The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

Explanation and Video Tutorial for Post Dated 6/29/21

The previous post (available here) on the blueprint update and spinal column locations on Gaia contained a lot of information about a lot of things that all together create and balance our collective Light Body. However, it may not be easy to understand how each works when they are explained separately. To help in tying all the information together with what is shared throughout this website, I have prepared a very informative video tutorial giving a comprehensive explanation of the material in the previous post along with a complete overview of the Cosmic Blueprint and how everything works together as energy and ONE consciousness to create our world, solar system, galaxy and Universe including how the Emerald Order works and their purpose in building the blueprint as well as an explanation of the twelve tribes on Gaia. Trying to explain this material in words takes a lot of energy and is not always the easiest for others to understand so I have put this video together to assist. The video will help to illustrate the entire blueprint, how it works and why we need all parts of it to exist as well as everyone’s role within it to keep balance in Creation. It is around one hour and ten minutes as there was a lot of information to cover to try and put it into a format that will help others to understand the material. Also, it is worth understanding that every soul is here to contribute to the blueprint as a part of the twelve tribes on Gaia. This may mean that someone teaches, builds a house, cooks meals, is a doctor, etc. as an expression of an attribute of the Creator or frequency that contributes to the build of the blueprint or our New Earth as ONE. Enjoy the video. I love you all so very much.


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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