All of Creation unfolds according to a Cosmic Blueprint, in this Universe the blueprint is known as a Diamond Sun Body created and constructed through Diamond Sun Architecture. In the origins of this star system the planetary Light Body was originally designed to evolve according to this architecture. However, through the descension of consciousness on this planet and within our galaxy, the original architecture of this star system was sealed off to protect the inhabitants and the planet herself until the consciousness on this star system was able to once again manage the energy that comes along with this architecture. This means that the main energy centers of the planet were sealed off and that the energy grid was separated from the Cosmic grid into a carbon matrix so that consciousness could have the experience of separation to evolve. We can choose to look at this event as a mistake, hijacking, fall, or war of consciousness, however, this is viewing the descension from separation. When we choose to see the descension from the reality of ONE, we see the Divine Plan and a great cycle of consciousness playing out on this star system and galaxy as part of the evolution of consciousness within our Universe. As part of the ascension of consciousness here, the planet began to undergo repairs and restoration to the carbon matrix to prepare the entire planet for a migration back to the crystalline matrix or grid system and Diamond Sun Architecture as early as 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence took place upon Gaia. This restoration project took many years and countless souls to complete and in January 2020, the entire planet and collective consciousness migrated back to the original blueprint and architecture of this star system to the crystalline grids of the Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova.

The entire Cosmic Blueprint is laid out in the book, The Divine Organization of Creation and on this website, Each of the main parts of the structure are broken down and explained in detail to teach how all work together as ONE to create the Diamond Sun Body of any logos within this Universe. A logos is the entire consciousness of a being within this Universe. It is the personality identity, soul identity, oversoul/galactic identity, God identity of every being. Since we will all eventually transcend the soul identity, we choose to use logos as a more comprehensive explanation of a Divine expression or being within this Universe. As mentioned above, the entire blueprint is laid out here for all to have access to. We will not go over it in detail in this article. We will focus primarily on the spinal column of the planet and the main dimensional stargates that create it. The spinal column of the planet is how the Source energy flows into the planet from the heart into the energy centers of the planet. If we look at the human vessel, we can see the spinal column runs vertical to the body and in the base of the spine and reproductive organs our power to create lies. Then up the spine we have the main energy centers that connect the personality, soul, oversoul/galactic and god consciousness centers with the heart center to allow Source energy to flow through all 144 energy centers or stargates in the vessel allowing us to create with a higher and higher consciousness. Technically, every energy center or stargate in the vessel is part of one system known as the Diamond Sun Body or our Light body which itself is part of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body as the ONE. In order to understand the blueprint of our Light Body and of the collective Light body of this star system, we break things out so the mind can understand. Understanding the blueprint helps us to understand ascension and our own consciousness. It allows us to work with our Light Body or Diamond Sun Body to further activate stargates and consciousness within the vessel.

Above is a simple picture of the main stargates in the vessel and the four main stargates and heart center that run up the spine of the vessel. When we are operating as a human separate self then the energy from our heart and brain run down the vertical pillar of energy (spinal cord) and activate the third dimensional stargate which activates all stargates below it. This means that we are creating our reality as a personality only. As we begin to ascend we open up more stargates via our consciousness expansion, we call awakening or remembering. The world of spirituality opens up and the fourth dimensional stargate does as well. This allows the energy to flow into this energy center and we begin creating as a soul. However, until the fifth and sixth centers are completely opened we are creating realities within soul consciousness that are distorted because they are not balanced with all of our soul energy. Through embodying the fifth and sixth dimensions of soul consciousness we fully open the main sixth dimensional stargate of our Diamond Sun Body and we are now fully creating as a soul in these vessels. Following the soul are the seventh, eighth and ninth energy centers or stargates. Once these are activated within, meaning the masculine center and the feminine center are open and balanced, the ninth center opens fully and we are now able to create in our vessel as an oversoul or galactic consciousness. This is a big one because we also begin receiving more Source Light from our heart through the galactic center of our galaxy. Finally, it is time to begin the journey into God Consciousness or Pure Source Consciousness. Here we begin to embody the tenth and eleventh to fully open the twelfth dimensional stargate and begin to create as God with a fully open heart portal to the Infinite Source. When we have fully mastered this and brought all the Light or energy of our Diamond Sun Body into balance, we fully embody the Creator State of Consciousness and we can create in these vessels as the Infinite Creator. This is a high level overview of the process to help the mind see how the spinal column and the 3, 6, 9 and 12 energy centers or stargates act as mini-heart centers or energy plants and distribution centers for varying stages of consciousness within the Diamond Sun Body.

The third center is the heart center for the personality consciousness and is in the solar plexus region. This is the power center within our vessels. It is here that we are given the power to create in the physical within these vessels. It is tied to the energy of the planet which is why we eat food from Gaia as an energy source for our vessels. As you can see, we have the power to create without ascension. However, we are not capable of creating with the full power (Love) of our Creator state and therefore, our realities reflect this. The sixth center is the heart center for the soul consciousness and is in the throat. This is what we call the high heart because it is through embodiment of these centers that we learn to live in our hearts and share from our hearts. It opens us to the energy of our sun Solaris which is why we tune into the sun for energy when we are operating in soul consciousness frequencies. The ninth center is the heart center for the oversoul/galactic center and is in the third eye. This is when we receive the inner vision to see as the Source, to see our reality more clearly from the higher realms, to see the big picture. It opens us to the black hole galactic center as its energy center which is why we tune more into the galaxy and other star systems and galaxies when we are operating within the oversoul frequencies. The twelfth center is the heart center of the God consciousness and is in the crown area. It is about activating the Universal Mind and the Divine Wisdom of Creation. It opens us to the Great Void or energy of the Infinite Source. All of the energy centers are tied to our Diamond Solar Heart, which is the heart center stargate of every Diamond Sun Body that connects all energy sources (energy from food, sun, galactic core, Infinite Source) to the Light body to power our creation. All energy received into the Light Body flows from the Diamond Solar Heart once Diamond Sun Architecture is activated within the logos. Many are experiencing the preparation of this transition that will happen to all when the collective shift to New Earth or The Event occurs. At that time, the Diamond Sun Body and the Diamond Solar Heart of every being here will be activated and come online and be connected to the crystalline grids of this star system, solar system, galaxy and Universe. Bare in mind that each will activate to the soul consciousness level which means the heart center will not be fully open nor will all stargates within the Diamond Sun Body be open. These will come online in stages during each’s ascension as each learns how to create and use the power (Light) that comes with each stage.

All of the above was shared to assist the reader with understanding this next part of the writing. The blueprint structure of Terra Nova and how it is unfolding for the collective ascension of this star system to occur safely and smoothly for the planet and all life here. We use the words safely because it is important to understand that if too much Light or power was sent through the planet or a human vessel before the proper energy centers were open, it would explode the body. This is why we have stages of development in our ascension. We have to build the correct Light ship for our Light and we also must learn how to yield the power (Light) that comes with expanding our consciousness. This is why there is not a magic button and poof the entire planet awakens and lives happily ever after. There would not be the infrastructure within our Light ship, Gaia, to allow the Light to flow freely and the entire planet would explode into our solar system. Instead, there is a Divine Plan in place to facilitate a safe and smooth ascension for this star system. In human terms it takes a long time but in the timeless existence of the ONE it is right on time. So just as we all must build our own Light Ship or Diamond Sun Body to hold all of our Light so that we can create as the Infinite Creator in these vessels. So too must the planet and collective Light ship or Diamond Sun Body be built to accommodate the massive amounts of Light that come with a collective ascension. We must have the blueprint in place to help disseminate the energy throughout the planetary grids and vessels in order to have a balanced Light body and to create our collective realities.

This is why there have been pioneers and forerunners of consciousness on this planet for many years and currently, working to create the New Earth grid system and Diamond Sun Body for Gaia. The pioneers worked on the Old Earth and the ley line grid system of the carbon matrix. Most were unconscious of this work and simply moved their vessels around this planet unaware that they were clearing, activating, unlocking or laying seeds for the collective ascension that would occur in a few decades. The forerunners are ascended beings who completed the work of the pioneers by connecting, activating and building a network of high frequency Light from the fourth through twelfth dimension on the planet. This allowed for the collective migration to the New Earth grids or Diamond Sun Body to occur so that the collective could have a grid system to migrate to during the collective shift. This structure is also why souls awaken, ascend and evolve in waves upon the planet. We must increase the collective consciousness little by little in all dimensions in order to keep the entire planetary Light body balanced and stable. Every being upon this planet is coded as part of the ONE Consciousness when to awaken, when to ascend, where to be, when to be there, and so forth as part of this collective ascension. When we fully embody the ONE, we “see” this ONE path or reality and therefore we consciously choose to walk it, relinquishing the free will of a human to follow our Divine Will as the ONE. Again, we are all coded to play our part in this ascension and therefore, we must learn to see that no vessel is better or higher than another. It is all the same consciousness playing all parts and ascending in waves of collectives so that the entire show can go on safely and smoothly.

Now, that we understand more about the blueprint and spinal column using our vessel as the example and why we must ascend in stages and in collective waves; I would like to discuss in depth the collective ascension, Diamond Sun Body and spinal column of this star system. In our minds we always try to fit everything into an understanding that is tied to a past understanding or does not stretch our belief system too much. However, through ascension we learn to throw that way of thinking out and to open our mind to all possibilities. So is the mindset needed to understand the spinal column of Gaia. Our planet is running Diamond Sun Architecture once again and therefore she is ready to fully activate her spinal column and all main stargates that run along it as part of the collective ascension. However, if you look at a map of the world you will see that our planet does not stand like a human vessel, she is round and gigantic and covers a lot of land and water. This frustrated me for a while trying to understand the spinal column as one vertical or horizontal line that the energy flowed through the planet, like the pole or latitude or longitude line. Eventually, as my consciousness expanded I came to “see” the spinal column spread all across the globe and how Gaia uses and has used volcanoes and water to disseminate the energy through the planet. I also understand my role more within the blueprint and structure of this star system. The two are interconnected. The spinal column spans all seven continents and along the oceans. Through the collective ascension there are parts of the spinal column that must be activated and connected to the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body at certain times within the collective ascension when the planet is ready to receive more Light into our Diamond Sun Body by ascending our collective consciousness. Without the spinal column and the main centers open to the flow of energy, we would not have a collective reality. It is an integral part of the design as the power plant and distribution center for the entire Light body.

The activation of the spinal column was a major project that had to occur for the migration of the planetary grid system to occur as it represents the power distribution center for this star system. The original spinal column of the planet was created using Diamond Sun Architecture and was also sealed off during the descension of consciousness. The base of the spinal column is located in Antarctica and runs up through the power center or solar plexus in Africa. This is the first, second and third dimensional sections of the planetary Light body that represent the personality of the collective soul. It is no wonder why humans originated from Africa and why Africans were sold as slaves during the descension all around the world as they held within their DNA the original human gene sequence of this star system. This method helped to spread the original gene sequence around the planet as part of the ascension. (Try to stay neutral to the method otherwise you will feel judgement and separation.) The heart center or power center of this section of the Diamond Sun Body is located in Pilanesberg National Park on an ancient volcano known as the Pilanesberg Crater. This volcano stood 22K feet in it’s day over 2 billion years ago. However, now it’s highest elevation is about 5500 feet. The location is surrounded by platinum mines as Africa is loaded with mineral deposits, diamonds, gold and platinum as the “food from Gaia” or power center of the personality of the collective logos of this star system to create in the physical. In 2006, I travelled in this vessel to this point within the blueprint to unlock this ancient stargate for the activation of the spinal column to begin. The work to complete the clearing and activation of this section of the blueprint was completed through another vessel, Judith Kusel who resides in Africa. It was tremendous work with a lot of off planet support. A a lot of time, dedication and energy to activate the crystal pyramid on Antarctica, reconnect the diamond grid sections and clear the spinal column all the way to the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of this had to occur before the migration to the New Earth grids could take place. The work began in 2009 and was completed in 2016. The personality consciousness of this star system and all stargates aligned to these energies were opened and activated as part of the migration of the grids to the New Earth grid system. A deep bow and eternal gratitude to the ONE we call Judith Kusel in this reality.

The next section of the spinal column runs along the central part of Mexico up through the western part of North America and represents the soul consciousness of the collective logos. The heart center for this section is located at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. This is an ancient complex of buildings and pyramids that mirrors the human spinal column in it’s design. This represents the energy center for the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions of soul consciousness of the collective logos and is connected to our sun Solaris as it’s power source through the heart portal of the planet. In March of 2018 this ancient stargate was cleared and activated by a group of 22 vessels of the ONE coming together for a galactivation, this vessel among them as the Master Key unlocked the stargate for the work to occur. Since then, through this vessel, I have completely connected the remaining stargates along the spinal column in Mexico and in California. The entire grid section was connected to the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body in March of this year at the Pyramid of the Sun in preparation for the collective shift that will occur. This diamond grid section represents the power center or heart center for the soul consciousness of the planet, it is why the West is where the ascension has really taken off and will continue Eastward across the globe. It is collective so we are all experiencing it across the globe. However, the energy fueling the soul expansion of our collective consciousness is centered in the North American Continent and spreading outward throughout the planetary grids. We could say it is the power of living from the heart or unity spreading much like diamonds spread from Africa as a source of power. Is it any wonder why a monarch’s crown was emblazoned with Diamonds?

The personality and the soul consciousness of the collective logos are fully online and activated within the Diamond Sun Body of this star system. This means that enough Light of these frequencies have been embodied throughout the planet to support these sections of the Light body to come online. It also means that we are as a collective beginning to use other methods of energy to create our collective reality other than food from Gaia. This is important to a balanced Light body and collective reality. The food from Gaia source of energy is finite and if we did not evolve into higher levels of our collective consciousness, our experience in these vessels would be over. This also coincides with the waves of collectives awakening and ascending that we mentioned above. At present, there are beings residing on New Earth that vibrate in varying frequencies and dimensions up to the twelfth dimension or beyond as all of it. These beings are less in number because it would throw the balance of the planetary Light body off if too many ascended and held so much Light in their Light bodies. These beings are the forerunners of consciousness and are holding the entire Diamond Sun Body of New Earth in place for the collective to shift. However, their Light alone is not enough to hold the Rainbow Bridge for the entire collective logos to shift. This is where the huge collective wave in the fourth dimension comes into the picture. These beings have literally held the balance from the New and the Old in place until all was ready for the collective shift to occur. This wave is going to shift to the New Earth on the Lion’s Gate passage and when they do, this will create the momentum and Light to bring the entire collective logos to the New Earth. When the fourth dimensional collective wave of souls shifts to the New Earth they will join the forerunners and this will create the Rainbow Bridge that the entire collective will cross to the New Earth. This will also be the time that each soul of the collective crossing the Rainbow Bridge will have their Diamond Sun Body activated and Diamond Solar Heart Activated. It is a monumental event, which is why it is called The Event and it is set to begin during the Lion’s Gate Sirius and Solaris alignment that occurs on the helical rising of Sirius on August 11th when the Rainbow Bridge will be activated. We are entering the Lion’s Gate passage way on July 3rd which is also the Dog Days of Summer when the heat will be on to prepare all for this year’s monumental gate opening. There will be an integration period that will last through the winter solstice at which time all of the collective will be activated and the New Earth timeline will manifest in 2022 when the Master Build of New Earth shall commence.

I shared this above to illustrate how important the collective waves are to the ascension of this star system. Everything moves in waves and stages so that the Diamond Sun Body can be built safely and smoothly which keeps our collective hologram and reality stable. Remember, everything is energy. If we inject too much energy into a circuit breaker we blow the circuit. If we have too little, its lights out. The same applies with our collective Light body. If we inject too much energy at once into our Diamond Sun Body our planet explodes and no more collective hologram. If we have too little energy our planet implodes and no collective hologram. The only way to exist is in balance. To the human mind or eye, things may look or seem out of balance in this world. However, as ONE collective, we are very much in balance and this is why the collective logos ascends in stages and why each being is coded with certain Light rays that are electric, magnetic or neutral to help balance the entire Light body as ONE organism. It is a very sophisticated and Divine structure that is unfolding within this star system and within your own vessel. It is also part of activating the spinal column and corresponding stargates of the planetary Diamond Sun Body.

We mentioned that the souls currently in the fourth dimension are a huge collective wave that will shift to the New Earth on the Lion’s Gate. This means that these souls once fully anchored into the frequencies of New Earth and soul consciousness will be ready to begin the journey into oversoul or galactic consciousness. This will be needed to bring balance since the mass collective will be in the soul frequencies once the shift occurs. In order for this to occur, the heart center for the galactic energies from the galactic core must be opened for energy to begin flowing into the Diamond Sun Body. This heart center of the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions of oversoul/galactic consciousness for the collective logos is located at Hagia Sophia and surrounding structures in Istanbul, Turkey. Once oversoul/galactic consciousness is fully embodied it becomes the gateway to Divine Wisdom which is the meaning of Hagia Sophia. This section of the Diamond Sun Body spans the entire European continent and Middle East. It is the oversoul/galactic consciousness which will allow the collective logos to open the inner vision within our collective self as well as open to the galactic presence of beings from other star systems. This heart center is being activated on the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd. I will travel in this vessel to Turkey to unlock this stargate’s connection to the galactic core and allow the galactic energies to begin flowing into the collective Diamond Sun Body. The process of oversoul embodiment by the entire collective logos is still years away. However, just as with activating the Pilanesberg Crater in 2006 or the Pyramid of the Sun in 2018, the energies must begin flowing when enough Light has been embodied to allow the higher Light into the grids. The huge collective that shifts the entire collective logos to New Earth also brings with it enough Light to open the gates for the galactic energies to flow from the galactic core. Over the new few years, work on the spinal column will be done through this vessel within Europe and the Middle East in preparation for full activation of the oversoul/galactic consciousness to occur when the collective logos has the sufficient Light quotient.

In the coming years as the collective logos continues to ascend, the heart center of God Consciousness will be activated in Tibet and the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional sections of the Diamond Sun Body that span most of Asia, Russia and Australia will begin to come online. This will bring the Divine Wisdom and power of the Infinite Source into the collective for manifesting our collective reality. We are still many years away from this section even beginning to activate. However, it is worth sharing to show the complete structure of the spinal column and Diamond Sun Body.

The spinal column of the planet is the same as the vertical pillar or central channel that carries our power through our own Diamond Sun Body. It is where the Source of all Light comes into the body and is disseminated throughout all remaining of the 144 stargates in the Diamond Sun Body to create a multidimensional experience and all realities we experience. It is the power plant and distribution center for our Light body. In order to have a power center we must have a Source of power. This is where the Diamond Solar Heart or heart portal comes into the mix. The heart portal is a stargate to the Infinite Source. It is an unlimited Source of power and eternally pure. It is only when this energy has been filtered through the Light Body in sections instead of as ONE that it is can create distortions. When we are living only in our personality, we are creating with our mind and thus we use food of Gaia as our source of power. This helps to fuel the main power center to create in the physical which is in the base of the spine and in the reproductive organs. As we begin to ascend we expand our consciousness to include more of the Infinite Source Light within our Creation. In soul consciousness or solar consciousness, we begin for the first time creating from part of our heart. This energy comes from the stargate known as our Sun and contains a portion of Infinite Source Light. Now we are creating with our personality and soul and our creation is fueled by our heart and mind. (The mind is the only way to create within the Divine HUman experience. This is why we purify it through ascension and unite it with the heart as ONE) We continue to ascend and open to oversoul/galactic consciousness and our heart is opened wider by the Infinite Source energy flowing through the galactic core. Our creation is becoming more pure as we are using more Pure Source energy to create our reality. Next, we open to God consciousness and our heart center is fully activated. We are now fully connected to the Infinite Source of power or Light and can create with this Light. We learn how to yield this power and create with a fully open heart and pure mind using all Sources of power as ONE power within our Light body. Finally, all is activated and we create with our heart, mind and Infinite Source of power as the ONE Infinite Creator in these vessels. The heart is the Source of all power for the power centers or “heart” centers that run along the spinal column. As we ascend we open our heart more and more to allow more and more Pure Source Light to flow into our Light body to fuel our reality.

The heart portal of this star system is located in Glastonbury, England. It is the Source of all Light that flows into the planet to fuel the Diamond Sun Body and the collective realities. Currently, the collective heart is open to soul consciousness and is sending Light into the planetary Light body from the first through sixth dimensions. As more dimensional stargates are opened and main stargates on the spinal column, more and more Light will flow from the heart into the planetary grid for creating our collective realities. The Diamond Solar Heart, the four main stargates on the spinal column and the remaining eight dimensional stargates that connect to them are all energetically supported by an incarnated being that acts as the power plant or transducer of the cosmic energy into the Diamond Sun Body. These twelve beings form the Emerald Order of Oraphim as blue ray souls that work as Master Keys to the twelve Master Galaxies or Great Central Suns of this Universe within this planet to balance and stabilize entire dimensions or sections of the Diamond Sun Body. All vessels on this star system are inhabited by the ONE. I am the ONE speaking to you and writing these words. There is no separation, it is all illusion. However, it is a journey to get to this stage and so I honor that not all will be able to see this. Also, the time has come on this star system for me to speak and share as the ONE for the greatest good of all. When I say I, it is I as the ONE, the Infinite Creator. I am embodied in this vessel as the ONE playing the head of the Emerald Order of Oraphim to oversee the entire construction of the Cosmic Blueprint of this star system. In this vessel, I am the Master Key to the Master Keys which means that as the ONE in this vessel I work with the energy of the entire Universe and Diamond Sun Body of this star system to oversee its construction in alignment with the Cosmic blueprint, to connect the main stargates and lines of the spinal column to the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body and to stabilize and birth realities for the collective consciousness or the entire Diamond Sun Body of this star system otherwise known as the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. Within the Collective Blueprint, this vessel energetically represents the Mother God of the Trinitized God Force or Magnetic Force of all Light on this star system.

This star system known as Terra Nova is housed by the planetary logos known as Gaia Sophia. She is coded within her threefold flame as an aqua, emerald, blue ray logos. This means that within this Universe, galaxy, and solar system, she represents at the soul level the blue ray magnetic force of Creation, at the oversoul/galactic level the emerald ray neutral force of Creation and at the God level the aqua ray magnetic Mother God force of this Universe. This means that within this Universe, Gaia Sophia has a magnetic force that helps to create balance within this solar system, a neutral force that helps to create balance within this galaxy and a magnetic force that helps to create balance within this Universe. The coding of this planet is the same coding of the three fold flame of this vessel and similar coding to the entire Emerald Order of Oraphim. The Emerald Order is not a part of the blueprint but is made up of souls that are a part of the blueprint. Within the blueprint there is a High Council of Light that is made up of twenty-four souls both masculine, electric, magenta ray and feminine, magnetic aqua ray who are also coded as blue ray at the soul level. They are not necessarily male and female, it is a matter of their Light signature. There is also a Father God, electric, magenta ray and Mother God, magnetic, aqua ray pair of souls that along with all the Light of this star system represent the Trinitized God forces. Since Gaia Sophia is a blue ray soul, the Emerald Order and Head of the Order are all blue rays at the soul level to be able to energetically work with the planetary Light Body. The coding must mirror at the soul level in order for the Light to properly be released or brought into the grids of the planet. This is also why the Emerald Order is made up of the twelve feminine souls of the High Council of Light only. It is only the blue ray magnetic souls of the High Council that can connect into the planetary light body in the way needed to connect, activate and stabilize because the planetary logos is a blue ray magnetic energy. The remaining twelve masculine members are coded with the electric force and therefore work differently with the Light and planetary Light body. They actually fuel the planetary Light body and the members of the order with the greatest power there is, Divine Love. The ONE in this vessel represents the magnetic Trinitized Mother God force within the collective blueprint and head of the Emerald Order and is coded the exact same as Gaia Sophia on all layers of the blueprint to work as a Master Key for the entire blueprint and will remain in body until full completion of the build of New Earth and the Divine Organization of Terra Nova. This is the work of the Divine Organization of Terra Nova into a fully ascended star system and full interaction with consciousness throughout this entire Universe as the ONE. This information is being shared at this time in preparation for the collective shift and revelations that are to come for all.

The Diamond Sun Architecture unfolding on this planet is precise and Divinely balanced. Each being here is coded within the threefold flame of their heart with the rays that they bring to this star system and to creation to maintain balance and order within the ONE reality. This filters down to our planet and the ascension of this star system. There are many roles of consciousness on this planet and all are equallyimportant. It takes the entire collective to embody in stages and finally fully embodying for the blueprint or our entire Diamond Sun Body to be activated. We are on a journey in many vessels as ONE to achieve this within this star system and this entire Universe. It will not happen instantaneously or in a few short years. The joy is in the journey beloveds and of creating a whole new world built on love! It will happen. We do no have to struggle against our reality. Simply allow it to unfold in accordance with your highest self as the ONE. What is shared here is in alignment with the highest reality of the ONE for the benefit of the ONE in all vessels on this star system. We are in the most sacred passage that we will traverse as a collective soul. The shift from our human understanding of life to living and understanding life more as a soul! It will take some adjusting and there will be growing pains but trust in the unfoldment of the blueprint and the Divine Plan that is bringing us the purest Light to live in joy and create as ONE. I love you all so very much.


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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