Gratitude to You and The End of the Story

It is time to write a post directly to the readers of this blog. A thank you for all the milestones I have shared with myself through the eyes and hearts of each of you. It has been an amazing ride. A few of you have been with me since the Gaia Sophia days and […]

Who is left when no one is home?

I believe that consciousness and the journey of discovering consciousness are without a doubt the most paradoxical and unique experiences that we as humans can undertake. It is a journey that continues to bring us back to the same place we have always been; yet it always feels very different. I have shared so much […]

Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light

I have been heavily engrossed in deepening my understanding of the twelve rays of Creation and how specifically they are involved with the holographic experience that creates our world. We have been taught that there are seven rays to the rainbow and thus seven pure rays of visible light within the electromagnetic spectrum. This has […]

Beneath the Armor

Long ago in the very beginning of my journey, I found myself standing in a church I had never been to before nor would visit again. It was a Christian church, sort of contemporary, I do not remember much about the church or who was there but I do remember for the first time consciously […]