The Cosmos are made up of infinite cycles of Light. We may call these the wheels within wheels, house of many mansions, descension and ascension, gateways or passageways or simply cycles. Cycles that move consciousness through the flow of the ONE infinite cycle of the Cosmos. Light dancing by expanding and contracting through electromagnetic fields to create the manifested Cosmos from the macro to the micro. All weaving and working together as little cycles and bigger cycles that together make up the ONE great cycle of Infinity we call the Reality of ONE. Since May we have been in an energetic cycle or timeline that has been preparing the collective for The Event. This cycle has run concurrent with many other cycles that we experience as a collective such as the 28 day moon cycle, the 5 – 10 day eclipse cycles and the major 365.264 day collective timeline cycle that corresponds to the equinoxes and solstices. To better understand this click here to read about timelines. Because we had so many cycles happening at once since May, it has been a very intense energetic time with many highs and lows in energy due to the overlapping electromagnetic forces of Light infiltrating the planetary Light body. This has also created many different timelines and experiences of time depending on how each cycle affects the collective and the individual consciousness. The Infinity Cycle of the Reality of ONE exists and is experienced in the eternal now, it is as close to being outside of time as one can get in this Universe while being in the experience. Therefore, when we experience any cycle as mentioned above, we are experiencing a timeline and therefore are experiencing time to some degree. If you would like to understand more about how time works in this Universe, click here to read about the Universal Time Matrix. This article is going to focus on The Event cycle and the roughly four month timeline that began for the collective consciousness of this star system in May 2021. However, it is very helpful to understand that this cycle is a part of many other cycles and together the energy of each is what contributes to the collective shift that will occur during The Event.

The Event gateways represent a cycle that is happening concurrent with the moon cycles of May, June, July, August and September 2021, the lunar eclipse in May and solar eclipse in June as well as the annual June Solstice, Lion’s Gate passage and September Equinox. A powerful stretch of gateways and Light influxes! The gateways for The Event have been something unique that I have not experienced before in any gate work that I have done because they are not part of our “regular” cycles on this planet. They are a unique set of gateways designed to activate the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth as well as fully open the sixth dimensional stargate of the collective Diamond Sun Body. There has been a set of three gateways to prepare the collective for the energies of The Event. I want to pause a moment and remind the reader of something shared in a previous post about The Event. That is, although we refer to this event as The Event, it is a part of many events that helped to create this moment in the collective ascension and is part of an even larger set of events within our Universe. What we are discussing should not be understood as the only preparation or cycles that contributed to the collective shift that is upon us all. The Event is triggered by the Light quotient and overall frequency of the collective Diamond Sun Body which we have been increasing as a collective for many years. Therefore, the purpose of The Event gateways this summer was the final elevation of the collective to this Light Quotient in order to trigger The Event to occur. This was also accomplished by using the powerful gateways created during the celestial alignments of the eclipses and solstices this summer. In effect, what has been able to occur on this planet is an unprecedented amount of Light within a short time at frequencies higher than ever experienced by the collective received into the planetary Light body and Light body of all souls here. This along with the collective dark night in 2020 and early 2021 have effectively allowed the collective to reach this milestone.

The three gateways of The Event have all been aligned with the stargate of Sirius and have all been unlocked from the Northern California section of the Diamond Sun Body by this vessel. The first gateway was opened on Mt. Shasta, the Divine Feminine of this grid section on May 12, 2021. This gateway brought the new Light that the collective and each soul would need to embody to raise their Light quotient to in order to traverse the Rainbow Bridge during the collective shift. The eclipse, eclipse and solstice gateways supported the embodiment of this Light passing through the stargate Sirius through the stargate of our sun over a six week period to allow for an easier time receiving so much Light into the collective Light body and individual Light body. During this time many received new insights, understandings and heart expansions of the Light body. The second event gateway was opened on Mt. Lassen, the Divine Masculine on June 5, 2021. This gateway was the activation of the Light that we received over the previous six week period through the electric force of the masculine. Once this force was activated in the Light, the magnetics were “turned on” within the new Light we embodied over the first gateway and we then had to go through a purification phase to align our entire reality to the new Light we were leveling up to. So we had the first gateway that was all about embodying the Light coming in, it was an expansive gateway, felt more open and flowing and loving as we were increasing our Light. The second gateway activated the Light and this meant that now everything in our reality that did not align with the frequency of the new Light we embodied felt uncomfortable and had to be purified or dismantled to prepare for a new reality where we would once again balance everything to align with our new frequency. This gateway from June 5 – July 12 was contracting, dismantling, and squeezed the collective Light body of all lower frequency Light and realities that were not in alignment with the new collective frequency. During this time, the emotions of many were in flux, as the magnetics in the Light literally pull the lower frequency Light from the planet or individual Light body to be released. Because there is energy in motion leaving the Light body, we feel emotions, which can be uncomfortable and if we attach a story to these emotions then we experience suffering. The first gateway was expanding into the new Light or higher frequency Light, the second was contracting back to purify our reality of all Light or realties that no longer vibrationally aligned. Together these two gateways created a huge timeline jump for the collective that put us on The Event timeline. Meaning that we had leveled up or increased the Light quotient of the collective enough to create the third gateway and activate The Event to occur.

Around July 15 -17 the entire collective reality was undergoing a massive adjustment of the collective hologram to move to the new timeline and on July 18 we had an entire Cosmic reset of the hologram and collective reality. We also jumped to the new reality and timeline which is the timeline in which we experience The Event. All the hard work has paid off as the collective has increased the Light quotient enough to shift the entire collective to the New Earth. The third and final gateway of The Event was opened in Chico Canyon, the Divine Child on July 20. This is the final gateway that will take us straight into The Event on the Lion’s Gate alignment with the stargate Sirius. We have shifted into our new collective reality and now we must work as a collective to bring our Light and new reality into balance or zero point so that we can pass through the Lion’s Gate in August and into a new cycle or reality that will bring the new Light once again. This gateway is special in that it is the gateway that the collective Light quotient will be high enough in frequency to activate the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth. There will be a strong pulse of Light from the Source through the stargate of Sirius then through our sun that will bring enough Light to create the shift. This Light will increase the magnetic force of the beings on New Earth and the collective which will be strong enough to pull the entire collective into the frequencies of New Earth. This means that all souls coded to ascend with cross the rainbow bridge to New Earth between Lion’s Gate and the September Equinox. All souls coded to ascend is the majority of the collective. All those aware of ascension (and many many more) are coded so please do not spend an ounce of time worrying. Those that are not coded are the minority and will have no idea about anything happening before or after. The majority will ascend to the frequencies of New Earth and ALL collective realities from 2022 forward will be moving into alignment with unity consciousness. The minority that are not ascending will still occupy the same space as the collective but will not influence the collective realities. However, the presence of these beings is needed to stabilize the collective reality and Diamond Sun Body until we can create and build infrastructure and technologies to support the higher frequencies of our civilization. This is a shift that happens gradually over time and with the safety and stabilization of the collective reality and Light body in place. It is a gradual change that happens in stages so that we can align our collective realities with ease and grace. Therefore, it is advisable to always see the BIG picture and to always see every being as the ONE.

To help understand this, I wish to share with you an event that happened 206 years ago on this planet that dramatically shifted the collective consciousness. This event was called Waterloo and was the final defeat of Napoleon by the Coalition that sought to repress him and the ideas of liberty that he was implementing. This is not a case for or against Napoleon the man, as he exhibited both the Light and the shadow as all of us can relate to. Napoleon was an unconscious instrument of the Divine helping to seed the consciousness of this planet to prepare it for a great shift and evolution of thinking and being. During his time on the world stage he did many things, the Light which I want to draw your attention to is that he helped to spread a message of liberty that was bubbling up in a few people and places and spread it to many. The message of meritocracy, equality before the law, religious toleration, modern secular education, the abolition of feudalism and appreciation of the arts and sciences, etc. In a sense he threatened the old system where the lay person had no freedom, no rights and little to no education. While his actions were also guided by his ego, this Lighted part of Napoleon played an important role in what was to come in the collective. The battle of Waterloo was a collective shifting point, it occurred during the June Solstice gateway in the year 1815 with 144,000 combatants taking part and because of its outcome the world would be forever changed. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo, which was Divinely guided because he had served his purpose and further time on the world stage would most likely have undone the Light work he did. However, it was precisely this outcome that fanned the fires of Liberty even more throughout the collective consciousness.

"That day the perspective of the human race underwent a change. Waterloo is the hinge of the nineteenth century. The disappearance of the great man was necessary to the advent of the great century. Someone, a person to whom one replies not, took the responsibility on himself. The panic of heroes can be explained. In the battle of Waterloo there is something more than a cloud, there is something of the meteor. God has passed by"
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862

While the coalition wanted to return Europe and France to a monarchy, the idea would never again be fully accepted by the masses. The seed had sprouted with that spark. Following the battle of Waterloo, France was headed by a monarch but it was a constitutional monarchy and therefore the sovereign right as king was abolished. The seeds of liberty had beared their first fruit. The coalition might have defeated Napoleon and we may be better off because of it, but, they did not defeat the spark that was lit within the collective consciousness of this planet and our quest for liberty has been on ever since. As Victor Hugo put it in Les Misérables, “Waterloo is not a battle, it is a change of front on the part of the Universe”. And change it did indeed bring, over time, more and more monarchs fell and more and more people gained personal freedoms that we today take for granted. There was a time when the populace was divided, like the Bonapartists and the Bourbons in France. Some for the old way and some for the new way. However, it was the majority that created the collective reality which meant that eventually France became a republic and the royalist were obsolete.

Something awakened in the collective 206 years ago, it was called Freedom! It was the Divine Spark in the collective personality that lit and said I AM, I am able to rule myself, I do not need a monarch to rule me, I am a free human! It took many years for the collective reality to align as the frequency of the collective Light was at a lower vibration during this time. Yet, it is a powerful example of how the collective reality works. One idea, one spark can shift the entire collective consciousness of this planet and change our world forever. Waterloo was a spark, the collective lost a leader of liberty in Napoleon but we found it in ourselves! The Event is also a collective shift, a spark will be lit this time in the collective soul, the soul will fully awaken in man and his quest for liberty will begin once again. The collective soul will seek liberation and in doing so we will build a New Earth that aligns to bring this freedom. It may not come in one day but it will come exponentially faster than 206 years. The frequency of the collective Light is much higher now and our collective realities will shift and align much faster in the frequencies of New Earth. It will take us some time, but as a collective we will find liberation of our collective soul just as we found liberation of our collective human self. We stand on a new field, it is not a battlefield, it is a field of infinite possibilities we call the quantum field. We do not call this field Waterloo. Today we call it, The Event, but rest assured it will be known in the history of humanity as a “change of front on the part of the Universe!” Allow this change to unfold through the perfection of the Divine Plan we are witness to as the Creator and the Creation. Understand that some will stay in the old and will eventually fall away and some will build the new and continue to evolve their Light here. Most importantly, love ALL of it as ONE. See that it must be this way to hold the entire reality together. It took France and most of Europe years to learn how to be a republic. It was an integration of the old into the new until the old was no longer visible. Feel the shift happening inside of you, because YOU are ALL of IT! Be the change and you will see the change! Focus on love, loving ALL as ONE and watch the entire outside shift into Heaven before your eyes. It already exists here it is just that as a collective we will finally begin to see it! Surrender to this magnificent event and trust that you are exactly where you need to be for it and that you are the reason it is occurring.

I love each and every ONE of you so very much. We are held and supported through this shift and the weeks of integration that will follow it. The September Equinox will bring an activation to the collective shift and prepare us to dive deep into the void in the last weeks of the year to integrate the Light and prepare to birth the first New Earth collective realities to be experienced on this planet. We are in the final gateway of The Event. Take this time to balance your Light, your reality and align all to the absolute highest frequency you are capable of. Remember that unconditional love is the KEY to the gates and you hold it all within you. Focus on love, purifying all thoughts and beliefs within yourself that are not of unconditional love. Knowledge is of no use without the key of unconditional love to open the gates of ascension you hold within. The collective reality is stabilizing, balancing and preparing for what is to come. It will be energetic and will likely flatten many energetically. Honor your Light body when it needs you to stop. Pay attention to the energy. The Event will be felt more than seen as all generally are. This is an amazing experience as Light, as consciousness, as a human. Enjoy it and embrace it! This event is not only the collective shift to New Earth, it is also the full opening and activation of the sixth dimensional stargate of the collective Diamond Sun Body that allows for full embodiment of soul consciousness to begin and also allows access for the frequencies of oversoul consciousness to begin filtering into the planet. This means we are moving into creating a New Earth that fully liberates ALL souls here. No more looping cycles of birth and death through reincarnation, no more root races, we are freeing the Light of our soul and our collective soul forever! (All in due time with soul consciousness embodiment) The Lion’s Gate passage is going to be the most powerful one we will receive from Sirius on this planet. Once this sixth dimensional stargate connection is open it will remain open for the duration of this planet’s existence. It is a monumental time for consciousness on this planet. We have prepared, we are aligning and balancing and we are ready! Enjoy the journey beloveds.


The Divine Organization of Creation

Note: Included is a link to previous blog posts about The Event and there will continue to be links in subsequent articles for any newcomers to these messages. If aligned to share, please link to the original source by clicking the share buttons at the bottom of the post for sharing on social media, blogs or other outlets so that all souls can benefit from the resources here. We are ONE consciousness supporting and guiding itself in infinite ways. In loving gratitude to all.

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