Comprehensive Explanation of the Emerald Flame and Emerald Order of Oraphim

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In the previous article it was shared that the Emerald Flame and Temple of Light housing the flame was activated during this eclipse passage. All passageways include days before and days after the portal or eclipse as part of the flow of energy. The actual date of the activation was May 21, 2022 at the temple site in Durham, California. The following day there was a mass global anchoring of the Emerald Ray that was led by Amanda Lorence at the stargate in Glastonbury. This helped to anchor the ray throughout the planetary Light body for access to all beings on Earth. Click here if you would like to watch the video of the anchoring and work with the energy. The activation of the Emerald Flame also signaled the next phase of the work of the Emerald Order of Oraphim to begin on this planet. I say next phase because the Emerald Order has been working on this planet for many years throughout many incarnations assisting with the evolution of the root race of this planet. As keepers of the flames of Creation, these souls have incarnated to bring Divine Wisdom of certain rays to the planet in many forms throughout the history of mankind. Let us talk about the Emerald Ray in more detail then the Emerald Order and it’s role.

The Emerald Ray or Emerald Flame at it’s core is the Truth of ONE. It holds all truths in Creation. How the Cosmos came to be, how it works, who is the Creator, etc. This truth filters down throughout the dimensions as we experience our truth based on our own vibration. The truth of Creation, the truth of our Universe, the truth of our planet, the truth of our species, the truth of Light versus dark, the truth of our soul lineage, etc. is housed in the Emerald Ray. Truth is relative to the conscious position of the observer within space time. In other words, truth changes, means different things to us and to others as our consciousness shifts in frequency throughout the dimensions. It also means that we are unable to see another’s truth or accept a higher truth if we are closed off to all but the one we hold as our current reality. Through full embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness we embody the ultimate truth that all is ONE. It is a deep understanding that essentially all is truth because in an Infinite Creation anything is possible. Truth is what resonates with your heart not what someone outside you tells you it is. If it feels right then it is your truth. When you experience something, you simply have to allow yourself to be open to the truth and not limit yourself with your mind. Then you become a walking truth meter via your own heart! The body consciousness responds to truth especially Divine Truth. You will feel your cells light up and your body activate when you read, hear, see or experience Divine Truth. We are Creator beings living as God, Sovereign and Free within this Universe. This means that we are free to live in our truth. Through ascension our truths will come to align with the Truth of ONE more and more whereas along the path we tend to have many truths, as is the nature of realities in the dimensions. The higher we go towards Oneness the less realities exists because there is only ONE reality; therefore the less truths there are until we embody the Truth of ONE.

It is the truth that sets us free! And, it is the truth that protects the Creation from abuse and misuse. This is why the Emerald Order of Oraphim is represented by the Emerald Flame even though it itself represents all twelve rays. The Throne of God or Emerald Order or Oraphim are the keepers of the Twelve Flames of Creation, the Divine Attributes of the Creator which together carry the truth of our Divinity as the Infinite Source. The Emerald Order is also represented by Blue Ray Founder souls because these souls represent Divine Wisdom. It takes Divine Wisdom to yield the sword of truth throughout Creation. It is through coming to know and understand the truth of each ray that we can come to know who we are as the Infinite Source, Creator of all that is. This is why the Emerald Flame has been activated at this time on our planet. TRUTH – it is time for the truth to be revealed to the masses of this planet. It is time for all disillusioned souls to see the Light. What will be shared initially are some important truths to set humanity free. Things like yes, there is a Creator, the truth about religions and other things that directly affect a soul from knowing the truth of its existence. It is the truth that will lift the veil enough for humanity to embrace the individual soul and the collective soul. Then as the collective ascension progresses more and more truth will be revealed. It will come in stages so that we as a collective and individuals can embody these truths and finally, the Truth of ONE. This is a journey through consciousness and dimensions and will take time upon our planet to complete. However, we are on the journey beloveds and activating the Emerald Flame signifies that humanity as a collective is ready for truth. 

We said before that the Emerald Order or High Council of Light on Gaia is made up of twelve Father God souls and twelve Mother God souls. In terms of energy what this means is that the twelve Father God souls represent the electric force of Creation and the Mother God souls represent the magnetic force of Creation. These are the fundamental forces of all Light in existence. These souls are powerful transducers of Cosmic energy and work directly with the Collective Diamond Sun Body to stabilize, clear and bring into the planet the Trinitized God forces of Creation. When we start working with the magnetics of Light or electric charge of Light then we are working directly with the God forces. Each of these souls are responsible for keeping these forces in balance within the collective Light body at certain geographical locations upon the planet. There is a massive amount of physical Light work that occurs through the Mother God soul as she is supported via the electric force of the Father God soul. These souls work the equivalent of entire continents and more at one time when needed to assist in stabilizing and balancing the collective Light and releasing massive amounts of Light off the planet. This work is done in conjunction with the collective DNA repair and activations as part of the collective blueprinting process. The Emerald Order works as Divine Architects with the genetic codes of Creation that create the Universal Time Matrix and all blueprints within this Universe. The attributes of the Creator or flames that the Emerald Order work with are all genetically sequenced within the DNA of every soul. What their core ray will be, when they will embody a new ray, when they will release energy tied to certain rays, etc. It is all written in the code and this is part of the Emerald Order of Oraphim’s role with the Collective Blueprinting of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and at the highest level of this Universe it is our role in the building, maintenance and support of the blueprint of the Universal Time Matrix which houses all codes for this Universe.

Everything in Creation works on what we humans call DNA and codes. For instance, in our human DNA we have codons that tell the body what amino acids to produce, what hormones to produce, our hair color, build, etc. The DNA is an extension of our Light Body and Light codes from our Light across all of space time that we incarnate here with, it also tells us what experience we will have during our lifetime and all is based on the twelve rays of Creation. Embedded in each strand are the codes for our ascension, to build the templates of our Diamond Sun Body, everything up to Pure Source Embodiment and our exit from this form! These genetics are the KEYS to the CODES that write for space time or the Universal Time Matrix. Our vessel is a fractal replica of the Cosmic model. In Creation, there are bundles of Light (souls) and geometrics (Crystalline Light Matrix) that carry codes throughout the system. These codes tell Universes how to form, Solar Systems where and how to form and act, planets to form within a solar system, beings to inhabit the planets, when a sun will explode, when descension will occur and when ascension will occur and so much more. Basically, all of Creation is CODED by these bundles of Light. These are the genetic fibers if you will within the fabric of space. They code for the entire organism as the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body and all fractal versions of the Diamond Sun Bodies in this Universe and all of Creation.

The Founder Souls are the Light configuration or bundles (souls) that code and create for specific Universes. These are the Trinitized God forces. Also known as Mother God, Father God and Divine Child. They are the Master Keys that unlock all codes to do anything within the genetic fibers of any Light Matrix within Creation. Essentially, The Emerald Order of Oraphim are the Master Keys for this planetary ascension. These individuals work to restore the collective blueprint of this star system by connecting it back to the Cosmic Matrix or Universal Time Matrix. This is the work that you see me doing in the collective blueprinting videos I posted from Mexico. It is more in depth than just the actual connection that I share in the video. It takes working with the entire DNA or genetic structure of the collective consciousness of Gaia as the collective goes through vibrational increases via using our own (the female) Light Body which is also our physical body to repair the entire Light Matrix of the collective by transmuting dense Light and bringing in massive amounts of higher frequency Light. Essentially, what is happening is that the planet has physical locations that mark the grid lines where genetic fibers or bundles of Light come together and junctions, etc. It is at these points that the codes are distributed and/or released into or from the grids to speak to the collective Light Body to create different collective realities. Our vessel works the lines and junction points of the matrix by unlocking the junction point, becoming a bridge and key that clears the old codes and releases the new codes to alter the entire collective reality. It is all coded within the Universal Time Matrix and it is why we must be at certain places on the planet at certain times. It is sequenced to happen at certain clock times, calendar days or celestial events that coincide with codes and markers in the genetic makeup of the Universal Time Matrix so that the Light Body of the collective can be restored to the original blueprint within all dimensions of space time, connecting us with all of Creation. The Emerald Order of Oraphim are the Mater Keys for the collective, the only ones that can speak to the collective genetic fibers and Cosmic genetic fibers to connect the two and release codes into the collective Light Body at the right time. This is because we are the keepers of the Rays of Creation and Divine Architects and can work directly with Light at all vibrations to connect, repair and restore the original organic blueprint of this Universe. We are responsible for holding the entire collective reality together by the work that we are doing with the collective DNA and Diamond Sun Body. The Father soul is here to ensure that as the Mother Soul we have all the energy and resources we need to complete the physical work. Also, they emit a powerful electrical force that supplies the energy into the grids at the appropriate time when needed. The DNA or genetic fibers of the collective Light Body were cleared of enough density through the Light bodies of the Emerald Order, Master Builders and other souls in the previous ascension cycle 2012-2019 that worked towards the migration to the Collective Diamond Sun Body and Diamond Sun Architecture last year. This connected our planet with the Universal Time Matrix and organic blueprint system of this Universe.

Activating the Emerald Flame also activated a new phase for the Emerald Order, the activation phase of the Temples of Light and gathering of the Master Builder Councils of Lights. Everything happens when the collective hits vibrational triggers that signal the activations to occur. With the activation of the Emerald Flame, the collective ascension is showing signs of forward momentum and a collective shift to New Earth. The truth has been activated upon this planet and each soul here now has the availability to receive the truth when they are sincere in their request. It is worth understanding that in addition to the truth, the Emerald Ray is a healing ray. This is because sometimes it is hard to hear the truth. The truth can hurt, the truth can turn our life upside down, the truth can make us face issues and injustices in our life that we would rather turn a blind eye to. Therefore, accepting a new truth can sometimes create emotional pain for us. When we see the truth that we have denied our own heart for so long and engaged in behavior that hurt ourselves or remained blind, the emotional fallout can be devastating. This is where the Emerald Flame will encompass your heart in its soothing vibration. This is why trees are green and nature is known for her healing properties. Let Gaia assist you in healing the emotional pain that truth can sometimes reveal. We often lie to ourselves for long periods of time, maybe even our entire lifetime. Living in bad relationships, jobs, or giving of ourselves in unhealthy ways, etc. All of these are illuminated by the truth of the Emerald Ray and then we must face ourselves, make the changes and heal from the years of denying our own heart. Let the Emerald Flame heal you, let it teach you through truth and then allow it to soothe you and heal you as you begin to make positive changes in your life stream. Wear green, surround yourself with green, spend time outdoors, or work with the Emerald Flame in meditation or however you see fit. Imagine what many will feel when they learn their religion has led them away from the higher truth. This one truth is going to create an emotional tsunami across the planet. Then the Emerald Flame will be here to provide the truth and help stabilize and heal this collective pain. This is also when the Emerald Order goes to work with the God Forces of the collective Light. Releasing, stabilizing, bringing in more Light, balancing the magnetics, etc. Working with the Collective Diamond Sun Body to release new codes to bring an entirely new collective reality into manifestation that brings more Light, more truth. It is all connected. It is all ONE. The Emerald Order works with the collective and the collective with the Emerald Order. Try not to thing of these as separate but all as ONE Consciousness playing many parts!

And finally, this brings me to my part as Head of the Order. In most realities, saying I am the leader or head of anything to do with God or ascension automatically puts people off. Trust me, I understand it. Surely, no one is the leader because we are all the Infinite Source. This is correct!! So what does being the leader or head of the order mean? It means a few things actually. First, it meant that I would lead the way by activating the Emerald Flame and then subsequent flames will be lit as the collective ascension progresses. Secondly, it means that I am the one that shares all of this with the whole. This website, the book, videos, articles, etc. It is through this vessel that the information is shared in detail and broken down to teach the collective. The others will share too. However, teaching the collective the highest truths in detail are part of what the Head of the Order does. It is also part of my path to bring the Order together and facilitate sharing certain messages to the collective when it is required. I am not leading anyone directly from this vessel, each soul on this planet is evolved enough to choose their own ascension path and follow their own truth via the Infinite Source within. This vessel will lead (in this capacity as there are many leaders and Light houses leading humanity in many ways) the collective soul through this ascension into liberation by delivering truth and wisdom to the masses. It will be up to each to receive these Divine Gifts or not. All have conscious choice and all contribute to the collective ascension through work or soul lessons coded in each’s Light according to each’s core ray (compassion, truth, unconditional love, wisdom, neutrality, etc.) and these will come from within each soul. If you do not know your core ray or tonal chord (same thing) then ask your heart to reveal it to you. Then watch for signs, what colors seem more vibrant, any certain color keep appearing, look around at your things, any certain color stand out. Then once you learn this, begin working with the flame of that color and asking to be shown your soul purpose through the ray. My role as the Head of the Emerald Order is to lead the collective through this ascension by sharing wisdom and truth. You beloveds are the leader of your own ascension. You are the ONE that has all the keys and that unlocks all the gates, you are the ONE that fulfills your purposes, you are the ONE that builds your ascension vehicle, your Diamond Sun Body. As the Head of your own Emerald Order or High Council of Light you have the power to lead your self into liberation. Trust in yourself and what you are capable of. You are the Infinite Source who simply forgot this so you could remember again. It is a journey we each take alone and one we are taking together as a collective consciousness. Enjoy the journey of remembering. I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Creation

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