just at a higher vibrational frequency. A reality that must be created by the collective consciousness of this planet. It is a new vibrational reality that will manifest by the conscious choices of billions of souls! This year’s eclipse gateways are unique in that for the first time during the history of our root race, we will have masses of souls making conscious choices. The collective choice point this year is this…..WE WILL CHOOSE to ascend as a collective. This choice point will manifest because many awakened souls will choose to take the higher path, will choose to follow their hearts, will choose unity over separation. Through collective choice we will create the shift to New Earth ourselves.

At this time, I would like to make a distinction between conscious choice and free will. Human free will is the illusion that we can do anything we want to satisfy our self. It is generally executed by the mind when we believe ourselves to be separate from the whole and make choices for our own benefit. Conscious choice is made when we listen to our heart, Pure Consciousness. These are executed for the greatest good of all as the whole. Where we live, what we do, say, share, etc. is only done to benefit the ONE consciousness that is all things. It is a journey to get to the point where we have completely given up free will and live fully in conscious choice. Free will is not true freedom while conscious choice is complete freedom. Free will is that of a separate self whereas conscious choice is that of Pure Consciousness as the ONE with no separation. Along the journey, we will make conscious choices every time we follow our heart and even if we are unware of it, these choices always benefit the whole. This year many will for the first time be making a conscious choice to choose a higher reality that will increase each’s own Light, thereby benefiting the whole.

Now, in order to have choice or a choice point in our reality, there must be a catalyst for change. We must be faced with something in our reality that we are uncomfortable with and that does not align with our heart. This is the main purpose of the gateways that we currently find ourselves in at this time and into the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. The intent of the collective dark night of the soul was to awaken the collective. Through events that have greatly polarized our society over the years and the global pandemic, the dark night was successful in jolting awake the sleeping masses of humanity. Now the dark night is over and we have been lifted from the darkness into the blinding higher frequency Light that will lead us to the promised land of New Earth. It is this Light, these higher frequency photons that are and will continue to bring the catalyst needed to create a collective choice point as well as individual choice points. This Light works on the magnetic fields that hold realities in place by literally breaking them apart to create a new reality to match the higher frequency of the new Light. It is higher in frequency and thus carries a stronger magnetic field. These magnetic properties of the Light literally pull the distortions in our reality to the surface for us to experience. They must come up because they are essentially being pulled out of our Light Bodies to be released because vibrationally the distortions of lower frequency cannot stay in the higher reality trying to manifest for us. What we are experiencing and will continue to experience in intensity over the next four to six months is the entire collective reality being pulled apart by the shifting magnetics of this new Light. It has to breakdown for us to “see” the distortions and choose to shift to a higher reality.

Before, we mentioned that there are now billions of awakened souls on the planet that will for the first time be facing a choice point on their ascension path. A path that most do not know they are even on at this time. We will also see a second “true” awakening for the fourth dimensional spiritual community and each will also face a choice point that will shift them to New Earth. These are two MAJOR components of The Event that will be occurring during this passageway that will effectively tip the scales that will shift the entire collective consciousness to New Earth. Let’s first talk about the mass newly awakened souls that will ascend. The newly awakened souls are for the first time seeing the world through a new lens, the dark night had a major affect on each and now it is time for a challenge to present in their reality to amplify the greatest distortion that is keeping them under the veils in the illusion of separation. The challenges playing out for such a massive amount of individual souls will significantly add to the chaos of the collective reality until each can consciously choose the higher path. This will bring more Light into their Light Body and the planetary Light Body which will help move the scales towards the collective shift. Challenges will also play out on the collective stage with huge collective distortions presenting to challenge the collective into seeing beyond the veils. One major distortion (which will also be many souls major individual distortion) that we will see come into the Light before we can make the shift to New Earth is the false claims and separation caused by religious institutions. These institutions will fall and this will create a tsunami of chaos in the collective until each can find the truth within and shift into the higher understanding of consciousness and each’s perceived definition of God. This is where similar dreams across the collective will play a significant role in bringing calm to chaos. (Chaos as in uncertainty and anxiety versus death and destruction) When each consciously chooses to let go of the old and embrace the new understanding within, this too will move the scales toward a collective shift. Lastly, let us talk about the huge amount of spiritually awakened souls that are in the fourth dimension. During this passageway each will have a challenge or amplification of a spiritual distortion that will require them to make a conscious choice that will shift them out of the spiritual delusion of the fourth dimension and allow them to ascend to the frequencies of New Earth prior to the collective shift. They will then become part of the Rainbow Bridge of souls that are the living bridge for the collective to “cross” when shifting to the New Earth. From an energy lens, their Light Bodies become part of the living Light structure or Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness that holds the collective realities of New Earth in place. This allows for stabilization of the planetary Light Body and collective realities after the collective shift while the mass collective goes through an immense educational phase to learn how to live in and create vibrational realities.

All of this is happening simultaneously and continually until we reach a certain Light quotient that will tip the scales forever and will shift the entire collective consciousness to New Earth. We are now in The Event phase, the Light is here and it will continue to increase in intensity as the summer months progress. It will be a hot summer as many will reach their “boiling” point and will have to CHOOSE whether to stay in the pot and burn or get out and consciously choose the higher path. Trust the highest path will be illuminated in each’s consciousness. There will be two distinct paths to choose from and it will be up to each soul to choose. Even the collective challenges will require an individual choice now. There is no more follow the herd, each must become the shepherd of their own soul. It is through individual conscious choice that the collective will shift. Billions of choices made to shift to a higher more unified and loving reality. Even the smallest choice for love and unity makes a tidal wave across Creation! Things will get hot in the collective reality, there will be a lot of information and misinformation as the distortions come to Light and each must find the truth from within. It will get uncomfortable, the distortions will get loud and it will only be in the silence of each’s heart that the truth will be revealed. Everything you need to know to traverse your path through this passageway will be delivered to you from within. Believe in yourself, trust yourself and what you feel deep inside! Pay attention to dreams, animals or signs that cross your path. Your higher consciousness will be guiding you through this in many ways. Trust that this phase of the collective ascension must happen and each must experience this to fully shift within. There are Beacons of Light spread all across this world Lighting the way for all. When you need to be reminded, look for us and you will remember the truth of what is really happening.

The Foundation of New Earth is complete and ready to support the collective ascension from the shift to New Earth to full embodiment of the collective. It was a build that took many years and countless souls to create. There are many ascended beings who worked to complete the Foundation of New Earth that will be exiting the body during this passageway. They were here to help build the foundation and prepare the planet for this time and consciously are aware of and choosing to exit now. We honor all these Pioneers, Wayshowers, Truth Walkers, and beautiful expressions of Divinity for their selfless service here as the ONE for the ONE. The remaining ascended beings and Pure Source embodiers that make up the Foundation are here to guide the masses, to teach the masses and to help in the physical build of the New Earth communities, Light cities and temples of Light that will come during the planetary ascension of this star system. There are countless radiation centers, stargates, portals and Pillars of Light in place to stabilize and hold the collective Light Body in place through this shift. The next few months are going to be tough for many, entire realities will be challenged and it can feel as if the ground underneath is no longer supporting and this will challenge people’s sanity. The collective reality will see this too and the entire Earth will be shaken by the revelations that come to Light. Remember this beloveds, at any time, peace is available to you. In your heart, your center, lies the Infinite Source of all of Creation. A love and peace so great and powerful that the outside world could never diminish it. THIS is the ONE true reality and this is who you really are beloveds. Every hurricane has a calm eye, the center of the storm, where the winds and rain cease to exist, the sun shines and it is peaceful there. Remember that you are the “I” of the storm, you are the center where the sun shines and peace exists, you are not the hurricane, the outer reality. Always return to the center and you will find peace even in the most violent of storms raging around you. You are loved, you are supported and you are always guided when you come to this place.

We are in The Event phase, the challenges will come and will intensify. The magnetics of this Light will pull out anything that does not vibrationally align with unity consciousness. Embrace this gift, have compassion for all those that do not yet see and allow each to consciously choose their own path. There is no right or wrong path. Collectively it will reach a boiling point and it will get loud and hot. Find your reprieve in the stillness of your own heart, seek rest in the Light- the words, videos, and messages of the Beacons of Light holding the New Earth in place for the collective. Remember that this is necessary to bring the peace, love and unity awaiting us on the other side of our conscious choice. And above all beloveds, trust in yourself and what you receive from within. Follow your heart, it knows the way! May the Divine Light in each of you Light the way home for all. We are here, the stage is set and the next act will be the grand finale for humanity and a birth of the Divine HUman race! Let us release this part of our collective self with love, grace and compassion for the experience of descension and gratitude and joy for the experience of ascension. These are the beautiful cycles of consciousness that create eternity and Creation itself. If you want to read about these cycles and my journey as fully awakened consciousness descending from New Earth during the dark night and ascending back to New Earth afterward, please click here. Remember beloveds, this passageway is to help each see the major distortion keeping each soul veiled in separation. All will be Divinely Guided through it as per their own soul journey. Allow your heart to open wide with love and compassion for all and especially for your self. If you are triggered, use the opportunity to dive deeper within to the root fear of the trigger and then gently release it. You are always supported. Simply will it and it shall be done. Thy will be done.

I love you all so very much beloveds. I will leave you with a short video and message from Mt. Shasta when the gates of The Event were opened this past week. It was a long physical portion so I trimmed most of it and left you with the after glow and collective message. Enjoy the Light!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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