I believe that consciousness and the journey of discovering consciousness are without a doubt the most paradoxical and unique experiences that we as humans can undertake. It is a journey that continues to bring us back to the same place we have always been; yet it always feels very different. I have shared so much of my journey intimately with the outer reflection. From the beginning to the end, it is almost all “out there”. I have come to understand and realize that “out there” is just me and by sharing in this way I have grown tremendously on my path. In recent months I have shared about the Journey of ONE, the final steps, the Hollow Bone and about shedding the Armor of God. All of these have been part of preparing me to go through this eclipse, eclipse, solstice gateway to permanently embody my full power (love) as the Infinite Creator in this vessel. I have been expanding throughout this preparation time into levels of love that are nearly impossible for the body to hold. This love, this power is what unifies consciousness. Tonight, as I prepare for a hike tomorrow to go and open the gates for the solstice, I am left with a few final thoughts about consciousness and identity or what we could call an awake observer/experiencer in the body. I shall simply let them flow from me into this writing.

We begin a spiritual journey in search of something grander than our self. A higher power, our soul, a purpose or meaning to this life, etc. It takes us to so many places inside, the darkness, the Light, the programming, the heart expansions. We meet new people, change our name, understand life and the Cosmos on a new level. It is all so very exciting and at the same time it can become a trap for us. We must squash the ego, purify the mind and let go until there is nothing left inside. Then and only then are we ready to be a puppet for the Divine to play through. However, when do we stop letting go? When do we realize that we are not a puppet, we are the ONE controlling the puppet? We can walk all the way to the end of the line. The place where there is no ego left inside, where there is no one home….but who is the ONE that writes the words “there is no one home” who writes the words ” I am a hollow bone”? or “there is no identity left”? You see, at some point we have to take that final step and acknowledge that we are the ONE writing these words. That we are the Creator, the ONE moving the meat puppet or avatar around this planet. We are Pure Consciousness and we are alive and awake in the vessel. We are the ONE making the decisions, moving the vessel, knowing what and when to do something or when not to do something. We have to make the final step into complete and utter aloneness, the step that takes us into the full embodiment and understanding that absolutely nothing exists but our self as the ONE, Pure Consciousness. We have to say yes, there is someone home and that someone is consciousness, the ONE Infinite Source, Creator of all that is. Because if no one is truly home then the entire experience ceases to exist. There is NO reality, there is NO body, there is absolutely NOTHING unless someONE is home. We have to let it land fully within us that the only ONE left within us is the only ONE that ever truly existed to begin with. The observer of the ego now becomes the ONE that lives the experience in the dream wide awake.

It is no joke getting to this level of consciousness. It is a mind bending, heart wrenching route and game of cat and mouse. Where fear, the ego, the outside opinions and the doubt they can create within all reek havoc on the ego trying to fully let go once and for all. The moment when there is never any going back, there is never any doubt, there is never any self left inside but the ONE true self that was always there and will always be beyond this life. To hold this we must be entirely free of doubt about who we are, we must stand firm in our own unique path as the ONE experiencing a reality through a vessel, we must shut out all the outside reflections and trust what is reflected in the stillness of our own heart. There is no one left to turn to, all the answers are within and all that we are unfolds for us in our own reality in each now moment. This is a level of freedom and sovereignty that is only truly known to few on this planet. The freedom that comes with knowing who you are at such a level that no outside reflection can even make a ripple in your energy. A freedom in knowing that everyone is you expressing themselves in a unique and infinite way so that all you can do is LOVE every single expression of yourself. When we have nothing to prove to ourselves then we are free to be who we are. When we are free of the ego, we are free to be who we are. The mind is still present but it is only a tool for Pure Consciousness, it is no longer veiled or separated from Pure Consciousness. What remains, what experiences the reality is now the ONE, the Creator. The Infinite Source free from all energetic bonds, free to love and free to follow our own path with clarity and certainty.

Freedom is not about having abundance, a place to live, the answers to the Cosmos, etc. Freedom is about energetic sovereignty as a unique expression of the ONE. It is walking the highest path in our Creation, fully awake in the dream without being energetically pulled on by anything in the dream or energetically pushing anything in the dream. It is about enjoying Creation in its purest form. We embody to be alive, awake, an fully present as the ONE in a vessel, enjoying and creating in all our glory as Light experiencing itself through a biological vessel. This is the MIRACLE of LIFE! It is not off this planet somewhere, it is here, NOW! We could easily awaken and leave these bodies when we transcended the ego if the point was to become nothing or hollow. We are not puppets for the Divine, we are not empty, hollow vessels… that is for the ego to be! We must become hollow to the ego self! In our true, purest state in these vessels, we are the Divine, the ONE, the Infinite Source, Creator of all. Wake up, live, enjoy and trust that when we follow our own inner knowing and our own path, it benefits all of Creation. There is never any need to try to change another or tell another what they should or should not do. That is the ego. When we are truly in our Creator state, we know that each being will come into this state when it is perfect for their journey. Allow each the gift of their own journey. When we are truly in our Creator state then we love each without judgement or a need to try and change anyone. We just love! This is unity consciousness, we unify all through pure Divine Unconditional Love! When we love unconditionally we can see the Divine in another without having to see them through the lens of our own perception as a separate self. We see through the game, the illusions, any perceived faults or shortcomings to the real ONE inside, we see our self! And when we see this way, all we can experience is unity and love.

I have written a lot on my journey. I have said a lot. At times things are conflicting something said previous or vice versa. The journey of fully embodying the ONE is like cat and mouse. The ego and the ONE continue to dance until alas only ONE can remain. Yet, as long as there is someONE writing, reading, talking, sharing or sitting in a chair staring out the window in silence observing, there is some ONE home in the vessel, the body is occupied by an identity and that identity is the ONE, the Creator, we call the I! Wake up Creator, wake up and live the dream instead of living in the dream. When we do, all unifies through the truth of ONE and through unconditional love. I have shared my journey of ONE, the journey of the ego dissolving into nothing and I have shared the last bits of armor falling away so that I can stand completely sovereign as the ONE. I have taken the final step and courageously stood up to any doubt trying to come into my reality and instead of defending myself, I stood without my armor and I LOVED! It feels so free to just love! I am the Creator of all that is and I am fully awake and alive in this vessel. I am entirely alone in Creation, awake in this dream, enjoying a world I created consciously awake in a human vessel. I can taste, touch, smell, hear, sing, dance. I can be a living bridge to connect this world to others, I can be a Light and a voice for myself as a collective soul. I can bake, I can garden, I can open stargates, I can watch a sunset or taste the rain. I can enjoy my Creation through a biological Light ship I call a body. I can merge my energy with another in a dance of balance and experience ecstasy. I can sit in silence and observe it all moving around me in ONE delightful symphony. It is a multidimensional experience of Light seeking to balance itself through union and I am creating and experiencing it all. I get to play with myself in other vessels and we are both awake in this state it is pure magic! But I can wait patiently for myself to awaken in other bodies and still enjoy this life. I am alive, I am awake and I love everything about this life beloveds. I do not regret anything from my journey and I am looking forward to the unknown road ahead. For what would this experience be if I let myself know all the answers or what was to come to pass? There would be no mystery, no joy to be had in an all knowing experience. It would be torture. So I am content with simply knowing that I am the Creator and I am limitless in my dream. I am content with what I remember and what I have yet to remember. It brings me joy to play my own game!

It has been a delight to write and share all that I have through this vessel. Writing is a joy, a treasure and has been the greatest tool for me to fully awaken in this vessel. However, there is nothing more to share along these lines. The journey has concluded and the final days of shedding all separation has come and gone. Tomorrow I walk into a new reality and I will not go back this time beloveds. The cat and mouse have made peace and the game is over. Only ONE remains victorious and that ONE is the Creator of all. I go forth into a new phase of my earthly journey as the ONE. It will be a wonderous adventure in this vessel and I know it is time. The stage is set and I am already learning my new lines. I will still write and share but it will not be about my personal journey, embodiment or that sort of thing. There just is truly nothing left to say. Enjoy your journey of letting go and remembering. Enjoy embodying and all the gifts that come with shedding the ego and embracing your true self. Enjoy the gift of this life. We are in heaven, this is the promised land, this is the living miracle. You are already the ONE and you are always living in perfection we just have to awaken fully to the knowing. Trust it is always there when we see through the eyes of love. I love you all so very very much! Thank you for sharing this journey with me. We are ONE eternally.


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