Below is the audio commentary and photos from the attached video. I made this from Rome directly after completing the work and due to the time sensitive energy it contains I am sending it out with minimal editing as my schedule and energy permits. We have opened the gates to Heaven and eternal life from the Eternal City of Rome. Enjoy this passage that is leading us through the gates of Heaven to New Earth from now through September 22nd! 9/22 The Last Judgement and End of Time!

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The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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We are in the Eternal City of Rome and what a magnificent and special time it has been for the collective consciousness of this planet. On 911 the collective gates to the Kingdom of Heaven were unlocked and opened but before we share about that, let’s take a journey into how it came to be. On September 10th I landed in Rome and hit the ground running! It was an adventure that started the evening before at 2:22 am as I pulled out of my driveway in a rental car headed for the San Francisco airport. The time symbolizing that this trip would be part of the Master Build of New Earth. Since landing in Italy, the symbolism and blatant expression of the Divine story of humanity from creation, to separation to the ascension itself has proven Rome to be the time keeper and historian of the soul of humanity! Our journey began on September 10th at the Vatican Museum. This was to be the first stop as it houses the Sistine Chapel which is the sacred spot in which the codes for the end of time have been sealed within the planetary Light body. The first stop was the Pinecone Garden which would symbolize the Vatican as the pineal gland of the planetary Light body. The pineal gland is shaped like a tine pinecone inside the human brain. When completely opened it allows us to see the world as it truly is around us. In other words, we can see the Light. During our ascension this gland begins to open more and more until it is completely opened as the ninth dimension stargate of the Diamond Sun Body allowing Pure Source Light to illuminate the mind giving birth to the Universal Mind or God Consciousness! This pinecone in the Vatican garden symbolizes the inner vision of the collective consciousness of this star system and we were here to begin the process of opening this energy center to bring the inner sight for humanity to begin seeing the Light! First however, we had to make our way through the museum and history of man and God to get the codes needed to unlock this stargate.

The Vatican Museum houses the worlds largest collection of humanity’s history and the story of separation between God and Man that has continued to keep humanity separate from the Creator for so long. As with all stories, our descent into duality has a starting place and it is here that we shall begin our journey. Most of us have heard of Plato and Aristotle as the two founding fathers of modern philosophy. Plato gave us the Republic and the cave in which held us prisoner to the dark. He taught about seeking the Light, acceptance of what is and Oneness with the world. He also taught a student named Aristotle who would turn away from him and give birth to a new philosophy based in logic, science and technology. One advocated the heart, the spirit, the natural order of things and the other advocated the mind, progress and molding the world around us. One helped to shape Christianity and the other the ideas of enlightenment. One asked how we can fit into this world and the other asked why it exists at all. Together the philosophies of these two men helped to split the West and the modern world into the duality that we live in today. And it is this very image that is captured in the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican where we find the painting below titles, The School of Athens.

It is in this painting we see two contrasting and influential worldviews that shaped our human society into the dualistic struggle for the soul of the collective consciousness. The painting is energetically balanced between the left and the right symbolizing the split of world views. We see Pluto on the left pointing towards Heaven, the immaterial world. Symbolizing seeing the world through the eyes of the mystic using contemplation as the path to freedom. On the right we see Aristotle with his hand facing towards the Earth, the material world. Symbolizing seeing the world through the eyes of the mind using logic and reason as the tools of human freedom or free will. Together these views create our modern world. We may not exactly see their views being displayed in our world. However, if we go to the root of our culture, we will find that essentially man has been in a struggle between the mind and the heart for thousands of years. This was part of the Divine Plan and experience of free will and separation that consciousness has been playing on this planet and it got it’s start in our modern world right here at the School of Athens! It is no coincidence that the room housing this painting precedes the Sistine Chapel. Here we are shown the split of our world that is the root cause of our separation from/as the Creator. Understanding that duality is the only way to experience separation we move into the Sistine Chapel to see the rest of the story.

Looking up to the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel we are marveled by the Creation of the Universe and Man followed by the fall into separation from the Creator or God Consciousness through nine scenes or nine dimensional stargates that run down the center.

Starting from right to left the images in the middle represent the following:

  1. The Separation of Light from Darkness.
  2. The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Plants.
  3. The Separation of Land and Water.
  4. The Creation of Adam.
  5. The Creation of Eve.
  6. The Fall and Expulsion.
  7. The Sacrifice of Noah.
  8. The Great Flood.
  9. Drunkenness of Noah

These nine paintings symbolize the story of the (1) Creation of our holographic Universe from the Womb of Creation through the separation of consciousness into the dark. The (2) Light creates matter which becomes our physical world as something (3) separate from the formless. It is made up of the (4) Divine Masculine and (5) Divine Feminine, electric and magnetic forces which creates all life here in harmony and balance with the Cosmos. Then we see the (6) fall or descension of consciousness when we were banished from the kingdom of Heaven or frequencies of unity consciousness. We (7) sacrificed the Divine Feminine energies to have this experience of separation and through the (8) great flood another root race was born in the lower dimensions of this Universe to experience separation from God in which we would be (9) drunk or asleep to the truth of who we are. This period of drunkenness would last thousands of years until we would begin to awaken from our slumber to see what we have created and ultimately face our self in a day of judgement before ascending into Heaven or unity consciousness once more. What a powerful set of symbols this ceiling is offering us to be able to see the Divine story of humanity so eloquently played out in the world of form!

Finally, if we look down and towards the altar we come to the end of the story, the end of time! Here we see the masterpiece of the room, Michelangelo’s, The Last Judgement!

This is the greatest depiction of the second coming of Christ and the judgement of God that will bring with it eternal everlasting life. This is the coming of Christ consciousness and the Self judgement that each will endure to unlock the gates of Heaven that lies within each’s Light body. This is also the spot where a giant golden chest containing the codes for humanity’s judgement day are sealed within the planetary Light body. I reach out my hand and unlock the chest and these codes are uploaded into my vessel to be taken to St. Peter’s Basilica the next morning. The time for the harvest, the second coming, deliverance, the collective shift to New Earth is here. The Last Judgement has arrived! The next morning, I arrived at St. Peter’s Basilica to unlock the Collective Gates to Heaven and birth the collective realities of judgement day where we will reap the harvest of all the hard work that we have done collectively and individually to prepare for the collective ascension to New Earth to begin building Heaven on Earth.

I arrived at the Vatican early on 9/11 very deliberately on this date and before the crowds arrived. The gates were not to be unlocked until the date which aligned with Cosmic Code 911 signaling the of the cycle of separation and end of time for humanity. I made my way into the basilica straight to the tomb of St. Peter which is located deep below the Earth directly under the center of the dome. In the year 64, St. Peter was crucified at this spot marking the location of the Light codes (keys) and gates to Heaven for the Collective Diamond Sun Body and also marking the spot where the Church was to be built. In the bible we read that Jesus spoke these words:

Matthew 16:18

Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by My Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

We are being shown where the stargates and codes are to unlock the frequencies needed to bring Heaven to Earth! The night before I unlocked the codes located at the Sistine Chapel marked by the Last Judgement. These could not be unlocked until the collective met the frequency requirements needed to bring the end of time or collective shift to New Earth and Soular time or Soul Consciousness. Now, we meet St. Peter at the gates of Heaven to open the stargates. I unlocked the stargate of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and a stargate of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. In between the two gates was a giant Golden Gate that unlocked and swung open reconnecting the planet with the ninth dimensional stargate of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. These frequencies of oversoul consciousness are now flowing at limited levels of the seventh dimension to allow the frequencies needed to build Heaven on Earth and will continue to increase in frequency as the collective ascends. This will allow the seventh dimensional stargate in Istanbul to be activated with Equinox on September 22nd. The connection here at the Vatican is what we wrote about earlier this summer that would happen when the beings in the fourth dimension moved to New Earth which would create the frequency shift on New Earth to bring over the collective. It has happened and humanity has been crossing the rainbow bridge since the Lion’s Gate passage. All are have been approaching the frequencies of fifth dimension by going through these past month’s of judgement days in preparation for the Last Judgement that is here now. The gates of Heaven are open and we are ready to pass through them as a collective!

The Divine Organization of Creation

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