BEing Calm in Chaos – Heart Share

In this heart sharing video we will demonstrate how to be the calm within the chaos as the collective realities collapse on this planet. We will also explain what the collapse of human society really means and why it is a necessary part of the collective ascension as well as how to see the collapse […]

The Event Update – Final Collapse of 3/4D Collective Realities

Blessings Every ONE, In May we entered The Event gateways that began to bring the unifying high frequency Light needed to prepare the collective consciousness for The Event known as the collective shift to New Earth. Throughout the eclipse season and summer solstice gateway the collective Light body was purged and purified to prepare for […]

We are Consciousness – Heart Share

In this heart sharing video we talk abut consciousness as the fundamental identity of all Light in the manifested Cosmos as the ONE true self. We also discuss how consciousness experiences itself and it’s journey back into full union through the use of Light programs activated through Light quotient within each dimension. These Light programs […]

Activation of Collective Rainbow Bridge and Support for the NOW

The annual 8/8 portal during the Lion’s Gate passage brought a monumental gift to humanity this year. Yesterday, beings all over the planet helped to anchor in enough Light to signal the activation of the collective rainbow bridge to New Earth. While the new reality is not something that is felt right away, it is […]

The Ascension Light Program

The reality of ascension is a reality within the Reality of ONE. The infinite reality that is the totality of all possibilities, timelines and realities within this entire holographic Universe. Timelines and realities are simply Light programs that play out for consciousness to experience within the Universal Time Matrix of this Universe. Our Universal Time […]

Live an Extraordinary Life

Awaken to reality and live an extraordinary life The power is yours to fulfill your destiny Heaven is only a blink away Close your eyes and ask it to appear Open your heart and the I shall see it Freedom is liberation of the Light Unleashing the pure flow of Creation into your life Light […]