The Personality as an Expression of Divinity – Heart Share

In this heart sharing video we discuss the personality as an expression of Divinity, the ego persona versus the personality and the mystery of life. Enjoy! Sophia The Divine Organization of Terra Nova Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinEmailWhatsapp

The Mind versus The Ego – Heart Share

In this heart sharing video we discuss the mind versus the ego, dissolving the ego, the frequency of ONE, coming to zero point and how to collapse space time to realign the hologram. Enjoy! Sophia The Divine Organization of Creation Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinEmailWhatsapp

Final Gateway for The Event

The Cosmos are made up of infinite cycles of Light. We may call these the wheels within wheels, house of many mansions, descension and ascension, gateways or passageways or simply cycles. Cycles that move consciousness through the flow of the ONE infinite cycle of the Cosmos. Light dancing by expanding and contracting through electromagnetic fields […]

Trinitized God Force, Unconditional Love – Heart Share – July 10, 2021

In this heart sharing video we discuss the Trinitized God Force within all Souls on Gaia, the Simplicity of the Cosmic Blueprint within the Infinite Creation, Unconditional Love as the Golden Key to Ascension and Reality of ONE, Lion’s Gate 2021 Solar Event and activation of rainbow bridge to New Earth and more of what […]

Explanation and Video Tutorial for Post Dated 6/29/21

The previous post (available here) on the blueprint update and spinal column locations on Gaia contained a lot of information about a lot of things that all together create and balance our collective Light Body. However, it may not be easy to understand how each works when they are explained separately. To help in tying […]