I have been heavily engrossed in deepening my understanding of the twelve rays of Creation and how specifically they are involved with the holographic experience that creates our world. We have been taught that there are seven rays to the rainbow and thus seven pure rays of visible light within the electromagnetic spectrum. This has quite possibly been the hardest barrier for my mind to break through, it continues to circle back to ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) even though I know in my heart this is an antiquated view of Light. The number seven has never done anything for me. I never really resonated with the seven rays, seven suns, or seven heavens or anything seven that the world attaches importance to. So why these seven rays of the rainbow plague me, has brought me deeper into why my Universe is asking me to understand the twelve rays of Creation and to let go of seven and ROYGBIV for good. On the surface, it seems attaching a color and an adjective type attribute to these rays would suffice the understanding that any of us need on the ascension path. Yet, my path leads me down a trail into clearer waters of intelligence and truth that must be waded in order to fulfill the next phase of my Earthly journey. You see, each of the twelve rays are tied to a temple of Light on this planet which houses that flame, the fire of the Creator that brings that energy into our world to create our holographic realities. The harnessing of Light rays is something that science is really beginning to understand the potentiality of to do miraculous things in our world. Imagine harnessing these rays on a planetary scale and the amount of energy we will have to create with and one can understand why my path requires understanding of the twelve rays. This is why my mind is being bent and asked to expand into a limitless, definitionless, out of the box way of viewing the twelve rays of Creation. And this is why I sat down today to write. Somehow, writing brings it out of me, channels my energy into a clear vision of what is inside me. It releases the energy and allows for new expansive energy to come through as I am typing away.

This morning I woke up again with the rays on my mind, I know there is something that I cannot see and once I do, it will unravel the entire puzzle. I laid in bed for a while going over all I have realized about Light at this time, all I ever learned about Light, and also about the infinite nature of Creation. It seems impossible to me that the entire infinite spectrum of Light can be quantified in just twelve little rays of Light. I mean the entire Creation summed up in twelve rays seems a bit elementary for an Infinite Creator. But then there is always something very genius about being able to hide the limitless and subtle in a plain and simple way. It is the paradoxes of our Universe that have always yielded the sweetest fruit. Paradoxes like how yielding to something produces a greater strength than resisting it. So I decided to look again at a red, blue and yellow Light when they are merging together to create other rays of Light. Why red, blue and green? Because these three colors are the primary colors of Light as we experience them with human eyes. Light has different primary colors than pigments, so what we were taught in school about mixing colors means absolutely nothing in regards to Light. Which also helps to show us where many revelations about the seven rays of Light may have gone astray. The human eye has three cone color receptors in it, a red, blue and a green. From these three cones we interpret every other color of the rainbow. This means that surely there are colors in the rainbow that exist in a pure form that we simply cannot see because of the limitations of our eyes. Furthermore, visible Light is part of a greater electromagnetic spectrum of “Light” rays known as radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays. So again, twelve little rays seems a bit small for such a diverse Universe. What is it Universe? What am I not seeing I continue to ask myself.

Another part of my reflection has led me away from the Rainbow as ROYGBIV and seven colors of Light into the deeper nature of Light itself, the electromagnetic properties. When I see the rainbow, I see a spectrum of electric, neutral and magnetic Light that together create the Pure White Light of the Creator. I see the Universe using color as forces of Creation separated to have separate experiences while at the highest level all is unified as ONE. I see the dance of the masculine and the feminine and the Divine Child or balance that is created when they come together in equilibrium. For the readers information, I do not see higher realms in my minds eye very often, I do not see colors or shapes or anything unless I am having an activation, unlocking something or being shown something for a specific reason, etc. For the most part, when I close my eyes and sit in stillness all I see is the pixelated darkness of the void, a mostly colorless existence through my mind’s eye and as for my physical eyes, they are extremely near sighted that I cannot see anything without my contacts. It is not a disability or limitation. It is for an important reason. That reason being that I am to “see” and understand the Cosmos by pure inner knowing and feeling of the energy rather than through the aid of the senses. I have had no Divine gifts activated in my senses along my path. However, the inner knowing that lies beyond the senses has sharpened like a scalpel. It is precision tuned to know exactly what I am meant to know at any given moment. I know when to move my vessel, when to be still and when I am to use my mind to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Cosmos amongst other things. And so I know the colors of the rays are not important, nor is their tone or attribute. I know what is the most important part of the rays is the electromagnetic field that each creates within the spectrum of Light. This is not something we can see with our eyes, it is more about what we feel as energy. I also know that my eyes have been upgraded during this month and that inside each eye more cone color receptors are ready to activate when I am ready to see. However, it will not come until I “see” without my eyes and come to truly know and understand the twelve rays beyond the senses and beyond colors.

This leads me back to seeing the spectrum of Light through the eyes of energy versus color. This morning I said to myself, what is the name of a color but just a label that means nothing. Call the twelve rays whatever, create whatever name I wish because it is really not relevant to their purpose. Throw away ROYGBIV and all other names of colors I have ever learned and look deeper into what these rays do within our Universe. I then realized that the Light we see is limited by our human eyes with their three color receptors, it is limited by our understanding of Light across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The seven rays were given to humanity to assist with the evolution of soul consciousness but just as with all information on the planet created in the lower frequencies, it contains distortions. This is not because it is bad, it is because it was meant for consciousness at a lower frequency. It is true in certain dimensions but the truth changes and expands as we ascend. I realized that I never resonated with the number seven because it is limited to “Soul”ar consciousness or the consciousness boundaries of our solar system. A place I spent little time on my journey. My path shot me through it at blazing speed so nothing would stick because my path was to bring forth the higher wisdom of Diamond Sun Architecture to this star system. The ONE Divine Architecture of this Universe. In doing so, I bring forth the twelve rays as electromagnetic fields, the Diamond Sun Body as the Light body and the entire Cosmic Blueprint that each and every soul or logos in our Universe is created from. So I have to let the seven colors of the rainbow go to find the higher meaning of the twelve rays of Creation.

All of Creation works on balance, it is through equilibrium that the crystalline matrix is held in place for our holographic Universe to be experienced. It is through balance that we are able to expand our consciousness and embody higher and higher versions of our self as the ONE. It is in perfect energetic balance that the ONE reality, ever present, can be experienced. Balance is neutrality, it is a neutralizing force of the Creator. Neutrality is harmony, peace, unity. This is what Creation is when viewed as ONE reality. It is the Divine Child of the Creator. The will of the Creator is the strength, courage and motivation to create. It is electric, a force that brings with it the power to create all holographic realities in our Universe. This is the Divine Masculine. The wisdom of the Creator is knowing how and when to create, it is manifesting the holographic reality in alignment with the will of the Creator. It is the magnetic force that has the ability to bring all Light together to create. This is the Divine Feminine. It is these three forces that create everything in the Cosmos. Nothing exists without these forces present within it’s Light body. It is these three forces that we see spread out over the electromagnetic spectrum of Light. It is a spectrum of magnetic, neutral and electric force that dance together in infinite ways to create Light at varying electromagnetic fields across the Cosmos. As human’s we are able to physically see this dance play out in our world via the colors that delight our eyes. We see a leave that is green, a perfect balance because it uses the red and blue light and reflects to us the green. It is perfectly balanced in Light so we see a neutralizing or balancing color. Which is why we feel good in nature, because it helps to balance our Light body. This basic example sums up the entire purpose of Light through the electromagnetic spectrum. It is about experiencing consciousness in all it’s energetic forms which we call attributes. These attributes are really electromagnetic fields that we experience that translates into a feeling we experience. For example, compassion is a mixture of neutrality and magnetism. Which would fall somewhere in the blue-green spectrum. It is having the wisdom to see what is happening to a being and using neutrality to not energetically interfere with that beings energy but holding a neutral understanding so we do not syphon energy from them either. This is an act of Love we call compassion and is an attribute of the Creator.

When creating souls certain attributes are coded into the Light to be experienced and to aid the entire balance of the Creation. Add a little electric will power and a little neutrality to that soul and layer it with the magnetic wisdom of the Divine Feminine and see what comes out. Or perhaps the soul in not ready for that one, so lets put in electric will, electric will/neutrality and straight neutrality and see what comes out. Well how do I get will/neutrality? By merging the Light photons to make a color we call a ray! So we see that we start out with the three forces of Creation that each are a color, then by adding photons of each ray into each other we get an infinite number of rays or colors that create all Light in the Cosmos. Like a computer printer that can print any color from Magenta, Aqua and Yellow! Wow, that seems pretty easy to grasp. There are an infinite number of rays of Light, each containing a pure amount, a mixture or a balanced amount of magnetic force, electric force and a neutral force and this gives us the entire electromagnetic spectrum of our Universe. As these three fundamental forces mix we get different attributes and experiences for consciousness evolution. Hallelujah! Angels are blowing trumpets and the clouds have parted to let the Divine Light shine through the clouds of my mind. It only lasts a few moments before the giant elephant in the room demands attention. The elephant named the Twelve Rays of Creation! How do I get twelve rays out of infinity? There’s a big nut to crack!

The rays are a journey through the attributes of the Creator. The attributes are varying mixtures of the fundamental forces of the Creator. We learn how to use our will and power to create, then we also learn how to yield that power to create a balanced Creation. It is a journey along the spectrum not always in a straight colored line like ROYGBIV. We are working with the electromagnetism from the infinite palette of the Creator based on our souls threefold flame or core Light. There is no one color mold that fits all souls. This is why I cannot come up with the colors of the twelve rays. It is different for each logos. We are all experiencing embodiment of varying shades of color based on how much magnetic and electric force or neutral force is present in our Light. Our collective consciousness is a soul, it is a soul that has a threefold flame and this dictates how and what twelve rays we will master as a collective. This is why in all my ascension, all the wisdom unlocked within, all the material I have every written, none of it contains specific colors about the twelve rays. Because it is impossible to say what shade of each attribute they will be for each being. Pure Compassion is a blue green shade, but how much of one is present than the other could be infinite. I can only say that as I fully remember the information about the collective Light Body and the collective twelve rays, I will share it. Otherwise, I cannot quantify the infinite any further than what is shared in the book, Divine Organization of Creation, about the Cosmic Blueprint. That the twelve rays are the attributes of the Creator and that what I supplied were adjectives that are generic or interchangeable with similar essences. Because, again, adjectives are labels, they are words and they mean nothing. Energy is the only real reality! The attributes of the Creator are the amount of the fundamental forces of Light present in each of the twelve rays and each of the 144 rays that a logos will embody during the construction of their Diamond Sun Body. The shades of color are infinite and will vary in each. This is the only way to achieve infinity in our Universe even though we all embody all rays on the journey. Otherwise we would all be walking the exact same path.

What I can share are the colors that correspond to the magnetic force, electric force and neutral force as they are represented across the spectrum of Light. Red tones are more electric, blue tones are more magnetic, green tones are more neutral. This is the lower trinity of Light as we see it in the visible Light Spectrum and pertains to oversoul and soul consciousness. Red and Blue is mixture of Magenta, Blue and Green is mixture of Aqua and Red and Green is a mixture of Yellow/Gold. Magenta is electric and is the most electric ray of the Divine Masculine, Aqua is magnetic and is the most magnetic ray of the Divine Feminine and Gold is neutral and is the most balanced ray of Creation. These three colors make up the highest trinity of Light and are the Founder Flames of Creation known as God Consciousness or the Trinitized God Force. At every souls core one of these three colors makes up the brightest flame of the threefold flame of each’s heart. This means that each soul brings a magnetic, electric or neutral force of the Creator into the manifested Cosmos. The remaining two flames vary from an infinite spectrum of Light based on the oversoul and soul path of each logos. Every logos in Creation is coded this way to bring stability to our holographic Universe while being able to have an experience of separation to evolve. Together we make up an electromagnetic spectrum of Light that is like the sheet music to the Music of the Spheres. When we vibrate individually it all comes together to make a beautiful symphony of ONE.

And so my journey into the twelve rays of Creation is complete for now. I started with the mindset that I needed to quantify and explain the infinite and unexplainable. In my mind I thought this meant assigning names, colors and labels to them. Through letting go of the limitations of the mind and allowing myself to expand into the infinite, I can now clearly see the truth! The rays represent a spectrum of electromagnetism of Light that each soul or logos is working to bring into balance within. Each of the twelve rays vary in color based on the electromagnetic field of the Diamond Sun Body and threefold flame of the logos. The blueprint is the same for all souls, yet we each create a certain electromagnetic field with our Light that together creates a reality of harmony and balance. At our core, some of us are more magnetic, some more electric and some more neutral, which shapes our entire electromagnetic field as a Creator Being. This allows for consciousness to experience separation while in unity with the whole at the highest reality of ONE. Ultimately, we unify all within, yet we still play our part in the collective soul here and in Creation. Therefore, our core rays always dictate our experience even once fully embodied and ascended! All is energy, all is Light, all is magnetic, electric, neutral or a combination thereof. We have the blueprint, we have an infinite spectrum of Light to create and together this creates the manifested Cosmos!

As for the temples of Light on our planet. A flame is not one consistent color, it dances around, shifting and changing slightly. This is what the flames in the temples will do as well. They will contain all the shades of a particular attribute. Each will be magnetic, electric, neutral or some variation of the three together. They will increase and decrease in intensity based on what the energy needs of the collective soul are at any given time. And each being that is here to yield the power of these flames will bring this Light into the planetary Light body for the benefit of all. Nine temples of Light will host a spectrum of Light based on the frequencies of the oversoul and soul and three temples will host the frequencies of the higher trinity of God Consciousness. These temples are activated on Gaia when the collective soul is ready to embody the frequencies held within the spectrum of certain levels of consciousness. Also, the 144 Master Builder frequencies of this Universe relate to the electromagnetic spectrum as well. Each contains a certain proportion of the fundamental forces used to create our entire holographic Universe which we will all one day see as 144 varying shades of Light.

I feel a joy in breaking through the wall that has been present before me for a few days, the enjoyment in remembering. I feel joy for what I know is coming for my physical eyes. The expansive colors and clearer vision. It is time. What a gift to see the Light! What a gift to BE the Light! What a gift to write! Enjoy this life beloveds, it is the reason we created it! I love you all so very much!


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