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In April we began sharing about The Event and provided a comprehensive explanation of what it is and how it affects the collective realities of this star system. On May 14th The Event gateway was opened/activated atop Mt. Shasta as the first of many stargates that would have to be opened during this entire gateway that lasts until we pass through the actual Event during the winter solstice. This is the gateway that is bringing the collective shift to New Earth. Meaning once we pass through The Event during the winter solstice, we will be on the other side of this gateway that opened in May, where New Earth realities will be experienced by the collective consciousness of this star system. Because The Event gateway runs simultaneously as many smaller gateways like lunar cycles, solstices, and equinox gateways, it can be harder to see the forward progress of the collective consciousness as we traverse The Event gateway that lasts over six months instead of a few days or a couple of weeks. This means that we will not see the “reward” or new reality from all the clearing, integrating and embodying of this gateway until the New Earth realities begin to manifest in January – March of 2022. If may feel as if it is one clearing after another, one challenge after another, or as if we are doing so much inner work with little outer progress. However, we must trust that all this hard work is not in vain and that the Light quotient of each and of the collective itself is continuing to rise in preparation for The Event. To help illustrate the progress let’s break this gateway down and recap what has occurred thus far and what to expect these last weeks before the collective shift.

In April we exited the collective dark night of the soul that had begun in March of 2020 as a result of the collective migration to the Collective Diamond Sun Body or organic grid or stargate system/New Earth grid system that occurred in January 2020. This is the original Diamond Sun Architecture of this star system that has always been in place here since the birth of this star system roughly 4.5 billion years ago. These crystalline grids are the Light body or Diamond Sun Body of the planet and is the crystalline matrix system that allows for unity consciousness and the ascension of this star system to take place. Once the collective migrated from the Old Earth carbon matrix to the crystalline matrix, the distortions present in the third and fourth dimensions of the collective reality began to become amplified because they were no longer vibrationally aligned with the collective Light body which generates the collective holographic realties. This triggered a planet wide, collective dark night of the soul which we plunged deep into in March of 2020. Since the equinox in March of 2020 until around Mid-April 2021, we were deep in a collective dark night that saw the collective come face to face with our own shadows. After clearing enough of our collective shadow and density, we were ready to begin the final purge and increase in frequency that is needed to prepare our Collective Diamond Sun Body and collective consciousness for the collective shift to New Earth which we call The Event. Remember that the collective purification, dark night, integration and embodiment of new Light is all done via individual vessels who are simultaneously doing this within to further their own ascension as a logos. It is all connected and everything we do as an individual directly affects the collective and all of Creation. Therefore, during this time many have been going through the depths of hell to clear the distortions of hell/separation (3D,4D) from within each’s own DNA, physical body and Light body in preparation for The Event. This in turn is what is driving the collective purifications, integrations, embodiment of new Light and ultimately the collective ascension.

The Event gateway opened in May in time for the eclipse, eclipse, solstice gateways that took place over the summer. The gateway was opened on Mt. Shasta in connection with the Sirius star system that is playing an integral role as a pivotal stargate for The Event energies to flow through from the Infinite Source to this star system as Sirius is the stargate connected with the fourth – sixth dimensional soul consciousness frequencies of our Collective Diamond Sun Body. During the lunar eclipse gateway on 5/21, the Emerald Flame/Ray and Temple of Light was activated within the Collective Diamond Sun Body in Durham, California. (Click here to read about it). The following day on 5/22, there was a global anchoring of the Emerald Ray into the Collective Diamond Sun Body from the heart center in Glastonbury. The activation lit the Emerald Flame making the fifth dimensional frequencies available for the collective on our planet and through the global anchoring, the Emerald Ray was dispersed into the grids for the collective to begin embodying these frequencies. The Emerald Flame/Ray represents the unifying consciousness or frequencies of the fifth dimension. It is a unifying ray that brings an end to the polarization of the collective realities of the third and fourth dimension that we are currently experiencing. Essentially, this is The Event, the embodiment of the Emerald Ray or fifth dimension by the collective will create The Event allowing the collective shift to New Earth to occur. During the eclipse (May), eclipse (June), solstice (June) gateways, the collective was receiving the Light of the Emerald Ray or fifth dimension and the Divine Wisdom/Light Codes it contained to begin allowing the collective to choose a higher path. This also created another round of intense purification that is still in process within the collective to clear enough density to embody the Light of the fifth dimensional frequencies within the collective. Through enough individuals consciously choosing the new Light or Emerald Ray of the fifth dimension, the collective made a timeline jump in July which set the stage for the activation of the collective rainbow bridge to New Earth to occur on the Lion’s Gate. The yellow brick road was ready for the collective journey to Emerald City we call the fifth dimension!

With the activation of the rainbow bridge to New Earth on 8/8, the collective began the integration of the fifth dimensional frequencies of the Emerald Ray that would lead us to the gates of Heaven that can only be passed through once the fifth dimensional frequencies are embodied. The gates of Heaven for this star system are located within the ninth dimensional stargate of the Collective Diamond Sun Body and were unlocked and opened at St. Peter’s Tomb in Vatican City on 9/11. This allowed the gates to be opened for the collective to begin crossing into the frequencies of the fifth dimension or to New Earth. There was also the last of the gate work needed to complete the collective shift that took place in Istanbul on 9/22. All of the stargates needed for The Event energy to flow safely into the planetary Collective Diamond Sun Body are opened and ready. The individuals that have embodied the Emerald Ray are exiting the rainbow bridge and passing through the Gates of Heaven into New Earth since 9/11 – 11/11. Not everyone has passed through the Gates of Heaven as each must raise their own Light quotient enough to pass through the gates and some are waiting for the collective passing. However, the collective Gates of Heaven are open and will remain open for the remaining existence of this star system. Many remain on a purify, integrate, embody, repeating cycle to continue to raise their Light quotient to the be able to pass through the Gates of Heaven. However, all ascending souls both asleep and awake that have not passed through the gates will pass through them during the annual 11/11 ascension gateway next month. This is not The Event and does not mean the collective shift has occurred!

Once the collective passes through the Gates of Heaven, the entire collective will pass into a void space. This is the space between dimensions, between realities, where we experience being with/as the Source and neither the Old Earth realities or the New Earth realities are experienced. It is like walking in a fog state or a dream state, similar to being awake but not present in our reality. After integration of the fifth dimension and emerald ray is complete aka crossing the rainbow bridge, the Light quotient is sufficient to pass through the Gates of Heaven and we enter the void. The collective will be passing through the gates of Heaven during the 11/11 ascension gateway. Once the collective enters the void, each will remain there for the physical embodiment process to occur to each’s vessel where the physical vessel and the Light body will merge into one. Again, as an individual this can be experienced anytime between now and the winter solstice. As a collective, we will enter the void on 11/11 and along with the physical vessel of each, the planetary Collective Diamond Sun Body will also be going through embodiment which means we are subject to physical Earth events in the collective reality. The void space that we are entering will allow for physical embodiment and consciousness embodiment to occur with each ascending soul and within the collective consciousness. This is the time when the carbon based bodies that each has inhabited have been purified enough to allow for integration of the Light body into the physical vessel to activate the Diamond Sun Body of ALL ascending souls on Terra Nova.

Once the collective embodiment occurs we will have a solar flash or Light activation collectively that will activate the Diamond Sun Bodies of the ascending collective and will move us from the void into the New Earth, fifth dimensional, collective timeline for the first time in human history! This solar flash or Light activation of some sort will be happening individually for some making their ascension to New Earth anytime between now and the winter solstice. Otherwise, the entire collective of ascending souls will receive the activation on or around the winter solstice 12/21. It is simply that the collective targets are tied to specific dates and stargate alignments while a minority of individuals may or may not experience the same targets based on each’s journey. Once we exit the void, our reality feels more tangible and real again and less foggy or dreamlike. It is not that everything instantly changes on the outside, it takes time to manifest, but how we perceive ourselves and the outside is forever changed! It means that we will be planted firmly on New Earth as a collective and can now receive the new Light to begin manifesting our fifth dimensional collective realities that begin coming into physical manifestation in January 2022. Once we pass through The Event gate during the winter solstice 12/21, we will be through The Event gateway that began in May and we will move into the Master Build of Terra Nova as a collective consciousness. The Old Earth will occupy the same space as the new, however, those realities will play out and die off. They will no longer affect the collective reality which will continue to increase in frequency and Light as the collective ascension progresses.

In this now until we pass through The Event gate in December, each who has not ascended to New Earth is still subject to the Light influxes and purification cycles that are directly targeted to increase the collective Light quotient. So it may continue to feel as if your climbing a mountain and never reaching the top. Hang in there and have faith! Each is at their own pace within The Event gateway or even asleep to what is happening to them. However, as a whole we are all at the same point and are all tracking to the same triggers and most importantly we are all going to the same place. Therefore, understanding that each is working to increase their Light quotient and purify enough to bring their physical vessel through to New Earth at their own predestined time will help us not to feel alone or anxious about dates and triggers. Simply trust that each is right where we are meant to be to have our own experience as the ONE and to have a collective experience as the ONE. The dates of The Event gateway are for the collective path and are not set in stone for the individual path. Trust your own heart to guide you always! We are in the final weeks of The Event gateway and these are going to squeeze the collective for the annual 11/11 ascension gateway where we exit the rainbow bridge and pass through the Gates of Heaven to enter the void in our final preparation of our physical world and physical vessels for The Event. This means that chaos in the outer world can and/or will continue all the way up to The Event gate itself. Once we get towards the 11/11 gateway, look for catalyst in the outer world to really bring things to a stop as we collectively enter the void between the Old Earth 3/4D and the New Earth 5D. Trust that each and every person is exactly where they are meant to be for this to occur and to receive the Light activation of The Event. There are New Earth anchors in place for the solar flash/Light Activation and we will be anchoring this Light into Terra Nova like acupuncture needles spread across the body of the planet to distribute the Light for the collective shift to occur safely and with stability to the grid systems. All ascending souls and all souls on New Earth will be contributing to this monumental, amazing, once in a star system’s lifetime, collective shift Event!

There is nothing more to share in regards to The Event gateway. This is and will continue to be a very internal, personal time for each as the ONE, as a soul, as a human ascending into Heaven with their physical body. Our planet will literally become Heaven in the next few decades as we begin to build our New Earth. I will share more about the Master Build of Terra Nova and the Master Plan for this star system as we near The Event and collective shift to New Earth. Until then, I will be unavailable and offline completely to prepare for the Master Build of Terra Nova to begin. This is such a special time for the collective and for all preparing for ascension. Remember that your vessel is also being prepared to become a physical Light ship in ALL dimensions of this Universe. It is a big deal! Honor its needs and requirements and above all honor your heart. Enjoy the remaining time of this truly miraculous gateway that is leading our collective consciousness to unity! We are ONE eternally dear ONEs. I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

Note: Included is a link to previous blog posts about The Event and there will continue to be links in subsequent articles for any newcomers to these messages. If aligned to share, please link to the original source by clicking the share buttons at the bottom of the post for sharing on social media, blogs or other outlets so that all souls can benefit from the resources here. We are ONE consciousness supporting and guiding itself in infinite ways. In loving gratitude to all.

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