In looking for a picture to represent this post, I found the above photo by Daniel Holeman. I also happen to be writing this while on a visit to San Francisco! This image is a glimpse of what we are beginning to build all over the world from the collapse of the old. It feels appropriate to share the Light of the new during these trying times. Standing in the middle of the Golden Gate bridge in 2020, the Source portal of this diamond grid section was activated and connected to the Cosmic grid through this vessel as part of the collective blueprinting and first steps in creating the crystalline pyramids on this stargate. If you visit San Francisco, be sure to connect to it and soak up the frequencies and Light codes!

Blessings Every ONE,

In May we entered The Event gateways that began to bring the unifying high frequency Light needed to prepare the collective consciousness for The Event known as the collective shift to New Earth. Throughout the eclipse season and summer solstice gateway the collective Light body was purged and purified to prepare for a timeline jump that put us directly onto The Event timeline. We had a massive squeeze in July that allowed us to release and embody enough higher frequency Light into the collective Diamond Sun Body for this timeline jump to occur. This set the stage for the Lion’s Gate when the flood gates were opened via The Infinite Source, Sirius and Solaris to collectively activate the rainbow bridge to New Earth for the collective consciousness. This bridge contains the higher frequency Light and magnetics that are literally pulling the collective into the frequencies of the fifth dimension and unity consciousness. We are experiencing this crossing the bridge as dismantling or chaos in the outer collective reality as any and all separation held within the third and fourth dimension is being illuminated for all to see. This dismantling is going to continue to increase in intensity as we approach the autumn equinox in September where things are going to peak and the collapse of human society will be more apparent than ever. Many may also be experiencing this in your own life stream as you can’t seem to get a break as the distortions keep coming up for you to clear. The rainbow bridge is an accelerated passage or gateway that we are in, meaning the variance in the frequency of our collective Light and the Light we are receiving from this passage is so much higher in frequency that the intensity of the dismantling is felt as extreme uncomfortableness, anxiety, pain and suffering as we are going from separation into unity. This is the creating a diamond effect that we discussed in the last video. It also plays out as extreme everything in our collective realities. Extreme fires, flooding, refugee crisis, virus variants and extreme polarity in the issue of coronavirus vaccines amongst so much more. This is by far the most extreme and uncomfortable passage that we will traverse as a collective on the collective ascension as we are going from separation to unity. It is a HUGE jump we are making! All of the collective is feeling the intensity from the kingdoms to humanity as these extremes are playing out in the collective reality. We are indeed at the end of time beloveds. The end of man’s time and man’s 3/4D separation consciousness. We are witnessing the final collapse of human society. The third and fourth dimensional realms are collapsing as collective realities on this planet and so too is our third and fourth dimensional polarized human society collapsing as well. We are moving into soular time. Soul consciousness, unity consciousness and the collective realities of the fifth dimension.

As we move closer to the equinox things are going to continue to speed up and appear to be spinning completely out of control in the collective reality and perhaps in your own as well. In fact, they will continue to spinout until the point that we have a complete collapse of human society on this planet that may manifest as another lock down to bring the collective to zero point. The rainbow bridge is doing its job by providing the magnetics needed to pull out the separation, dismantle the realities and prepare humanity to unite. Preparing humanity to move beyond duality, to move beyond the finger pointing, this is what the next few weeks and months are going to show us. It is all going to collapse and from the rubble (zero point) we shall emerge as a unified humanity that knows it must move forward as ONE unified self in order to heal this planet and in order to have any more realities here. There will be no more finger pointing for those that are ready to move forward in to the frequencies of unity consciousness of the fifth dimension. All the old will be left behind. All the blame, all the finger pointing, all the hurt, all the guilt released. We will move forward in forgiveness, acceptance and an inner knowing that we must unite if we are to continue to have humanity upon this planet. Everything is going to come to a stop, everything is going to crash down around us and the only path that will lie before us is that of unity. We will see this as the majority moving forward in unity. The ONEs that are not choosing ascension will continue to play out the old stories of separation but their actions will no longer affect the collective realities. Compassion and unconditional love are essential to allow this transition to occur.

The third dimension and the fourth dimension collective realities are going to collapse. Religion is going to collapse in a sense that the embracing of unity consciousness will be felt across this entire planet as the only viable option of humanity to move forward. It is going to be a time that test the will of each and every one of us as a member of the collective consciousness of this planet. It is going to force us to choose from deep within our own hearts what we feel is the truth and the path that lies ahead. Anything that is in separation within us is going to be amplified over the next few weeks and months so that it can be purified within us. For the only path forward, I repeat, the only path forward for the collective consciousness of this planet is through unity. If we do not unite, humanity will cease to be on this planet in a matter of years and we all know that this is not the trajectory of humanity because of the collective ascension. So we must bear this in mind as we bear the next few weeks and months of this year as everything is going to shake loose in the lower dimensions that is of separation. It must dismantle and it must be purified so that we can experience The Event and collective shift to New Earth and step into a new reality in 2022 collectively and begin building a new society. The Divine HUman society in the frequencies of unity consciousness within the fifth dimension. Building and coming together as ONE unified society, ONE unified Divine HUman society to begin creating and building and changing our world for the better. The time is here. We are in this most chaotic and life changing time of the collective shift to New Earth. It is always darkest before dawn and understand that this too will be the case as we come into a collapse and potential lockdown of our world as we descend into the dark days of Winter that are upon us. Please know that we are all guided and supported by the ONE Pure Consciousness that resides within each and every one of us. Trust that all are being led to freedom from the third and fourth dimensions of separation in to unity, to a better world for all. I am the ONE Pure Consciousness speaking to you through this vessel and I love each and every ONE of you beyond words. WE are ONE beloveds and we are all in this together and together we shall cross the rainbow bridge to New Earth and we shall begin building a world based on love and unity and respect for all life.

We are the I of the storm and it is raging all around us. We are the ONE that must hold the Light for the collective during this time. Many are feeling revelations about the end of the world, many are exasperated and tired from the stress, anxiety, fear and worry about life that has continued to accelerate since 2020. The strain and stress is going to become unbearable for the collective and we are going to crack! The collective must crack. There can be no other way for the Light to get in and heal the separation we have held as a collective for so long, allowing us to embrace unity. We are approaching this time and the next few weeks and months of 2021 are going to manifest this in our collective reality. Remember, when times get tough, when we feel pulled into the stories, when it becomes too much to bear, let go, let go and zoom out to see the big picture of what is happening. Let the drama play out like a movie you are watching and don’t attach to it. Easier said than done at times but with enough practice you will become the observer of it and will no longer be affected by it. All that is occurring in the collective now and that is coming is part of The Event that is the collective shift to New Earth. We are not awaiting a savior or a flash that will automatically change our world. We are saving ourselves through purification and dismantling and we are creating the collective embodiment that will trigger the flash or activation of this new level of consciousness to occur so we can change our world by creating a New Earth ourselves! The Winter Solstice gateway is our trigger point and we are as a collective on target to manifest this into reality. First, we must continue to cross the rainbow bridge, shedding and dismantling the old realities and ways of life that cause separation so that they can completely collapse and we can come to zero point as a collective. It will be here in zero point, the Void, that we will embody the new and prepare to birth the first collective realities of unity consciousness to begin manifesting in early 2022. Remember that it takes time for realities to manifest. Change is coming but it will not be a utopia or complete New Earth overnight. However, our collective actions will be more unified and will begin to bring about positive change that are the first steps to creating our new world. We are so close beloveds. I know it seems like we have been waiting so long but trust so much has already changed and there is so much more to come. It is not always easy to see the transformation while you are going through it. Keep the faith and continue to purify your consciousness, Light body and reality as this is what is moving the collective ascension forward as well. You are ALL of it and EVERYTHING you do affects the whole. We are ONE consciousness, ONE Light shining through Creation! I will continue to update and share as we move through the rainbow bridge passage and into the final weeks of the collective shift to New Earth together as ONE! I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

P.S. While out in the city doing some gate and grid work today, these images were taken from my lunch spot as confirmation as to the intensity the EQUINOX is bringing and the 2020 vision of unity we are being prepared for as a collective. The energies are going to rapidly shift, accelarate and alter the consciousness of many. It may feel foreign or uncomfortable. Simply surrendering to the unknown and honoring your vessel when it needs anything, different types of food, fasting, rest or excercise, etc. Also, many may feel alot of activity in the brain. Headaches, pressure or fatigue. Resting and breathing into the heart will help the human aspect remain calm. You can do this! I love you all so very much!

Note: Included is a link to previous blog posts about The Event and there will continue to be links in subsequent articles for any newcomers to these messages. If aligned to share, please link to the original source by clicking the share buttons at the bottom of the post for sharing on social media, blogs or other outlets so that all souls can benefit from the resources here. We are ONE consciousness supporting and guiding itself in infinite ways. In loving gratitude to all.

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