The annual 8/8 portal during the Lion’s Gate passage brought a monumental gift to humanity this year. Yesterday, beings all over the planet helped to anchor in enough Light to signal the activation of the collective rainbow bridge to New Earth. While the new reality is not something that is felt right away, it is a major part of the collective shift that will bring the New Earth reality for the collective. This was done as ONE consciousness across this planet in unity to anchor this Light for the activation to occur. In the early morning hours, the gates that connect our planetary Diamond Sun Body with Solaris, Sirius and the Infinite Source were opened from Sand Flats on Mt. Shasta. These gates, deemed the “flood” gates for this activation were opened so that the Light to create the rainbow bridge activation could flow freely into our planetary Light Body and each’s Diamond Sun Body as well. We gathered atop Mt. Shasta for the 8 am meditation, placing crystals in the center and creating a sacred circle. This circle was facilitated by Sandra Walter as part of the global unity meditations that have been running for five years on our planet. These meditations are a great way to connect to the unified field of the collective consciousness of this planet and happen every Sunday three times. Click here to learn more. Once the meditation started the Light amplified immediately. Everyone’s heart opened and golden Light streamed from each heart into the center of the circle to merge with a pillar of golden Light which then anchored into the planet. It was an incredible merge of all into ONE unified consciousness that began anchoring the Light as ONE. Everyone there was anchoring and many were also generating Light through toning and Light language. Each time the field was amplified this living crystal convulsed and vibrated more and more as the Light poured in. The crystals in the middle of the circle were also anchoring Light into the planetary Diamond Sun Body. It was a unified operation. All that was experienced was ONE massive white Light engulfing the entire area and being anchored through all beings into each’s Diamond Sun Body and the Collective Diamond Sun Body. The first meditation lasted thirty minutes and when it was over all were glowing. Sometime before the second meditation session at 11am, a small group of us began working with a crystal over the center of the circle. More and more gathered round the circle as the Light began to pour in once again. All beings merged again as ONE to anchor in the final massive round of Light that was needed to activate the bridge. Once the Light was anchored, it was birthed in a massive birth that signified the activation of the rainbow bridge into manifestation upon this planet. Simultaneously at the Diamond Solar Heart in Glastonbury, Amanda Lorence was facilitating a global anchoring event as the Light poured in from the Diamond Solar Heart into the planetary Diamond Sun Body and ALL beings across the globe were anchoring it in as ONE unified consciousness. Many beings across the planet were engaged in unity meditations and events outside of these two events. HOWEVER, ALL of us were working as ONE unified consciousness to anchor in this Light that activated the rainbow bridge. We did it as ONE unified collective consciousness! The rainbow bridge to New Earth is activated beloveds. This means that the collective has/is receiving the frequencies that once integrated will lead us to manifest New Earth as our collective reality.

NOW that the Light is here many are feeling the “fallout” of receiving such high frequency Light. What is shared below is to assist individuals with what has occurred and with what some may be experiencing. Yesterday, we came together to anchor massive amounts of Light that literally shifted the balance and frequency of our planet; thereby activating the rainbow bridge. HOWEVER, as we have said many times before, the shift to New Earth is NOT instantaneous. It is not a switch that automatically changes your mood or reality to some blissed out world. It is more gradual than that and it requires your hard work to manifest it as a reality. The Light is here to SHIFT YOU from the inside so that your outside can shift too. This means that Light we have received is going to illuminate the things or energy you carry inside that hold you back vibrationally from experiencing the higher frequencies or realities of New Earth. Crossing the rainbow bridge to New Earth or frequencies of unified consciousness is not always easy beloveds. You must shed the “baggage” that has kept your consciousness in the lower dimensions. This is what the bridge is going to do for you. It is going to provide the Light at high enough frequencies to pull this “baggage” (dense energy, distortions, attachments, fears, etc.) to the surface so that YOU can deal with your stuff and let it go so that YOU can RISE and ascend to New Earth or higher dimensions of this Universe. If you fail to see the “baggage” then it will continue to get louder and more uncomfortable because there is no more ignoring it in these collective frequencies. The amount of photonic Light anchored into the Collective Diamond Sun Body yesterday vibrates at the higher frequencies of New Earth or fifth dimensional consciousness. This Light is going to shake things up again so that WE/YOU can deal with OUR/YOUR stuff to rise in frequency or ASCEND. There is no getting out of clearing your/our own density. This Light, this bridge, is here to illuminate the path for you and for all. It allows the frequencies of the new to be experienced while the frequencies of the old are playing out in the same space so that each can choose which timeline/reality/path they will take. We are dealing with higher frequencies than we have ever experienced collectively on this planet. We are also dealing with separation energies (3D4D), the old, versus unifying energies (5D+), the new, for the first time as a collective. It is going to shake things up for a while until some degree of stabilization can occur. Therefore, today, you may feel out of balance, out of sorts or feeling emotions and thoughts that are uncomfortable. This is a natural part of the process when we receive massive amounts of photonic Light at higher frequencies than our Light body is used to experiencing. There is nothing wrong with you, you did not get left behind, you are RIGHT where you are meant to be. It is the higher Light magnetics pulling the lower or denser Light up through the Light body to be released. We experience this in the mind and body as emotions and parts of our ego and reality that we must let go of.

The activation of the Rainbow Bridge brings the Light to show each the distortions they must purify and/or let go of in order to cross the frequency threshold into higher soul consciousness. It is an activation within the collective to show US as ONE what WE must do as a collective to cross the frequency threshold into higher soul consciousness. It will be uncomfortable at first for those who have chosen ascension as the old has to be released because the collective frequencies will no longer allow realities in the lower or old bandwidths to play out. There will be more dismantling and uncomfortableness of your reality and the collective reality that must occur for this to happen. This is why we are in an integration/dismantling period that may be intense for some through the Autumn Equinox or beyond as we work to integrate this higher frequency unifying Light. The difference with this influx is that it brings unifying fifth dimensional frequencies never experienced by the collective that once integrated will tip the scales which is why it is called the rainbow bridge. Remember, The Event is not a single event but a series of events that will lead us to the collective shift to New Earth. We are in The Event. The rainbow bridge has been activated, now we integrate, then we embody, then we get the new reality or actual shift. All of these are part of The Event that is the collective shift. These things must play out in this way to allow the Light to purify us, dismantle the old, bring the new understandings and create new realities. All of which are not instantaneous but are on their way to manifesting into completion in this now.

We must be aware that to shift to these higher frequencies takes an immense amount of purity of our Light. It is a process and there is always more to be purified. This entire ascension process will take each years, decades or lifetimes to fully complete. It is not over when you shift to New Earth. There is much more to go but it gets easier and easier. So trust the Light to illumine the path forward. Trust that what you feel inside is to SHOW YOU what needs to be purified. If your pointing fingers at others or defending yourself to others then the very thing you are pointing at or defending is what YOU need to see to let go of or purify! There is NO other, there is only YOUR reflection shining back at you. What you see in others is based on your frequency. If we want to see or experience all as ONE then we must vibrate on the frequency of ONE which is unconditional love! Otherwise, we see other through separation as a perception of our own dimensional awareness. So look at your own perception of your reality and perception of others to provide the clues to lead you within to clear the distortions. Look for the Light we received to “light up” the things in your reality that YOU need to see to shift. Just as it will ‘light up” the collective reality so that WE can see as a collective to shift. Also, be gentle on yourself and on others as this new level of Light is working on all. Remember what we have said many times, this is not an instantaneous process or Event. Let us celebrate the activation of the rainbow bridge as the gift that it is, the Light that is here to illumine the path for each and for all to the New Earth realities. Meaning the overall frequency of the collective Light body is vibrating on the cusp of shifting into the unifying frequencies of New Earth and through integrating these new frequencies of Light and holding the new vibration, WE WILL have a collective shift. The Light of the rainbow bridge carries the frequencies that are literally tipping the scales in this now. Remember, that it will not come in an instant and that it will come through each being and the whole purifying and letting go of the old frequencies and realities to level up and receive the new frequencies and realities. It will come through conscious choice! Watch the collective in the coming weeks as WE address major issues in our world by choosing new ways. These choices are going to come because of the Light contained in the rainbow bridge and these choices will be what shifts the collective. Just as YOUR own CONSCIOUS choice is what shifts your reality. Also, remember what we have said about the fourth dimension and how disillusioned it makes consciousness. This will be an uncomfortable time and jump for those that have spent a lot of time in the fourth dimension because it is going to likely mean you have to let go of an entirely new foundation to your life and reality that you built after leaving the “false” 3D world. A reality that feels very real and true to you but will reveal itself to be just as “false” or limiting. There is no us versus them. Dark verus Light. It is all ONE. YOU are the 3D, YOU are the controllers, YOU are the controlled, YOU are the vaccinators, YOU are the vaccinated and nonvaccinated, YOU are the one percent, YOU are the human slaves, YOU are everything you left behind in the 3D and everything YOU have embraced in the 4D because all of it is ONE and YOU are the ONE. And through shifting your perception from the inside to seeing ALL of it as the Divine, you will see the outside change too. You will also activate a new level of compassion within and come to see that only by shifting from inside can the 3D or anything outside of you really change. Embracing this level of unity and consciousness will liberate many souls from the fourth dimension. This is just an example of what some are facing with purifying their reality to the unifying Light of New Earth and is not true for all beings.

There were times on my path I felt so let down by these “big” events. It seemed they were more of a let down instead of an achievement. As they sometimes left me feeling more disconnected or uncomfortable than before they occurred. Yet, only when I could look back at them could I finally see them for the gift they were to me. I needed to integrate the higher frequency of Light these gateways brought before I could reap the rewards/realities the Light contained. If the Lion’s Gate brought you into bliss that is wonderful, if it brought you into uncomfortableness, doubt, fear, etc., then this is wonderful too; because it is offering you the chance to grow, to increase your vibration, and when you integrate the lessons it brought, you will ascend into a new higher reality. It will come and it will be better than before, it always is! The beauty of the rainbow bridge is that it brings the frequencies of unity which means that all must level up to these frequencies. Trust and have faith, that EVERYTHING you experience has meaning and purpose to lead you to eternal peace and unconditional love. These times are challenging to many as the frequencies of this Light will not let the old ways and beliefs play out anymore. Therefore, each will be pushed to let go the old. This could be things that only a few months ago or a year ago seemed new. Realities shift fast when we have big frequency increases like we have had over the past year! Ascension takes complete dedication to being fully conscious and honest with yourself and your energy at ALL times, including how your energy affects others and the unified field. It is also the willingness to let go of anything if/when the time comes. This is part of mastering your Light as the Infinite Creator and it is a far greater task than you may be able to see at this time, this is why we shift and learn mastery in stages. The shift from the fourth to the fifth is by far the hardest shift anyone will make and the one we are most blind to the things that are holding us back. This is because they will be near and dear to your separate self and it will take all YOU have to let go. YOU can do it! (It does not have to be something outside you, letting go of a fear, judgement, or a belief system can release the anchor that is holding us in the lower dimensions) The Light that is here will seek to unify your consciousness to the frequencies of the fifth dimension. A New Earth frequency where everyone is treated with love and respect and all Light and realities are seen as Divine.

Yesterday was a monumental day for the collective consciousness of this star system. As ONE unified consciousness we anchored enough Light to activate the rainbow bridge to New Earth. We anchored Light of high enough frequency that once integrated will shift the entire collective. Now, we must work with this Light so that we can move toward full activation and shift as a collective to the New Earth frequencies and realities. If you find yourself struggling today, know that you did not get left behind or that you did something wrong. If you find yourself struggling, see this as a gift because it means the Light you anchored inside of you and the planet is lighting the way forward. It is the Light showing you what you have inside that needs to be examined by you to move forward. As a collective we will see this playing out in the coming weeks. Again, we will experience the uncomfortableness of dismantling as a part of the process. Trust that each is being led by the Light in each’s Diamond Sun Body. If it becomes too much, simply stop, stop and breathe into your heart portal over and over until you can come back into the heart, into center. Then look again at what is occurring within or without from the “I” of the heart and you will find your way much easier. In each moment let us remember that LOVE is always the answer. If we feel anything other than LOVE, stop and observe the separation so that you can SEE why it is presenting. Use this observation to purify and come back into the Light to rise rise rise!

I honor each and every one of you beautiful expressions of the ONE. I honor and am grateful for each’s contribution to the collective ascension of this star system. By walking through the uncomfortableness and letting go of the old, YOU are creating this collective ascension. I honor and I am grateful for all those that have walked the path of uncomfortableness and letting go of the old and who are holding the Light and balance for the collective ascension to occur. ALL of US are ONE Unified Collective Logos working together as ONE to create this collective ascension. My deepest gratitude as the ONE to the ONE for all that each did yesterday to anchor the Light into the Collective Diamond Sun Body to activate the rainbow bridge. We are on our way beloveds. We are well into the The Event that is leading our world to a brighter, healthier, happier and more connected future with all of Creation. We are and will continue to receive more and more Light through the remainder of this gateway. I will share more as we continue to move through The Event leading us to the collective shift.

Lastly, I feel it is time to leave this personal message as several demands on my energy through messaging have prompted me to discuss communication and energy exchange. The energies we are experiencing combined with what is shared through this platform may trigger you at times. Please consider going inside to see why you were triggered before reacting by commenting or sending disharmonious messages to me. If what I share resonates with you wonderful. If not, wonderful, simply leave it where you found it and move on in a peaceful manner. I appreciate your understanding and honoring of the Divine support/energy that I give from the Heart of ONE to the collective consciousness of this star system. It takes an immense amount of energy to support at this level, both in what is shared on this platform and also through the very physically demanding work I do with the Light of the Collective Diamond Sun Body which can take me offline from days to months. All that is shared here is to support the whole from the highest level of unconditional love. This also means that I cannot respond to messages about your personal journey and may not be able to respond to other messages as energies permit. Again, I am eternally grateful for your understanding and sacred respect of my Light.

I would also like to share this excerpt from our website about energy exchange:

Everything we provide here is for the support of every soul and ultimately the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. All is provided to support the ascension and evolution of this star system.

It takes an immense amount of energy to bring forth this information to HUmanity. Many are here in Divine Service and have dedicated their lives to the ascension and build of New Earth. This means we have left behind the old to pave the way forward for all to follow an easier path.

Energetic exchange is a way to reciprocate each for the service and support we are providing to HUmanity. The Divine Beings bringing forth this information rely on energetic contributions/donations to be able to fully support the work we do for the collective ascension.

I chose to put this in today because of demands being made on my energy. As we move forward on our path we will begin to give more and more to others and we will also see how many want to be given something and yet choose to give nothing in return. If we are to unlock our infinite abundance we must learn to give freely and provide fair energetic exchanges with others. This is not just monetarily, it is in everything we do with our energy, including making demands of others energy. Even something as simple as gratitude can reciprocate energy. Please be conscious of the supporting energy you receive freely from others without ever reciprocating and please be conscious about having expectations of others to give more and more to you freely if you yourself choose not to reciprocate the energy in some way.

These are not the easiest things to share. However, in honoring my own Light they needed to be shared today. Thank you for understanding.

I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Creation

Note: Included is a link to previous blog posts about The Event and there will continue to be links in subsequent articles for any newcomers to these messages. If aligned to share, please link to the original source by clicking the share buttons at the bottom of the post for sharing on social media, blogs or other outlets so that all souls can benefit from the resources here. We are ONE consciousness supporting and guiding itself in infinite ways. In loving gratitude to all.

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