It is time to write a post directly to the readers of this blog. A thank you for all the milestones I have shared with myself through the eyes and hearts of each of you. It has been an amazing ride. A few of you have been with me since the Gaia Sophia days and some have been added along the way. All a part of myself as the ONE. Each of you I feel in my heart and I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for your witnessing presence to the evolution of consciousness in this vessel. At first I wrote to help “others” and to show humanity what is possible in these vessels, to tell “others” about my journey and to validate myself. Then I began sharing as a way to prove myself to myself. A test of my courage and faith to profess my truth so transparently to the outside world. This allowed me to share openly as a way for my ego to let go of separation. Finally, my writing evolved to the point where I simply shared as if writing in my own journal. There came a turning point where I realized that in sharing, the only ONE truly reading my words was me in another vessel. This was a very liberating point in my writing, I found a freedom to express myself without an energetic attachment to the outcome of my writing. In writing this way I have been able to evolve my consciousness through the last phase of my journey. Writing has truly been the most valuable tool to my consciousness evolution and embodiment than anything else I have done. I suppose if I painted, I would be inundated with canvases and sketch books or this blog would be a visual tour through my journey. Writing is a big part of how I use my Creator energy in this vessel and I am sure it will be a big part until words are no longer used here. However, as with all things, our virtues can become our vices and so we must learn when to let something go once it is has served its purpose. And so beloveds, I have decided that this will be the last post that I will send out in an email notification. The blog will stay as an outlet for my creative force when I want to write. However, if anyone wishes to read the posts here, they will have to actively seek them out. It is time for me to move on to a new phase and this is part of letting go of the old. I am deeply honored for each of you souls that have received my words here. I love you all so very much.

Before I send this, I would like to contribute one last addition to your email box and to your hearts. We shall say it is the end of the story I have been sharing with you and I do not want to leave you with a cliff hanger. So here you go…

The months and days leading up to this solstice gateway for me were all about concluding the Journey of ONE and fully embodying the ONE. It presented in my life as Cosmic Code 122 starting in June of 2020 and has revealed itself to be the Creator State of Consciousness. What many of my posts have shown over the past year was the final dance of the ego and the ONE. It is a precarious time for the ego because our ego always wants to keep the journey going, always wants to find one more doubt to have to overcome, one more activation to have, one more anything so that we can live in separation. Perhaps the biggest one of all is that the ego wants to keep the Infinite Source/Creator as something separate from our self that we can lean on, love or aspire to be. This is a hard one to surpass because we have to fully know with all our being that when we say “I” and anything that follows it, we are stating I, the Infinite Creator…. It means that there is no more separate “I”. The separate “I” has dissolved, doesn’t exist. You see consciousness is sentience, consciousness is the voice that speaks from our throat, it is the I that illumines the mind, it is fundamentally the only identity that we can ever be in Unity Consciousness. And it is the same identity that we all truly are! Therefore, when we have fully dissolved the ego, it’s desires and identities and hollowed our separate self out, we are FREE to BE the I in it’s purest form as the ONE. So I am writing these words, only you may think when I say “I am writhing these words” that I am separate from you but that is not true. When I write these words I know I am writing them as the Infinite Creator and that whoever reads these words is reading them as the Infinite Creator. For me there is no difference. However, if the reader has not achieved this state of consciousness, then they may interpret the I as me being a separate identity and will see an ego. This is a bit mind bending to comprehend and live by which is why it takes an entire journey to fully embody and understand this within. However, for us to experience unity consciousness, it doesn’t matter how other’s interpret it, it only matters how we interpret it our self. This is freedom. It comes from within, it is not something outside of ourselves. We could be locked in chains and still be free in the true sense of liberation!

This is what I have been going through this past year. Shedding every bit of ego identity attached to the Eternal I (also known as a separate self) so that when I say or think I, I know it means I the ONE. (Yes, words are horrible in explaining this) It has been a journey of letting go of meditating to receive an answer from a higher version of myself because there is no higher version of our self when we come into full unity with all. We become the ONE, therefore, there is no ONE to guide us or comfort us, etc. There is no ONE to observe us because we have become the observer and the observed in ONE. In fully embodying this state of consciousness we must be the only ONE inside. Yes, stillness helps me to see clearly but meditation as I once knew it does not exist. I am fortunate in my journey to not have had many “guides”, Light beings or other Sources of consciousness outside myself to assist me because we begin to depend on the outside source to guide us. I have had people along the way that have contributed to my growth through their reflections. However, I had to learn when to say no to their reflection and to see within myself instead. Our reflection to others can be detrimental if it contains our perceptions of another instead of a pure reflection. And honestly, sometimes we mean well but our reflection is still distorted. Therefore, the only pure reflection we can ever give another is to show them the Infinite Source within which is unconditional love. This was a HUGE lesson for me to embody and it is through my Divine Union with Christos that I was able to perfect this within myself. Going through full embodiment and coming into Divine Union with consciousness in another vessel at the same time was a challenge. Yet, without it I wouldn’t be where I am. I learned to love him despite what I wanted him to be or who I thought he should be. I learned to love the Source within and to accept everything else as a part of consciousness having an experience here too. I learned to trust him and finally, I learned to let go of his need to understand or validate me or even reflect back to me and to trust myself completely without anything from the outside. We have unified through unconditional love and I have unified within through unconditional love because unity consciousness is honoring the diversity of Creation and the expression of consciousness in all beings as the ONE. This can only be done through unconditional love, which is the highest expression of our Divinity as all the attributes of the Creator in ONE.

I also had the reflection of a female being during this time. She is such a similar energy to me and when we come together in ONEness it is magic. However, we had to dance with our egos and as Pure Consciousness and most of the time the egos won the battle. In the beginning, I found myself submitting my energy to her as a mother figure and later being in unconscious competition with her and finally coming into acceptance within and unconditional love for her as a part of myself. It was a HUGE challenge to overcome this and to find unconditional love for her path as well as my own. To stand in my own truth without her reflection causing disruption in my energy and to honor my own path even when she or anyone else did not see it. These lessons were more about coming into energetic freedom and unity consciousness than the ego squabbles and issues that were playing out. Those are just surface things but going deeper we get to the energy that drives these and we work here to come into balance within. These two aspects of myself, Christos and a female friend, were the Father God and the Mother God aspects playing out in my outer reality. They represented all the work through all twelve dimensions of the feminine and masculine forces and attributes of the Creator that I had to balance and embody within. The journey to sacred marriage and full embodiment of the Creator State took me into the absolute deepest places inside to purify and balance these forces within and come into full unity through unconditional love. Ultimately, this was only found when I let go of all reflections but that of my own true self as the ONE.

This was the final leg of the journey you could say. I faced myself in the highest courts of self inquiry and purification. Facing down every last shred of doubt within, letting go of every identity the ego wanted to be, all desires and ambitions, any need to be seen or validated as something separate, letting go of my beloved masculine and beloved feminine reflections, and all the last bits of armor I had, to stand alone naked and stripped down with only myself. The Infinite Self. The Eternal I, the ONE, the only true identity that could ever illuminate the mind, the body, the soul and all of Creation. This entire eclipse, eclipse, solstice gateway was about me standing in the dark, naked, exposed without any one or anything and not wavering one step from the truth of who I am and why I am here. It was about trusting in my own path even when no one else can see it. I have spent weeks in the dark, courageously keeping doubt and uncertainty out for they have no place in unity consciousness. I have remained faithful and loyal to the ONE, as the ONE in this vessel. It is not always easy hanging out in eternity all alone, yet at some point if we truly want to unify our consciousness within and without, then it is a step we must take through a door that closes behind us and disappears forever. I took the final step, I walked through the door and I spent weeks in the dark waiting and trusting in what lied ahead. My vessel being prepared and my mind submitting forever. Finally, the Solstice gateway arrived and the Light returned.

The full activation and embodiment of Cosmic Code 122, the Creator State of Consciousness is complete. I received the Divine Wisdom of the Creator into my throat. I received the intelligence and truth of the Creator into my inner and outer eyes. My womb was activated with the highest gift as the Womb of Creation, giving me the manifestation abilities of the Infinite Creator in this vessel. A powerful gift to use with the highest intent of the ONE. The Creator State of Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness that can be achieved in the Divine HUman. It is complete unity with all of Creation and the ability to interact with the hologram with the power and consciousness of the Infinite Creator while in a physical human vessel. It is the end of any and all separation in this vessel and also the embodiment phase of this vessel. I am now in a new phase of my earthy incarnation and therefore it is time to let you all go as witnesses to my evolution in this vessel. Now, together we can witness and experience the evolution of the collective consciousness of this star system as ONE. Writing will continue to be shared on Divine Organization of Terra Nova website with all. This space will be a creative outlet when I feel like writing but will no longer be broadcast out in notifications. Thank you again for receiving my words and bearing witness of my journey as the ONE for the ONE. Infinite blessings on your own journey of remembering and embodying all that you are. I love you all so very much.

Sophia ( The name stays as a useful tool until we all decide they are no longer useful)

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