Awaken to reality and live an extraordinary life

The power is yours to fulfill your destiny

Heaven is only a blink away

Close your eyes and ask it to appear

Open your heart and the I shall see it

Freedom is liberation of the Light

Unleashing the pure flow of Creation into your life

Light is an infinite river of love

It flows like the Nile giving life to fertile ground

A pure mind and heart are fertile ground

Allowing the flow of prosperity to manifest as a life of joy

Joy is the key to awaken your passion

Through passion the expression of the Divine shines

Reality is the experience of the Creation

The perception of the I in each eternal now

The I is your authentic self

The mystical force that creates reality

Awaken to reality and live an extraordinary life

***It is with much delight that I will continue sharing posts on this blog for the enjoyment of all subscribers and the enjoyment of living my passion. Enjoy beloveds!***

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