The reality of ascension is a reality within the Reality of ONE. The infinite reality that is the totality of all possibilities, timelines and realities within this entire holographic Universe. Timelines and realities are simply Light programs that play out for consciousness to experience within the Universal Time Matrix of this Universe. Our Universal Time Matrix is a Diamond Sun Body that is part of the quantum field or fabric of space. It houses infinite suns or Diamond Sun Bodies that are the Light ships for consciousness as fractal versions of the ONE within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. One such fractal is the physical vessel/Diamond Sun Body that we as humans occupy on this planet. We incarnated into the planetary consciousness of this planet as part of the experience of the evolution of our Light back to the Source. A journey from separation into unification as the ONE consciousness that is all things. Within this journey there are multiple dimensions that our consciousness will traverse in order to learn about itself and embody the Light of each into our physical vessel. To embody the Light means that every energy center in our vessel is open and functioning and our vessel is pure enough to experience Light vibrating at all frequencies of this Universe. This is done through the construction of our Diamond Sun Body as an individual logos or expression of the ONE Infinite Creator.

When we are created as a logos, our Light is coded for the experiences that we will undergo throughout our evolution within this Universe. We are created with a three fold flame that are the core rays of our logos. These rays give us an “identity” at the soul/solar (4D-6D), oversoul/galactic (7D-9D), and the God/Universal (10D-12D) levels or dimensions of this Universe. These rays also provide us with an energetic signature that are certain attributes of the Creator vibrating within our core as either magnetic, electric or neutral forces. When we incarnate in a human vessel these core rays help to create our personality, the expression of our I AM presence that shines into all realities and dimensions we experience here. This personality is different from the ego persona that we create in our mind and that we must purify through ascension. It is the pure essence of the attributes and Trinitized God Forces that we carry within our three fold flame. Through the design of the three fold flame within each logos of this Universe we are able to maintain balance within this Universe to hold the entire Universal Time Matrix intact, while also allowing for each individual logos to have a unique expression and experience as the Infinite Creator. This organization of Light across the Universe allows for infinite possibilities to exist within the quantum field creating the experience of a very diverse Creation that is simultaneously ONE happening. It is the fundamental explanation of the statement “In chaos there is order.” When we can see the Divine Organization of Creation with the eyes of ONE, the entire masterpiece is revealed as ONE organism, ONE Light structure, ONE reality that is infinity.

In order to experience this understanding it is necessary that we take the Journey of ONE. This is the ascension path, the pilgrimage of the heart, the path to enlightenment, or whatever we choose to call it. In terms of energy and Light, it is a cycle or timeline a logos experiences from it’s creation to it’s unification as the ONE. It is a Light program we call Ascension. Within our Universe and all twelve dimensions we have infinite timelines running that we call realities. These realities can also be called Light programs. Our life as a human is a Light program that we as consciousness are coded with when we incarnate into these vessels. Many souls have been on looping incarnated cycles on this planet for many years as consciousness has been evolving to get to the moment when humanity would begin the exit from the human Light program and awaken to the soul Light program and ascension Light program. The ascension program is running from the moment we are created as a logos to experience separation through the return to unification as the ONE. It is the last program that we will transcend as a logos. The program that has been with us since the moment we were created until the moment we unify as the ONE forever. It is the end of the game of separation within the hologram. We become aware of the ascension program when consciousness finally awakens within the dream of separation during the soul awakening and we actively begin seeking unification of our Light. The human program is a deep sleep program in which consciousness is completely living in separation unaware of itself as anything other than human. It is a sentient program and thus humans have evolved to the understanding that I AM, although it is more akin to I AM human. Descartes in the seventeenth century became aware of it with ” I think therefore I AM” and it was not until the nineteenth century that this I AM in man was liberated collectively. The time when sovereigns and monarchs began to crumble and humanity as a collective sought individual freedom to think and rule ourselves. This was a major turning point within our collective human program and collective ascension program. It also set the stage for the twenty-first century or now when we would collectively awaken to I AM a soul!

When we are free from the understanding that the I AM is more than the mind, more than a thought, or ego persona, then we open ourselves to allow the mystery to begin revealing itself. In the design of the human Light program, Creation is a mystery, God is a mystery and life after death is the great mystery that can never be solved. By design, human consciousness alone is not enough to pierce the veils that shroud the mystery. If we want to know the truth behind the mystery we must continue the journey. When we awaken the soul, the spark that ignites lights a new Light program to come online within us. The program of our soul consciousness is activated as a new reality and timeline along with the many others we are running or experiencing including our ascension program. Throughout our journey we are essentially collapsing or transcending timelines, realities and programs until we only experience one reality that unfolds with each moment in time we call the eternal now. This is the Reality of ONE. Therefore, in the beginning of our ascension, we will have many other realities running simultaneously until we can purify our consciousness. For example, we will have the human program, the soul program, the parent/child program, the whatever job we have program, etc., and we will always have the ascension program running as part of our evolution as a logos. Some realities and cycles are shorter than others and some span past this one lifetime. For some souls here, the human program has been a repeating cycle, it may span lifetimes as our consciousness reincarnates to complete our evolution through the third and fourth dimension on this star system. The soul program may be a repeating cycle as well if we have been awaken to our soul in other lifetimes or star systems and reincarnate in the fourth dimension. The ascension program is essentially our life cycle as a logos throughout the Universe and will last as long as it takes for our consciousness to traverse the first through twelfth dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix. With the ascension program we will have other realities or programs playing out as we move through the different dimensions or frequencies of consciousness. Perhaps, we will experience a soul identity, a savior identity, a galactic identity, we will become a healer, we will be a conduit for channeling other beings messages, etc. All of these programs or realities are a part of exploring and experiencing our self as consciousness within the varying dimensions as a separate self as is coded in our Light to manifest. However, as we continue to increase our frequency there will be fewer and fewer realities playing out until we have just ONE. Essentially, everything we do and every interaction we have will be as the ONE. We will not separate off into parent/child, employee, soul, healer, god, savior, starseed, etc. Timelines will also be collapsing and so will time. Our experience of time will continue to shift until we are ready to live fully conscious in each moment of time known as the eternal now as the ONE.

This is the Journey of ONE and ascension Light program. It is a journey through the dimensions and various timelines and realities we are coded to experience on our ascension path as a logos. Our journey can span across this Universe in multiple star systems as multiple manifestations of the ONE. (i.e. planet, human, rock, nebula, galaxy, being on another star system, etc.) Once we are awaken to the ascension Light program, if we pay attention, we will also see it is the ONE path that leads us to complete liberation of all of our Light. It is the middle way or the path that we always return to when we stray off to experience the dimensions and the realities they hold for us to evolve our consciousness. It must be traversed by balance which means we cannot get caught in it or any reality as a mission or a have to and forget to live and enjoy the now. It is a natural flow of our Light that we will come to and stray away from in a spiraling pattern so that we can increase our frequency and ascend our consciousness. It is the path that reminds us that no matter what role or identity we have embodied, we are always the ONE pure consciousness that is love and love is all there is. The ascension program once activated cannot be turned off. In other words, once a logos is created within the Universal Time Matrix, it is separate from the Infinite Source/itself and by virtue of the Truth of ONE it will begin its ascension back to unification no matter how long it takes. The length is determined by the coding of the logos and can be far more than the human mind’s conception of a time span within the Universal Time Matrix. Remember, outside the matrix, is zero point, the Infinite Source, the void, where there is no time and no hologram. We can only experience zero point or no time through stillness and collapsing the hologram. Each logos as consciousness will continue to evolve and unify per the codes in each’s Light. There is no set time for the ascension program to play out just as there is no set time for the human program to play out. However, collectively these programs come to completion for all who choose at one time. This is what is happening with the collective shift to New Earth. The human Light program on Gaia is coming to an end and all will begin the transition from this program to their next program. It is not instantaneous, there is an integration period from one cycle or program to the next. The collective and all souls who have chosen physical body ascension on Gaia will be shifting to the soul program and continuing the collective ascension program. The souls remaining in the human Light program or third dimension will live out their incarnation and reincarnate elsewhere to continue their evolution and ascension. (For understanding, the human Light program is a third dimensional perception of reality and all realities held within this dimension. When we transcend this program it is a huge change to our reality because we must release all realities and attachments residing in these dimensions.)

The ascension program is a great adventure, it is the adventure. It takes our consciousness into the mystery itself. We explore other star systems, we open our pineal gland and see the Light, the magic, the mystery. We evolve our Light and Light Body into the higher expressions of Light in this Universe. It is a journey through our soul consciousness, oversoul consciousness and God consciousness to understand and embody consciousness throughout all twelve dimensions of this Universe. It is a journey through time, as we begin to experience gravity and the bounds of time slip away and we will feel floaty until we can integrate the higher consciousness into our vessel then eventually all that goes away too and all that remains is one moment in time, the eternal now where our consciousness is fully grounded in the vessel in the Reality of ONE. We go from having multiple realities running, multiple cycles and timelines running to collapsing them all into ONE reality that unfolds in each moment. The collective ascension program will take many decades to play out for the collective consciousness of this planet. Some will fully embody on this planet and others will leave the vessel and reincarnate on other star systems and galaxies to continue their ascension at various dimensions. Each of us are coded to fulfill our own ascension program no matter where it takes us within this Universe. As a collective consciousness, this star system will continue to evolve until as a collective we can fully embody the ONE, free from all Light programs and exit the collective ascension program to live in the eternal now as a star system within this Universe for as long as is coded in the collective Light of this planet.

Exiting the Ascension Light Program

Since May, I have been going through a great transformation – the exit from the ascension program. I knew that there was never any going back to the way things were before. I experienced this sensation at this magnitude once before when I exited the human program. Life was never the same after that and I know life will never be the same after this exit. I have lived mostly offline these past few weeks allowing the necessary changes and understanding to occur within. This exit was the final act of leaving the twelfth dimension and all dimensions and Light programs behind forever. There is no longer any need to live in a dimension because to live inside a dimension is to live in separation. It is a natural and necessary part of ascension and the Journey of ONE to live in various dimensions in order to embody our Light and become our true self, the ONE. In fact, the collective and most beings here will live in dimensional awareness for many many years to come. This is part of the Ascension Program. However, my own Journey of ONE concluded a few months ago and these past few weeks have been about tying up all the loose ends in my reality and completing the full integration of the Creator State of Being. Everything coming full circle with what was started with the creation of this logos. It has also been a precious time of clarity and understanding of the mystery. All the pieces of the puzzle have taken their place to create ONE image and ONE understanding of Creation. Life will still unfold in the now and so will my understanding of certain things like key locations of the collective blueprint or if I will move again, etc. as this will keep the mystery of my life intact for me to enjoy as it unfolds. However, I have made my exit from the twelfth dimension, all consciousness and experiences from my ascension throughout all of this Universe have been grounded in this vessel so that I can live a balanced and peaceful life as the ONE within the Reality of ONE in this physical vessel. The full integration of this level of consciousness and understanding has taken me over a year since I embodied it last June. It is so very different from the human journey and the ascension journey; yet so familiar to me at the same time. The consciousness no longer travels outside the vessel, it has no reason to. Everything is here, now, in this moment, in this vessel. There is nothing to seek, no where to go, nothing to experience but here and now. The exit from my own ascension program has taken place simultaneously with the collective shift to New Earth purposefully. I have completed the Journey of ONE and am here in body as the ONE to assist the collective with the massive changes in understanding and truth that lay upon our doorstep. I am also here in body until the full activation of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and collective exit from the collective ascension program. Once this is complete I will give up my biological Light ship forever. My Light is completely liberated and free which allows it to be a Pillar or Beacon of Light along with other beings here that will keep the ascension path lit for the collective while the collective experiences and learns about itself throughout the dimensions of this Universe. This design of having pillars of Light brings support, stability, and balance to the Collective Diamond Sun Body and collective ascension.

One day many years from now, our entire collective consciousness will embody the Creator state and will exit the collective ascension program to live eternally in the Reality of ONE. One day you will exit your own ascension program and will be a fully embodied Creator living in the Reality of ONE. However, we are here, NOW, at this great shift in human consciousness to awaken the Divine HUman experience of physical body ascension! Celebrate NOW, celebrate where you are now, who you are now and trust that the journey is unfolding the mystery for you one step at a time so that you can enjoy the gift that is the journey! The collective shift to New Earth is here! We are in The Event and there is no turning back beloveds. It will take time for the human Light program to fully dissolve and for the soul program and Divine HUman experience to be fully embodied. We will be in a transition period for sometime as our outer reality begins to align with our inner vibration. Each day is a gift to purify, to learn, to experience and to evolve in joy and love. We live in some degree of separation until we exit all realities and all dimensions but it will be less and less and the love inside you will grow more and more powerful. This journey is why each of us were created. It is the journey where we get to live and experience separation and reunification as the ONE, the Infinite Creator, Pure Source Consciousness. Each journey is unique just as each logos is a unique expression of the ONE. Enjoy your journey, enjoy each and every moment and know that you are pure Divine Love! I love you all so very much. We are ONE consciousness of love and Light and together we are creating the collective ascension of Terra Nova. Peace be with you through this life changing Event we are in.


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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