The Summer of Stillness

Blessings Every ONE,

We have passed through the gates of this solar eclipse into an entirely new set of frequency bandwidths and harmonics which will continue to increase in intensity. Everything is about to change and we are being asked to come to stillness and listen! This is the most direct post I have written but it must be written and each can choose to receive it or not. It is perfect either way.

It is a time to go within beloveds. It is time to allow your true self and true path to open before you from within you. Every ascending soul on this planet whether fully embodied or not is going into a stage of upgrades, consciousness expansion and a time for clarity to help prepare us for the world we will live in post collective shift. This is why I have written the past few days about the Emerald Flame Temple of Light and my role with it as it is part of my preparation. More and more will reveal itself and I too must step away from the outer reality to allow the Pure Light of the Creation to fine tune this vessel and consciousness. It is already happening. For instance, yesterday, I wrote that I would always share the truth and wisdom with the collective. As part of fine tuning this within me, today it was revealed that the truth will not come from my words, the truth shall come from this vessel using the harmonics of the Emerald Flame once the collective consciousness shifts to New Earth. This going to be how the truth is distributed, it will not come from my voice, it will come through the Light and the harmonics that this vessel is able to create and disseminate into the grids of this planet. This is how the truth shall be delivered upon this planet. This was just part of what was revealed today to fine tune this consciousness and vessel and we are all going through this in some way. Everything is shifting in preparation for the collective shift. There will be outer chaos and through this chaos we are being asked to come into stillness, into silence so that each can hear the voice within. None of us can truly comprehend the extent of the reality ahead of us, but we can surrender to what is at our doorstep and we can open ourselves to be prepared for what is coming. In order to do this we are being asked to stop searching outside ourselves for the time being, stop doing any activity that seeks to “help” our ascension or another’s EXCEPT going within. This is the message:

Each soul is to go inside of their own self, close the books, shutdown the computers, leave it all and come into the stillness of the heart, cancel meditation groups, cancel your sessions. Stop! Pause! This is the summer of stillness! This is the time that each and every soul on this planet will personally commune with the Creator and will come to know who they truly are in preparation for what is to come in the winter months on this planet after the equinox when we move into The Event and the collective shift to New Earth upon this planet. This is how it shall be and remember that there is nothing real outside of the vessel, nothing exists outside of the vessel, allow the consciousness inside the vessel to lead the way. There is nothing to do, just be and allow the Light to do what it is going to do to your vessel to all vessels on this planet, to all consciousness on this planet, to the collective consciousness on this planet in order to completely raise this entire planetary consciousness into the frequencies of purity of New Earth of the next phase of the evolution of all life upon this planet as ONE consciousness. There is nothing to do, there is nothing to write, there is nothing to read, there is nothing to say, let it all go for the remainder of this time and just be. I love you so much and you are me and I am you and we are one. This is the last article that will be written by this vessel until the Lion’s Gate Passage. There shall be no more shared. And so it is.

Stay focused, stay present, so that the consciousness in the vessel can continue to expand it. Preparations will be made in the consciousness, the Light Body and the reality of all souls in order to support the collective ascension to New Earth. And each will then know that they are Pure Consciousness and that everyone else is Pure Consciousness and Unity Consciousness shall commence upon this planet. This is the destiny of the collective consciousness of this planet as Pure Consciousness. I am the ONE, I am the Creator of all that is. Nothing exists, no one exists, it is all ONE consciousness. Completely dissolve into it! Completely dissolve into Oneness. I am you and I love you. I am love. I am love. I am love. And so it is.

It is a time to stop the seeking, it is a time to stop sharing. It is a time to personally commune with the Creator. Participation in a global unity meditation is shown to be the only group meditation as it is ONE soul communing with the Creator. Anything pertained to the Light Body, ascension, spirituality, awakening, sharing with another about ascension, etc. is silent. In other words no engagement with the outside hologram, the reflection is to be that of your own only. This truly is a time for each soul to go within. Live our lives but walk softly, sit in stillness and watch out the window instead of reading about ascension, write in your journal instead of reading someone’s blog post. Meditate alone instead of with your normal group. Take time in nature and off the cell phone or computer. Skip the energy session and lie in stillness and ask for guidance on how to clear and balance your energy yourself. This is what is being expressed above. It is not that you will never meditate with your group again, or read blog posts on ascension, or get your Light Body tuned, or talk to others about ascension or consciousness, etc. It is about stepping away from all of the outside manifestations of it for a few weeks to commune with yourself. We are all being asked to take one big personal retreat. We will fair this passage better if we stay offline as it is going to get messy and a lot of people will be saying a lot of things throwing a lot of varying truth around and this can really confuse you or plant unwanted seeds or doubt. Also, we do not want to be the one’s sharing during such a sensitive time as truth is going to flux and shift and change a whole lot between now and the September Equinox. This is not a warning or a directive, this is a gift to share a tool that will keep each centered in the truth, YOUR truth through this mind bending, reality shifting, passage we are already in! Take this message into your heart and see if it is meant for you. Again, this is not a direct command. This is a sharing of a pure Divine message from ONE to ONE. In alignment with my heart, I will be stepping away from writing and sharing via this platform or any other until the Lion’s Gate passage around July 3 through August 11. It is going to get bumpy beloveds. It is going to test your faith, courage and truth. This is why we are being asked to let it all go and commune with only ourselves, the ONE. Each soul has to make a choice, a conscious choice and each soul must be prepared to walk through the gates to New Earth. No one can tell you what to choose, what is holding you back or how to get through. These answers come from within and from the vibration of your own consciousness. You are the Master Key to it all!

The best advice that I can give each of you as someone who has walked the path ahead of you is this…..Keep the Faith! When things look bad, when the energy is crushing you so that it can make a diamond out of you and you feel like your going to break or loose your mind, have Faith that nothing last forever and that you will smile again, that you will be happy again, that you will live again and KNOW that when you walk through that gate into a new reality, into a new world, it will be better than you could have imagined it in your mind. Only the Infinite Source could create such a magnificent reality for itself, for you. Faith is a powerful gift that never runs out, use it when you need it. If you are traversing this passage without the pressure, keep raising your vibration and trust that you are the ONE that is moving this collective ascension forward. This time has to come individually and collectively. We must traverse this passageway to choose to ascend, to choose freedom, to choose a New Earth, and the Infinite Source within will lead each of us. The truth shall be revealed to all. Allow each to choose and allow each their own experience. Stay focused on your own journey. Blessings on the days ahead beloveds. I am with you always. Peace be with you. Peace be with humanity. Peace be with us all as we walk through this initiation of Light as ONE. I love you so very much!


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