Compassion and the Reality of ONE

This post will be a little different than most that are written here. I have created the category, Reality of ONE, for this article and others that may come along like it. These are not energy updates or teachings about the blueprint needed to build our ascension vehicle, the Diamond Sun Body. They are more about living in these vessels as Divine Beings, in unity with all. Divinity that can be experienced by anyone regardless of level of ascension or consciousness. This post is also about reality and the perception of reality that each of us and the collective find ourselves in on this planet and how shifting to the Reality of ONE in any now moment can eliminate suffering. Right now the planet is experiencing a final squeeze before the collective shift to the New Earth frequencies begins. The temperatures are hot, unprecedented in North America where the collective soul energy centers are located. Fires are raging once again as the purification of the collective soul continues in preparation for The Event. The collective ascension and the individual ascension seems to dominate the “spiritual” world and consciousness blogs across the planet while the masses are feeling intense stress and anxiety unaware of the real cause. At the Divine Organization of Terra Nova we talk so much about ascension and the blueprint of ascension that sometimes the true meaning of it all can be lost. What does it truly mean to ascend and how does this affect our everyday reality as a human or Divine HUman on this planet? In striving to achieve our ascension, sometimes we forget the most basic reason why we are doing it in the first place…to become Divine Love embodied within the Reality of ONE. Which means to live each day in Christ Consciousness as Light, as the ONE, incarnated in the vessel. You see, it does not matter if you are living a human existence unascended, a soul existence, oversoul existence, God existence or living fully ascended in the Pure Creator State of consciousness in the vessel, in each moment you have the choice to be Divine Love within the reality of ONE.

Since the fourth of July the energies have been intense and will continue until the Lion’s Gate, purifying the collective in round after round of higher frequency Light. The theme of 2021 thus far. When this happens, this vessel becomes a vacuum of the dense energy from the collective to release it from the planet. It is not always an easy task but I have learned how to allow the energy to flow through my vessel without attaching a story to it. I have also learned to deal with the hormone spikes and intense emotional state that comes while releasing such massive amounts of energy. Today was one of those days, the Light I have released the past few days has been heavy and it has left my heart tender and my emotional body very sensitive. However, I know it is just the collective energy moving through me and so I stay vigilant in simply being. I also received an email this morning from a being who appears to be lost in the world of spirituality of the fourth dimension. I felt compassion for this being as the ONE working to remember who they are and at the same time I know the separate self cannot be talked out of illusions and that consciousness must wake up on its own within each of us. All I can do is share Divine Love with this being and let them find their own way. All of this was weighing on me, so to help move the energy, I decided to go to the gym for a workout and a swim. It was going pretty well. A mantra in my headphones and I entered a deep state of meditation while cycling away with my eyes closed. Each pedal allowing the energy to flow through the vessel and out. Then rhythmically moving the weights up and down as my mantra played on and I exercised my arms further releasing energy through the vessel. Finally, silence, as I entered the pool to swim laps then float weightlessly loosing myself once again to the abyss of nothingness. My trip ended in a steam bath to allow every energy center to open and pour out the energy in each bead of sweat leaving me feeling refreshed.

After a couple of hours at the gym I began to feel the emotional energy lifting. However, as I was changing, I heard a woman nearly crying as she asked for assistance in getting dressed. I went over to assist her and could clearly see she had a handicap that made it difficult for her to get the garment on she needed help with. To me it was no big deal to help her. However, as I was helping her and afterward, she was constantly saying “I’m sorry” for having to ask for help. I could feel her energy and her lack of self worth. Walking away I felt such compassion for her and the suffering of humanity. That many do not know their own worth or truth of who they are deeply impacted my heart on this emotional day. Following the gym I had to run a few errands. At my first stop, when I got out of the car, I was approached by a man asking for money and if he could wash my car or something. I said I could not help him and he said he was sorry for bothering me. When I went inside to get my things I asked the cashier for specific change so that I could give the man some money when I returned to my car. I found him on the street and gave him some money and told him to take care of himself. Again he asked to wash my car and thanked me profusely for helping him. I looked into his eyes and acknowledged him not only as the ONE but as a human being and we parted. I went back to my car and was nearly in tears at again meeting a human (the ONE) who felt it was a bother to have to ask another human (the ONE) for help. My heart felt a deep compassion for this man whether he went to buy drugs or alcohol with the money I gave him or used it to call his family. I gave it to him regardless, because it was given without conditions or expectations in Divine Love. My next stop was at the grocery store and as I was pushing my cart through the isle I saw a women in a motorized cart trying to figure out how to get a heavy item from the shelf into her cart. I watched people pass her unaware of her need and I watched her too afraid to ask another for help. I approached the woman and asked if she would like me to get the item and place it in her cart, which I did. She was grateful but also bashful almost ashamed to have to ask another or inconvenience another. I looked her in the eyes and told her to enjoy her day and continued my shopping. Although, by this time my heart was feeling such a huge compassion for humanity and a tenderness for human suffering that all I wanted to do was go home and cry. Which I did.

I rarely have that much interaction when I am out and these events and the email from earlier seemed to tug at my heart strings on this day. It was very much a stark reminder of what the collective is going through and of how important it is to always see reality from the Reality of ONE. I went home and in my beloveds arms I wept for humanity and the suffering of so many on this planet as the ONE completely unaware of its own beauty and Divinity. I wept for the Divine sitting in front of me as each of those people and not knowing the beauty and love that each are as the ONE. I saw myself in each of those vessels and I did for each what I would have wanted some ONE to do for me in this vessel. I never thought about ascension nor do I rarely think about it in my everyday life. I simply live! For me it is all ONE experience or reality. However, it was not always this way and that is why I am sharing this story because we can get so lost in spirituality and ascension that we forget the simple reason why we began the journey anyway. To BE Love! We also may not realize it but the journey brings us right back to where we started and life here goes on, yet we are the ONE that is forever changed and our view of our reality is as well. This is part of a balanced path that allows us to live as the ONE within the Divine HUman experience having a high vibrational physical experience in these vessels. The outside doesn’t really change so much but the way we view it and experience it changes dramatically.

Later in the day I Divined to a page in the book, Birthing Creation. I wrote this book during my soul and oversoul consciousness experience and I often pick it up and allow it to open to whatever it is I need to be reminded of. Today, it opened to this:

April 9, 2019
"Spirituality is a 3D/4D concept, There is no such thing as Spirituality, there is only REALITY. We set off on a "Spiritual Journey" when in fact what we are looking for is the Ultimate Reality, the TRUTH. The reality that exists beyond the programming. If you are seeking anything in your life, seek the ultimate reality"
Gaia Sophia, Birthing Creation, Chapter 16, Page 178

The email I received this morning and the events of my day all seem to point to this passage. No matter what is in front of us, always see the Ultimate Reality which is the Reality of ONE. In my reality today, one being is lost in the reality of spirituality trying to understand who they are as a soul and blinded by fear and ego. Three other beings are lost in the human existence unable to see the Divine Light shining within themselves and afraid to ask for help in another that is just themselves too. Everything appears separate, yet all is ONE and I am the ONE watching and interacting with it in the Reality of ONE. Yet, I am not perceived as the ONE by these beings and this is what invokes the compassion from within me and also allows each to feel the ONE in our interaction, that is feel Divine Love, Compassion, Grace and an acknowledgment that each matters. You see, ascension, spirituality, humanity, being a soul, etc. these are all realities of separation or experiences of the ONE within the Reality of ONE. We can choose to see and live within the experience as something separate or we can choose to see it all as ONE and live as the ONE within all experiences. It’s all the same reality, it is our perception of the reality that changes the experience. Even on a quest such as ascension, we can lose our way. We can forget who we are and we can forget who everyone else is too. Above all of it, humanity, spirituality, ascension, soul lineage, etc., all is ONE Reality and ONE Consciousness! And through this time on our planet, with so much suffering, it does not hurt to be reminded that being compassion and seeing everyone else as our self (the ONE) is really the only true reality there is. We will continue to live in less and less separation as a collective as we move through the collective ascension on this planet, this is a fact. Throughout the journey of our collective ascension, we can be kind, loving, compassionate and giving to others as we ourselves would like to have done to us. We are ONE eternally beloveds. All is ONE. This means that in the reality of ONE, there are no humans, no souls, no gods, there is only the ONE and that ONE is you and everything you experience.

May the compassion within your heart lead you to liberation in this life. May the Divine Love for all as ONE lead you to liberation in this life. Freedom is found in unconditional love for all as ONE even when all appears to be separate. Freedom for humanity is upon us beloveds. The fourth of July there was another release of freedom codes into the collective Light Body that is fueling this heat and fire that is the collective purification happening through the Lion’s Gate on August 11th. Being compassion and seeing all as ONE will help to cool things down and calm the blaze. In the hottest of moments, remember that what you see outside of you is you in all forms. We are ONE consciousness going through this reality together as ONE. Let love light the way for all. Enjoy the journey. I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Creation

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