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In the previous update we discussed the collapse of human society in terms of the physical reality that we are/will witness during and post collective shift. This is to help us see that the collapse of the third and fourth dimensions are simply moving us toward a more unified society where everyone is moving towards making choices that benefit the whole versus only the separate self. It also helps us to understand that our world and collective reality will remain stable and will evolve at the right pace for a safe and harmonious embodiment process to happen for the collective. It is a stepping stone into complete Oneness and the higher dimensional realities that continue to increase as we move forward and continue to create our New Earth through the collective ascension. Now that we have discussed the physical affects the collapse is going to have on the collective reality we are going to share more about what is happening metaphysically. The collective shift to New Earth via The Event is what will activate the collective to begin manifesting collective realities in the fifth dimension. It is part of the soul embodiment process for the collective. However, in order for the collective to experience realities in the fifth dimension, the collective needs to have physical vessels that are capable of experiencing the fifth dimension. This means that the beings that are migrating to New Earth via the rainbow bridge are going to experience a merging of their physical vessel and their crystalline Light body during the activation of the collective shift.

We have written extensively about the separation of consciousness on this planet from the crystalline matrix via the descension of consciousness that occurred as part of the Divine Plan of this star system. During this time, the physical world and our bodies were separated from the crystalline matrix/Light bodies so that we could have the experience of separation. To read in more about this process, the geometrics that create our realities in separation and in unity and how this affects our outer reality click here and the related information begins at the eleventh paragraph. In January of 2020 the planetary Light body and the physical body of the planet were merged to create/resurrect the original organic blueprint of this star system the crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body. We use the term resurrect because in truth all dimensional realities exist in the same space. This means that in the higher dimensional realities, the Light Body is/was never separated. It is only the veils of our consciousness that are being removed to “show” us what is/was already there which we experience as us creating or having an experience of ascension. For example, we mentioned the crystalline pyramids in San Francisco in our previous video. To use this as an example we will imagine we are in the third dimension and we are looking at the golden gate bridge. From this perspective, we will see the bridge only. However, in the same space that the golden gate bridge occupies, all twelve dimensions and all realities for that space exist simultaneously. This is why if we look at the golden gate bridge from a higher dimensional consciousness, it is possible to see the pyramids, stargates, crystalline cities, etc. even before they become physical or what will be more like plasma-liquidy-physical collective realities. Therefore, we can say that when the collective realities vibrate at a high enough frequency, we will see, create and experience the crystalline pyramids and stargate in the same space as the golden gate as a part of our collective reality. This is years away but it illustrates the point of creating/resurrecting realities and Light structures in a quantum Universe where everything exists simultaneously and becomes “available” for us to experience and “see” when our Light body is capable of vibrating in the higher dimensions and our human brain has been activated in once dormant sections to be able to perceive the higher frequency Light. The same is true of New Earth. It already exists right here, right now. However, without the proper Light body and dimensional awareness we cannot “see” it. This will change with the collective shift to New Earth.

In January of 2020, the collective migrated to the original blueprint of Diamond Sun Architecture that this planet was originally running at the time of the fall of consciousness or separation from the crystalline matrix. This migration back to the original blueprint triggered the activation of the collective ascension along with the dark night of the collective soul to begin. The dark night began an intense period of awakening for the masses that is/was necessary for the purification and release of the third and fourth dimensional density from the collective realities. This purification has increased in intensity since the March 2021 Equinox and will continue to intensify and reach a breaking point through the September Equinox preparing the collective for soul embodiment to occur with the collective shift to New Earth. The migration of the collective to the crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body was made possible because of the purification of the old carbon matrix system and through the light quotient of the planet increasing enough to sustain the migration to the Diamond Sun Body or crystalline grid. However, the light quotient that has been increased by so many beings working towards ascension and living on New Earth are not enough to generate collective realities of the fifth dimension and higher. Collective realities in this dimension are only capable of manifesting when the mass of the collective can sustain the higher realities within their own bodies. This is why we must have the merge of the physical vessel and the crystalline Light body within the masses before we can have fifth dimensional realities on the collective timeline. This merge is part of the process we have been going through collectively since 2020 when we entered a new phase in the ascension of this star system. We went from preparing the planetary Light body for an ascension to preparing the masses for a collective ascension which includes each’s physical vessel and Light body. The work with Gaia and the planetary Diamond Sun Body was completed in 2020 which shifted the focus of Pure Consciousness on this planet from restoration of the grids to purification of the masses so that a collective shift could occur.

This is why we have experienced such a massive purification in our collective realities since March of 2020 when the physical manifestations of the purifying collective realities manifested on our planet. The purification may look like it is just happening on the collective world stage. However, this reality is driven by the inner world of each and every incarnated soul on this planet. This means that the inner world of each drives the outer world of the whole. So we may see collectively the world purifying realities. However, within each individual the same thing is happening. There is and has been a massive purification happening within the physical bodies of the ascending beings crossing the rainbow bridge. Most of this purification has been happening unconsciously through choice and through the powerful magnetics within the Light we have been receiving into the planetary Diamond Sun Body as a collective. This Light activates DNA and the codes or codons in the body begin to signal the nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system, lymphatic system and the brain to begin rewriting itself to accommodate the higher frequency Light. Physically this is felt within the vessel as pain, fatigue, head aches, ear aches, teeth aches, anxiety, sleeplessness, massive thirst, dietary changes and much more in preparation for the next embodiment or light body stage. Every cell in the body has to be purified of the third and fourth dimensional density that is literally anchoring the vessel in the gravitational fields or time matrices of those dimensions. The vessels have to undergo immense purification to be able to free themselves of the gravitational fields or the experience of time within the third and fourth dimension so that they can merge with the crystalline matrix/Diamond Sun Body and ascend into soul consciousness. This will be the initial activation of the Diamond Sun Body and Diamond Solar Heart which will continue to evolve and activate throughout each’s ascension. To further understand the Diamond Sun Body HUman design click here. The realities that are binding the consciousness to these dimensions have to dismantle and be released from the vessel so that the higher Light can be embodied and activate the fifth dimensional consciousness and merging of the physical vessel and the Light body to activate the Diamond Sun Body of each individual crossing the rainbow bridge. This will activate the corresponding stargates within the vessel to come online to begin sending and receiving consciousness from the first through fifth dimensions of this Universe. It is the most powerful embodiment of the journey as we are literally bringing our body through from the dimensions of separation to the higher dimensions of unity along with our consciousness. THIS is physical body ascension and this is the magic of what is happening with our collective ascension. The entire physical world and realities are ascending with our consciousness so that we can create a multidimensional fully evolved star system! It is amazing!

It is also a lot of work! It takes an immense amount of pressure to release the old and this is why many and the collective itself is feeling crushed during this time. There is an unprecedented amount of density being released from this planet through the Collective or Planetary Diamond Sun Body in preparation for The Event which is going to merge and activate the Diamond Sun Body of all beings ascending to New Earth. Each that is going through this is feeling physical symptoms in some form. The human aspect will try and label them and find a “reason” for the physical symptoms and this is expected because the masses are going through this unconscious of what is happening to their bodies. However, the masses are being prepared by their higher aspects. The physical vessels have been going through this purification since early 2020 and it has only intensified. This is all in preparation for the collective shift to New Earth that will merge the physical vessel and the Light body of each reconnecting all to the crystalline matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. The Event will be a pulse or flash of Light that permeates our planet for days. We have been experiencing these Light injections or pulses of Light in increasing intensity since 2020, yet this will be the most intense to date and will bring the actual embodiment that will shift the collective to New Earth. During this time, the beings that are undergoing physical embodiment of soul consciousness and the merging or activation of their Diamond Sun Body will become aware of this happening via a dream state like consciousness. Many will undergo this in their sleep time and it will take some time to actually realize that what has occurred to them was not a dream but a very real initiation of Light that brought their physical vessel and their consciousness through to the fifth dimension. Some will be conscious of this event and will physically experience the embodiment in the waking state. It is up to each’s own journey to dictate. However, the vast majority will experience The Event in their sleep through dream state consciousness as the Pillars of Light are supporting and anchoring the Light of The Event into the planetary Light body to maintain balance and stability on the planet. Due to the method in which this will occur, the masses will not completely understand what is happening and there will be many with questions after the fact. Each will be guided through the process via dreams and intuition and it will not be mass confusion or chaos. The chaos is going away! There is support in place that has taken years to be established on New Earth to assist the masses once this merge occurs and the collective shift is activated. We are on the precipice of unprecedented change in our world. Individually, many are and will continue to go through massive change as their vessels are prepared and activated to live in, create in and experience the fifth dimension and beyond. Collectively, we are going through massive change that will leave our world supple yet strong as we move forward in educating/supporting the masses on consciousness, the Light body and ascension so that together we can create a New Earth. The changes are happening physically and metaphysically as we enter this final surge of purification that is taking us through the September Equinox.

Once purification is complete for this embodiment, we will begin receiving Light for the embodiment which will need integration time. Look for this fall/winter from the Equinox through the Solstice to deliver the Light and the time for full integration that each will need to activate the embodiment of soul consciousness and physically ascend to New Earth. This is all happening The Event that will occur within each and the collective that will trigger the final pulse of Light that will activate each’s Diamond Sun Body and the collective realities of the fifth dimension. This is an unprecedented mass embodiment that will change the trajectory of our world forever. It is also going to rapidly shift the consciousness of many and also the perception of time on this planet. Look for 2022 to be the year that changes the trajectory for the better as the collective will be activating Cosmic Code 222 the Master Build Sequence/Frequencies of New Earth with the collective shift. At this time, the consciousness of many will expand to embrace the new, many beings that have been holding the Light on New Earth will move into new roles that are actively engaging in the collective realities. Teachers, Wayshowers, Councils, and many more will be stepping into a more “hands on” approach as the masses open their hearts to receive the Light these beings have to offer. It will appear subtle at first, so look for the signs and you will always be able to see the Light! We are so close beloveds to the collective shift that will change our world. As we move through these final weeks of purification and dismantling, take heart in knowing that all the hard work is paying off! We have met all of our collective frequency jumps and continue to increase our Light quotient to trigger the embodiment that will open us collectively to soul consciousness and shift our collective reality to New Earth. This will unite humanity to begin to make the changes we discussed in the previous video along with opening the hearts of the collective to begin understanding who we are as consciousness and Light!

So many are unconsciously going through immense purification and emotional stress without truly knowing the cause of it. Let us BE the Light for each and every being working hard to purify their vessel so that they may merge with their crystalline Light body by embodying soul consciousness. Those that are conscious of your purification may be struggling after so many months of waiting for a shift, a flash or a change. TRUST that you are almost there and that with each step it gets easier and easier. Remember that The Event is a series of events and stepping stones that are leading the collective across the rainbow bridge to the fifth dimensional frequencies of New Earth. It has been a long, hot summer and these last few weeks it is going to heat up and speed up even more as we approach equinox which will bring with it balancing Light. Being out in the collective realities is going to pull at you. Being mindful of keeping the heart open and radiating compassion will help us all to get through these next few weeks. Also, knowing that we can stop at any moment, anytime and bring it all to zero point. Even something like checking out at the grocery store when everything seems to be rushing you alone, you can collapse it in an instant and start again. Simply stop, close your eyes and bring it to stillness, then from your center open your eyes again, it will slow the outer reality so that you can feel more at ease. The point is knowing that anywhere and anytime, you can stop it when you need to so that you can come back to the center of your being then return to the hologram. We are all in this together as ONE and together we will cross the rainbow bridge to create our New Earth.

This will be the final update on The Event and collective shift until after the equinox. Trust you have everything you need inside you to traverse this passage and beyond. All the answers lie within your own heart beloveds. I will be traveling during most of September working with the Collective Diamond Sun Body and Cosmic Diamond Sun Body and as always I will share our collective blueprinting journey when the now presents for it. May the Divine Light in you Light the way home. Peace be with you all. Enjoy this collective reality changing passage! I love you so very much!


The Divine Organization of Creation

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