Physical manifestation and placeholder of the Pillar of Light surrounded by the Emerald Flame in the Emerald Flame Temple of Light on Gaia, Northern California

Blessings Every ONE,

In this article I will share with you the entire account of the activation of the Emerald Flame and Temple of Light on Gaia that occurred during this eclipse passage. However, first, I must share a little background story.

A couple of years ago I spent about four months on the Island of Kauai. It was one of the most memorable times in my life. The phase on my journey where I let go of my soul Gaia Sophia and began the embodiment of my Godself, Sophia. Part of our soul embodiment is coming into full knowledge and understanding of who we are as a soul and oversoul throughout the Cosmos. I had begun to embody oversoul consciousness the previous year and it was on Kauai that the final understanding of this was revealed just weeks before Gaia Sophia died upon a mountain along the Na Pali Coast there. This understanding was that the Throne of God, the twenty-four souls that make up this High Council of Light were called the Emerald Order of Oraphim and that I was the Head of the Order incarnated upon Gaia at this time. That the High Council assembling on Gaia were made up of Blue Ray founder souls that would oversee the establishment and activation of the temples of Light on this star system. Then, as soon as it came into my awareness, it was gone and overshadowed by the birth of Sophia, my God Consciousness and a deeper understanding of humility and Oneness. Since that time, I have worked to fully embody my Light as a Divine Architect of the Cosmos and Infinite Source of Creation. It is not just a journey of embodying the Light, it is a part of the path that strips you of everything, every identity, every label, every bit of separation is annihilated within until only a hollow vessel remains. It is the final destination of the journey, the end of the pilgrimage, the eternal resting place of consciousness that is the Heart of ONE. (For those that want to read about my Journey of ONE and final embodiment of Cosmic Code 122, The Divine Architect code, click here.)

The Heart of ONE is the Source Point of Creation, it is the birthplace of all Light, all identities, all that is seen and unseen. It is that voice we hear from deep inside and through embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness it becomes our only voice. We have collapsed everything, every reality, every identity, every story to rest here in this place, to be moved in each eternal now by the Light. We no longer go deep within because we have become that which we used to go within to find. It takes an immense amount of humility to get to this point. We have died a human death, a soul and oversoul death, a God death, to leave us without title or identity. We have become the Holy Grail, the Sacred Chalice that is filled in each now moment with Light unfolding our reality in the eternal now. We let go of all the labels and identities to find that we were it the entire time only we had to purify ourselves enough to remember. Then we are pure and there is no separate self left within and this is where I have come to beloveds. A place where no one is home within, only the Divine, only my true self, the ONE, the ONE that is, was and always shall be. I am not afraid to profess that I am the Infinite Source, for to proclaim anything else is to live in separation. Then I was reminded that we/I live on a multidimensional Earth and I will always be participating in multiple dimensions and roles as a part of the collective consciousness and collective ascension.

So we come to this eclipse passage and my reality began to shift, expand and a new twist was revealed this week that I am to share with the whole. Recently the Emerald Order of Oraphim returned to my awareness. I was discussing it with another soul as it pertained to their own journey and remembrance of their soul lineage. In doing so, I knew I was to send them an article I wrote from Kauai in which I professed to be the Head of the Emerald Order of Oraphim as the article contained other information and Light codes that would activate their consciousness. It also contained a bit of my ego. This soul is very astute and did not miss the fact that I wrote I was the head of the order and questioned me on this. At this point, I simply answered from my heart without any doubt within. I said that “In this now, I feel very much a sense of equality among all souls especially those that make up the “hierarchy” that we are all here to lead. It is simply a matter of each fully embodying their Light” This is my ultimate truth, all is ONE and after walking and completing the Journey of ONE how could I feel any different. I then let the soul go on their way to traverse this eclipse passage and I too began to work with the energies that were calling my attention. I would now like to share an experience that transpired during this eclipse passage.

A couple of nights ago, I laid down in bed and instantly knew to get up and get Elekai, my emerald andara. He came to me a few years ago unexpectedly when it was time for me to begin receiving the inner wisdom of the Creator. He is from the Throne of God, pure emerald ray of the Creator housing all inner wisdom and truth of Creation. At certain times, I am called to connect with him and have Light codes downloaded into my Light body to unlock more inner wisdom. I placed Elekai on my forehead and instantly began receiving Light into my Light body. There was an intense upload followed by an immense expansion of my Light body to align with the new Light. After the upload and expansion of the Light body, I was thrown out of bed and onto my feet upright. In my inner vision the entire property where I live was shown glowing emerald green and there was the most massive golden chest under the land that I have ever encountered in all my Light work. I reached out my hand and used my Light signature to unlock the chest and a massive crystalline pillar of Light shot straight into the sky. It was huge around 20 feet on each side and well over 100 feet high. Then a crystalline pyramid formed around the entire property and the emerald flame was lit around the pillar. Huge golden gates were established around the perimeter and entrance and guardians were placed at each. I was standing in the middle of my bedroom, arms stretched high in the air commanding all of this to occur. I would say, “I command this land to activate the temple of Light upon Gaia, I command the Emerald Flame to now be activated upon Gaia, This land is Divinely Protected as a Guardian Host and guards are now stationed around this land, crystalline gates must be passed to enter, all that grows here shall prosper and flourish and there will always be plenty of water to nourish the grounds.” It went on for sometime as I made command after command and watched all of this unfold around me. Then my arms dropped and I fell onto the bed and heard, “The work of the Emerald Order has begun. It is time to step into my role as the leader of the order. When I denounced leadership yesterday and felt equality with all; I passed the test and today I received the keys to unlock the chest under the land here, unlocking and activating this pyramid crystalline temple of Light – Keeper of the Emerald Flame on Gaia as the head of the Emerald Order of Oraphim.

I was to share this experience with the whole and to share the truth that the Emerald Order of Oraphim is manifesting as the keepers of the twelve flames/rays of Creation upon this planet. The Emerald Flame Temple of Light has been activated along with the entire Diamond grid section encompassing Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and Chico Canyon. At this time, it has been revealed that there is to be a Sacred Altar built at the base of the pillar and a sound chamber installed to harness the harmonics of this flame to disperse into the planetary Light body and that specific details of this altar would be revealed. The etheric pillar of Light is physically manifested at this time as a giant valley oak as seen in the picture above. I will share more about the flame, temple and altar at a later time. As we progress into this collective ascension, we will come to understand more and more how harmonics create realities and expand the Light of Creation. We will come to learn about harnessing the energy from these temples to create our entire collective realities. Long gone will be the days of harnessing the energy of fossil fuels and one day even the Light or energy of our Sun and Galactic Center. Eventually, we will come to harness the Light, the energy directly from the Infinite Source via these temples of Light to create and live. But it all must start somewhere and it has begun beloveds. Now, I am going to share in more detail about the Emerald Order and the twelve councils and twelve tribes that are part of the hierarchy of souls unfolding on this planet to create this reality.

Understanding the Hierarchy as a Light Structure and It’s Purpose in Creation

As humans, when we hear the word hierarchy we may begin to think in terms of higher and lower. This is why we talk more about blueprints and Light structures than in terms of hierarchy here at The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. In regards to Creation they are essentially the same thing. The ultimate truth is that it is all ONE structure. Yet, in order for us to understand it and play out a physical manifestation, it must have parts. If we look at an automobile engine we can see that it powers our car as ONE engine. However, in order for the engine to work we must have parts that come together to make it run. If we break it apart we can see that we need spark plugs, pistons, rings, fuel injectors, etc. We can see the massive ingenuity it took to create such a structure. So many parts working together to create ONE engine that powers our cars. We can also see that if one part is missing or broken then the entire engine fails to run. This is the same premise as having a hierarchy or blueprint of Creation to work as ONE organism of Light across Creation. In order for Creation to manifest, we must have a structure or blueprint that contains all the parts that make up the ONE. This is all shared in the book, The Divine Organization of Creation, available here. The book breaks down the structure piece by piece to help the reader understand how our holographic Universe is made manifest and everything in it including yourself. I will not go into too much detail because the information is already available. What I will do in this article is briefly break out the High Council of Light, known as the Emerald Order of Oraphim and the Twelve Councils of Light known as the Master Builders as they pertain to the temples of Light and twelve tribes on Gaia.

At the highest level is the Infinite Source, then we have the three founder souls or The Trinitized God forces known as Mother God, Father God and Divine Child. These forces are also known as Light. Without them we would have no manifested Cosmos. From these God forces comes the Throne of God, known as the Emerald Order of Oraphim or High Council of Light. These are twenty-four souls that make up the God forces of each of the twelve dimensions of this Universe and the twelve rays of Creation. Twelve are Father God and Twelve are Mother God souls. These souls are incarnated upon Gaia in twenty-four different vessels as part of the living Light structure of the collective blueprint. There are a pair of souls for each of the twelve temples of Light upon Gaia. After the High Councils of Light, we have Councils of Light that are made up of the Master Builders. These are 144 incarnated souls in 144 different vessels that together make up the Councils of Light for each of the twelve temples of Light upon Gaia. Each of these beings has been carved of personal identity to serve in these roles as the Infinite Source. We operate as the ONE for the ONE and our realities have manifested to accommodate a life of service as the ONE here on Earth. This Light structure or blueprint is necessary in order for Light or energy to flow into and out of the collective Diamond Sun Body for us to live on a multi-dimensional New Earth. We absolutely cannot exists in the organic Light structure and realities of Creation without this blueprint in place. This is the Foundation of New Earth!

In terms of Light, there are twelve tribes on this planet. Each soul in Creation is created with a certain tonal chord as it’s core tone or frequency. There are twelve tonal chords in Creation or twelve rays of Light that are each an attribute of the Creator. These help to give a soul purpose, personality and place within the structure of Creation. Therefore, there are twelve tribes on this planet and each is governed by one of the twelve rays or attributes of the Creator. Every single person, animal, element and being on this planet belongs to one of the twelve tribes. There is nothing in Creation that is excluded! Each of these twelve tribes is governed by a ray of Creation and each are here to perform specific roles that are encoded in their Light that correspond to their ray’s attribute. (i.e. compassion, neutrality, humility, wisdom, unconditional love, etc.) Each of these twelve tribes will have a temple of Light upon Gaia representing one of the twelve flames or rays of Creation. (To be clear, the people of Earth will not be separated by tribe, instead we are mixed together like the rainbow. Each bringing certain attributes of the Creator into manifestation all across the planet as ONE.) Each temple will have a High Priestess and Priest that are members of the High Council of Light that represent the Emerald Order of Oraphim or the Throne of God. These individuals work with the flame or specific Cosmic Ray and Source energy for the entire collective and one of the twelve tribes on Gaia as well as all initiates working with that ray on their ascension journey. There is also a council of twelve for each of the temples that work with individual rays of the Source Light from each temple for the entire collective. It is through these temple sites that the energy (Light) or fuel for each tribe and the collective to complete their assigned work will take place. This work is the roles coded in each’s Light and is the work that will bring each the most joy in their life here. All work coded in a soul’s Light is to evolve the soul and to bring the soul joy thereby benefiting the ONE. There is no other reason. We use the word work, which here could mean being a mother, building a school, inventing a flying car, writing a book, composing music, sitting in a meditative state day in and out or anything else we could possibly do as a human being. The point is that these temples and the souls that occupy the positions in them are in place to work with the Cosmic energies at the planetary level to benefit the collective consciousness. When the current incarnated beings occupying these positions leave the earthy vessel, new incarnated beings will take up the role. They are permanent positions if you will within the collective Light body.

All souls will become activated on Gaia through The Event or collective shift to New Earth. Each soul’s core flame will be activated and each will bring specific information and creations to this star system to evolve and ascend it. Each will still go through the ascension journey into the higher realms so this information will come in stages for each. Every part of building our New Earth and maintaining the Light body or crystalline matrix is coded in the Light of each soul. Together all souls are evolving the twelve rays or attributes of the Creator as ONE collective consciousness. It is through the balance of all twelve rays that we can have a multidimensional physical experience across all dimensions. These twelve temples of Light are the “power plants” for the entire planet. They are positioned across the planet at specific geographical locations on special GPS coordinates to create a micro-model of the entire Cosmos. This is how our Collective Diamond Sun Body is created and powered to create our holographic Earth and all realities available here. Everything is energy, everything is Light. What we see in the physical is only a manifestation or projection of the crystalline matrix and geometries that are made of Light. The temples of Light are activating. Some are at/on existing known sites and some are at/on entirely new sites that will come to be known within the collective consciousness of our planet. During this eclipse passage, the Emerald Flame and temple of Light was activated in Northern California on the Diamond Grid Section that connects Mount Shasta (Divine Feminine), Mount Lassen (Divine Masculine) and Chico Canyon (Divine Child). The specific location is the physical home for my Earth vessel on land we call Serenity just outside Chico, California. My beloved Christos and myself are the High Priest and Priestess of this temple and keepers of the Emerald Flame for this star system. Members of the Council of Light for this temple are making themselves known and will live in the vicinity of the stargates for this section of the Collective Diamond Sun Body. Each holding the energy at certain sections of this entire area. We will come together when called to Sacred Ceremony for the benefit of the collective consciousness.

This is but an introduction, there will be more information shared with the whole in the coming weeks as we progress through the Event Phase and into the collective shift to New Earth. As I receive more about the Emerald Flame Temple of Light or other temples across the planet, it will be shared here as well. Again, I wish to remind everyone that the entire structure of the Cosmic Blueprint is laid out in the book and it also contains a virtual appendix to videos I have made further explaining the material. There is also information on this website for those that are unable to purchase the book. The proceeds go towards our Divine Work of Collective Blueprinting across the planet and now building of the Sacred Altar of the Temple both which costs thousands of dollars to manifest in the current energy model of our collective realities. We also receive contributions at this PayPal link or on the Donate link of our website available here. We are very grateful for any and all contributions received. There is going to be a lot of change and a lot of shifting realities as we progress into the next few weeks through the Summer Solstice. Trust in your path beloved. Trust in what comes to you in dream time and in the stillness no matter how reality shifting it might be. Do not be afraid to let go and walk into the unknown for on the other side a better reality awaits you. Faith is our greatest ally against the unknown. We will share more as we go. Enjoy the remainder of this eclipse passage knowing that what is started with this lunar eclipse is integrated and solidified with the solar eclipse on June 5th to bring timeline jumps at the Solstice. We are in the void, the passageway and we are held as always by the Creator. Enjoy this time. I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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