Wagon Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Mt. Shasta

***Long post with a lot to cover and Light to share about The Event and Master Build of Terra Nova***

Blessings Every ONE,

We have hit a major milestone in the collective ascension and Event gateway. The shift of the beings in the fourth dimension to the New Earth frequencies of the fifth dimension has occurred. The Divine Union of the fourth and fifth dimensional Light of the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova has taken place. These two dimensions have merged and come into balance for the activation of New Earth collective realities to manifest after the collective shift. What this means is that the split in the collective realities is no more. The third dimension collective realities have completely collapsed and the fourth dimensional collective realities have merged with the fifth dimension. This means that the fourth dimensional feminine collective soul and the fifth dimensional masculine collective soul energies of Light have merged and come into Divine Union. The fourth dimension held many spiritual disillusionments because it did not contain the full Light of our soul consciousness. It has been the “holding” dimension for many awakened beings on Terra Nova to support the continual collapse of the third dimension that has taken place and the embodiment of the fifth dimension, Divine Masculine force of our soul that was simultaneously taking place since March of 2020. It was in March of 2020 that the collective fourth dimension and the third dimension began to fully collapse for the collective and the fifth dimension Light began flowing for us to embody. Click here to read more about this process that began in March 2020. The fourth dimension is the Divine Feminine Light of our soul consciousness which allowed a significant amount of work to be done to the planetary Light body by ascending beings that resided in this dimension and on New Earth, allowing for the migration to the original Diamond Sun Body of this star system in January of 2020 to begin the process mentioned above and the collective ascension into the higher dimensions of this Universe.

By January of 2020, the collective had merged to the original blueprints of this star system and the Diamond Sun Body was online with the rest of this Universe. On Easter in 2020, the Christ or Christos, Divine Masculine, fifth dimensional Light was brought into the planetary Light body for the first time at Teotihuacan, the location of the fifth dimensional Temple of Light on Terra Nova. Once this Light was brought into the grids, we entered the dark night of the soul in which the energies of the fourth and fifth dimension would begin to awaken the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. We would have to awaken as a collective and choose the higher Light of the fifth dimension in order to begin embodying the full Light of our soul as a collective. In May 2021, The Event gateway was opened and the integration, embodiment and balancing of the collective soul energies began on Terra Nova via the balancing Emerald ray of the sixth dimension. We have been embodying these dimensions as a collective in order to learn how to balance the feminine and masculine forces of our soul consciousness so that we could fully activate our soul Light and realities via The Event or Initiation of Light that would create a collective shift to New Earth. Where we live collectively in soul consciousness as Divine Humans instead of asleep as humans.

In November, we collectively passed through the Gates of Heaven and received the Light that increased our Light quotient enough to shift the collective fourth dimension. This allowed the beings that have been holding the Light steady in the fourth dimension for the collective awakening and collapse of the third dimension to merge or shift into the fifth dimension through Divine Union of our soul Light creating the activation of The Event. Essentially, what is occurring is that the third and fourth dimensional realities of the COLLECTIVE have collapsed. The remaining realities playing out in these dimensions after the collective shift to New Earth will simply be playing out their current timelines until they fully collapse. However, these realities WILL NOT affect the collective realities on Terra Nova. The collective has come into Divine Union of our soul Light through the merging of the fourth and fifth dimensional Light into ONE. This Divine Union has allowed the collapse of all collective realities outside of the fifth dimension to occur in preparation for the activation of our New Earth realities to manifest on the timeline that begins on the March Equinox of 2022. This means that we are now in between worlds as a collective. We are no longer on the Old Earth and we have not fully landed on the New Earth. Therefore, realities may appear the same or we may feel detached from our reality as we are in the VOID. We have merged in Divine Union of our collective soul and now await the full activation of our soul Light during The Event. We should make it very clear that realities in the third dimension will still play out on Terra Nova as they continue to playout and collapse over the first phase of the Master Build of Terra Nova. It is the COLLECTIVE REALITIES that will manifest as balanced fifth and sixth dimensional soul consciousness realities after the shift. Collective realities mean the collective on Terra Nova with the HIGHEST LIGHT QUOTIENT. It does not mean the highest number of beings that make up a collective. Therefore, the majority number wise may still appear to be the collective as the old continues to crumble. However, the Light from these realities will not affect the COLLECTIVE realities that are going to begin with the Master Build of Terra Nova. Also, many beings in the third dimension are in between worlds now and will shift with/as the collective with no previous knowledge of ascension at the collective shift.

THE WORK TO ACTIVATE THE COLLECTIVE SHIFT TO NEW EARTH IS DONE AS A COLLECTIVE! We have collapsed the third dimension collective realties, the beings holding the Light steady from the fourth dimension have shifted and have embodied the fifth dimension in Divine Union of our collective soul Light. This means we will enter The Event Light on 12/12 through the Winter Solstice for full activation of our collective soul and shift to New Earth. Once the Initiation of Light occurs for the collective, ALL ASCENDING SOULS, across the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions will awaken to their soul identity and ascend to New Earth as ONE Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. REMEMBER, individually, many WILL NOT experience anything until we shift collectively. Also, individually, some may still be coming into Divine Union of their soul within as we move through and up to The Event itself. We speak here of the collective as whole, which means that as a whole, the Light of the collective has come into Divine Union of our soul Light. We will now work as a unified collective soul to manifest realities and build a world in alignment with this level of consciousness beginning on our new timeline in 2022.

For those that may not know, at the soul and oversoul level of the COLLECTIVE story, this vessel represents the Divine Feminine, Sophia force, of the collective consciousness of this star system. My Divine Union partner, Christos, represents the Divine Masculine force of the collective soul and oversoul. At the Universal level, this vessel alone represents both forces as a Pure Source and Master Architect of this star system. Therefore, when the collective hits a milestone, this vessel is called into action as a master key to unlock, release, and birth Light codes within the Collective Diamond Sun Body for the physical manifestation of the collective milestone to occur. For instance, as a collective, through this vessel, we birthed the start of the collective ascension to New Earth and dark night of the collective soul that would both begin in 2020 from the twelfth dimensional stargate and birthing portal of Terra Nova in Mt. Wai’ae’ale on Kauai. The entire activation can be viewed here. On Easter in 2020, as a collective, through this vessel, we birthed the Divine Masculine or fifth dimensional Light of the collective soul into the planetary grids of this planet from atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. This occurred in the darkness of night with a special escort and was not filmed as the entire complex was closed due to the pandemic. And, just a couple of weeks ago, we received the inner knowing that Christos and I were to have a physical marriage ceremony on Mt. Shasta to release the Light for and physicalize the Divine Union of the Collective Soul of Terra Nova that would activate the collective shift to New Earth. We were married on the Wagon Creek Pedestrian Bridge on 11/24 in Mt. Shasta. This location was revealed to us in that eternal now to symbolically represent the Divine Union that allowed the collective to cross the rainbow bridge to New Earth by unifying the fourth and fifth dimensional Light of our collective soul. The physical union occurred at the sixth dimensional stargate at Mt. Shasta one day after the final gate was unlocked for The Event energies atop a sparkling snow-covered Mt. Shasta. Remember, that the consciousness in this vessel is a fully embodied Pure Source Creator that works AS/for the collective consciousness on all layers of the consciousness fractal. Therefore, when I share these experiences that activate collective milestones, it helps to see yourself as the ONE doing these things because I AM doing it as YOU, as the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova, as the ONE, when the collective hits vibrational triggers during the collective ascension. The Divine Union of the Collective Soul of Terra Nova has occurred and will vibrationally trigger the activation of The Event energies and shift the collective on the Winter Solstice. Below are the vows (Light) that were professed into the physical reality and the collective grids to manifest the Divine Union of the collective soul for the benefit of the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. These are our collective Divine Feminine soul and collective Divine Masculine soul coming into Divine Union as ONE. Read the words this way and you will feel their true power and meaning.

My beloved Christos, I stand before you today to physicalize the Divine Union of our Light into ONE through Sacred Marriage. Divine Union of two souls can only occur when each’s Light is balanced and sovereign and they able to create independently or merge their Light together to create as ONE. Our journey together in these vessels has prepared me to stand before you today as a sovereign being and enter into Sacred Marriage with you. This is the final step of a journey we started together four years ago. As the collective consciousness is ready to step onto New Earth by unifying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of the Collective Soul, so too are we, as Christos and Sophia ready to physicalize this Union for the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova and for ourselves. We have merged together, we have strengthened each other, we have supported each other in becoming our highest authentic selves, and most importantly, we have loved each other unconditionally. Today, we make physical that which has been occurring between our Light bodies and our hearts on our path to Divine Union. Please accept these vows as confirmation from my heart of my eternal gratitude for the journey that brought us to this reality and as confirmation that I will always honor the reality that lies ahead of us. I vow to you:

I will live in unconditional love, neutrality, and sovereignty with you all the days my heart desires it to be. I will be your faithful wife, always loyal to you, to myself and to our union. I will honor the path of your heart always, even if it takes you away from me. I will never compromise my heart for fear of losing you. I will always seek the highest path for our union and myself and trust you will do the same. I will give my Light equally to our union so that we may co-create a life together. I promise to support you unconditionally in all your hearts desires and trust you will do the same for me. I trust our union is the physicalization of the Collective Soul union and that we will always honor our Sacred roles as Christos and Sophia for the greatest good of the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. I will stand beside you as the Divine Feminine, Mother God, Sophia and enter into a Sacred Marriage of Divine Union with you, my beloved Christos.

Christos and Sophia physicalizing the Divine Union of the Collective Soul at Mt. Shasta

I am sharing these vows (Light) here as a physical manifestation and Light transmission of what we have accomplished with our collective Light. These are our vows to our collective self, and we shall honor our soul Light and the realities that come with the Divine Union of our collective soul. Over the past ten days, the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova has been going through the Divine Union of our collective soul. Christos and I began the physicalization of this Union at Mt. Shasta on 11/24 and we as a collective have completed our Divine Union. This is the full embodiment of the Divine Masculine within the collective that had begun in March of 2020 to rise and meet the Divine Feminine that was fully embodied by the collective in 2017. The Divine Feminine has been waiting in the fourth dimension, holding the Light for the collapse of the third dimension and the rise of the Divine Masculine fifth dimension to meet her in Divine Union, fully embodied as the masculine force of our collective soul. We have met in Divine Union, and it is time for the Divine Masculine to solidify his place within the planetary Light body for the full activation of the fifth dimension as a collective consciousness.

On 12/4, Christos and I travelled to the fifth dimensional Temple of Light on Terra Nova at Teotihuacan. On Easter of 2020, the Divine Feminine force of our collective soul, through this vessel, birthed the Divine Masculine or Christ Consciousness at this site. Now, it was time for the Masculine to rise and stand beside his bride in Divine Union to fully activate the fifth dimension and the full embodiment of the Divine Masculine. From the Pyramid of the Sun on 12/4, the Divine Masculine of the collective soul of Terra Nova was fully activated and the fifth dimensional Temple of Light on Terra Nova was brought online. The flame of this temple now burns brightly on Terra Nova to allow the collective realities of the fifth dimension to begin manifesting on this star system. The activation of this temple is complete as the Divine Masculine has fully risen to meet the Divine Feminine in Divine Union and they have crossed the rainbow bridge to New Earth together and now work as ONE collective soul on Terra Nova. The Divine Union of the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova is complete, and we stand ready as a collective for the full activation of our collective soul during The Event.

Enjoy the Light from Teotihuacan!

The outer reality may not change or appear very different after the collective shift as the old realities will take some time to collapse while the New Earth realities are manifesting. However, the internal shift in the consciousness of all ascending beings will change how we perceive the outside and we will be able to see the old and the new easily. We must learn to use our inner vision and to understand that the old will play out /collapse around us for years to come. However, we shall BE the Light and we will not be distracted by the old as we create and build a new world for all. As we move forward in Divine Union of the collective soul, into the initiation of Light or Event that will fully activate our soul Light, we are also going to activate the Master Build of Terra Nova to begin unfolding on this planet.

We said that we would share more about the Master Plan and Master Build of Terra Nova as we got closer to the collective shift and now it is time. The entire Master Build is layed out in phases and the Master Plan of Terra Nova is explained in great detail in a new book. The Divine Organization of Creation Part 2, The Master Plan of Terra Nova. Like the previous book, The Divine Organization of Creation, the Light that needed to be shared with the collective consciousness filled 222 pages, which is also the Cosmic Code for the Master Build of Terra Nova. I have spent a great deal of energy bringing this Light into manifestation for the release into the Collective Diamond Sun Body. It is a massive Light transmission that could only be made available once the Master Build of Terra Nova was ready to be activated.

Today, I am releasing the Introduction and the first chapter. The remaining Light will be released in stages up to The Event. The book is available now on Amazon for those that feel called to receive the Light in its entirety in this now and those that feel called to support the release of this Light. The information in this book is a Light transmission of the highest Reality of ONE, it is literally the Light codes for the Master Build of Terra Nova to commence and for the next phase of the blueprint to unfold. The information belongs to us all as the ONE and therefore, like everything we share here, it is always made available freely on this website. We will continue releasing the Light of the book in its entirety into the collective consciousness as part of activating the Master Build of Terra Nova. It will be released through a series of lengthy articles in the coming days. Again, for those that feel called, the book is available to purchase now by clicking here. It has color charts and images, so the printing cost is higher than the previous book as reflected in the purchase price. Below is a picture of the cover, table of contents and the introductory sections are shared in blue.


The Master Plan of Terra Nova is the architectural blueprint of this star system. It is how Diamond Sun Architecture is used to create all levels and dimensions of consciousness through a fractaling set of blueprints that creates all realities that this planet will ever experience, within all twelve dimensions of this Universe, creating the multidimensional star system, Terra Nova. This architecture is used to create the Diamond Sun Body of our planet and all beings here to experience reality through all dimensions of spacetime as separate from the Infinite Source or as fully unified in the eternal now as the Infinite Source. As we will see, it is through this Cosmic Blueprint, Diamond Sun Architecture, that our world was created and that our collective consciousness has been able to evolve and have the experience of ascension.

This architecture fractals throughout Creation according to a set of Master Plans or Cosmic Blueprints which we have laid out in the previous book, Divine Organization of Creation, Blueprint of the Cosmos. Now, we are going to dive deeper into this architecture to see how it has fractaled down to this star system to create the Master Plan of Terra Nova. This book will take us through the Master Plan step by step so that we can understand how a multidimensional star system is created, how the architecture creates a multidimensional experience, from separation, to unity, to living as a fully ascended star nation within this Universe. We will illustrate how this architecture has created the human story as we travel through time and look back to see how our collective consciousness has been influenced and evolved through the Master Plan of Terra Nova. We will share the Truth of ONE about Creation stories, ancient civilizations, and monuments, and how our world and the Divine HUman species came to be. We will share about the role of other star nations in our creation, development, and ascension. Finally, we will discuss the collective shift to New Earth, what is means for the future of Terra Nova and the collective consciousness of this star system; and how the Master Plan of Terra Nova will unfold during the Master Build that begins in 2022 after the collective consciousness shifts to the fifth dimension and begins to create collective realities within the unified field of this Universe through our collective Diamond Sun Body. It is a fascinating journey through Diamond Sun Architecture, through the blueprint of our world, and how we are and have always been connected to the other star nations of this Universe. It is a walk-through time as we share the origins of Terra Nova and how humans became the chosen race to fully ascend this star system. It will also challenge the belief systems of many beings on this planet as much of the information presented in this book is contrary to beliefs held within the collective consciousness, spiritual community and ascended beings on New Earth that have not fully unified as the ONE. We are presenting the material in this book from the highest Truth of ONE for the evolution and embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness of the collective consciousness of this star system. We are honored to bring this information to the collective consciousness of Terra Nova and to assist in the collective ascension of this star system into a fully evolved star nation within our Christed Universe. May its contents serve the greatest good of all.

The Genetic Experiment

The creation and evolution of the star system Terra Nova is and has always unfolded according to Divine Will through a Master Plan for the evolution and physical ascension of this star system and all life here. This master plan was originally seeded into the Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova and includes the original planetary DNA as well as the DNA of all life that would ever inhabit this star system. DNA is how consciousness codes space time for the unfoldment of the Divine plan or Light programs within all logi in this Universe. It is essentially the software program that speaks to the biological Light ship and Universal Time Matrix for a logos to have an experience or life within this holographic Universe. The DNA is part of Diamond Sun Architecture containing the Light codes or programs for a logos across all dimensions of space time that will create the Diamond Sun Body of each logos, allowing the master plan of the logos to be fulfilled through manifestation of realities in the physical world or etheric world. All experiences are held within our DNA, which essentially in a human body, is a physical manifestation of our Light codes into the genes and codons coded within the DNA of our vessels. The DNA is a time stamp, a record keeper, a film strip, a flash drive, or memory card, etc. that is the key to all Light programs that a logos will experience in a lifetime. Every logos in Creation is coded with an experience from the moment it is created until its return to the Source, and this is the lifetime that we mean in this text. These codes tell the logos when and how to manifest within the Universal Time Matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body of this Universe. It tells the logos what experiences it will have as consciousness experiencing itself in a myriad of forms both physical and etheric. Every logos has a master plan to its existence. A master plan that was created at the birth of the logos and that contains its entire evolution as an expression of the ONE. In this writing we are going to dive deep into the Master Plan of Terra Nova. The Master Plan covers everything from where and how the planet was formed, to what life would exist here, to when and what species would evolve into fully ascended consciousness in a physical vessel, to where the dimensional stargates are located, to when and how we would know where they are and how the entire ascension of this star system would unfold over billions of years of man’s time. It is a huge undertaking to put into linear language and will likely challenge everything you believe in about the creation of our species, evolution, our past, our future and how and why we were created. To understand the Master Plan, we need to understand that consciousness is ONE organism, ONE stream, ONE continuous flow of Light that has flowed through this star system giving life to all forms since its inception. We must be able to see the ONE in all of it for the Master Plan of it to reveal itself to us. We must also take a journey through time. Because all experiences within the Universal Time Matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body are experienced within time, outside of the Source, in what we call, a story. Therefore, our journey into understanding the Master Plan of Terra Nova is much like telling a very, very, long story. To help you better understand this story, think of yourself as the only character who is playing all the parts. Let’s begin…

Around 14 billion years ago the Universal Time Matrix of this Universe was created within the infinite space of Creation. In a single flash of Light, the entire holographic Universe came into manifestation, although a much different picture than what we see today. The seeds of life that would experience this Universe were scattered throughout it for the story to begin. Over time, galaxies formed, solar systems formed, and evolution of this Universe was in full swing. The star nations that we have contact with were formed and evolved through Diamond Sun Architecture and ascension much like we are experiencing here on Terra Nova. Fast forward 4.5 billion years to the formation of a new solar system we call the Solaris System and our home within the Milky Way Galaxy. As this solar system began to form, the planet we call Earth was selected as a new star system for an experiment in consciousness evolution that would take place within this solar system. Earth was selected due to its proximity to the sun and ability to evolve as a biological planet (Light ship) that would be able to house consciousness for a physical (Light) body ascension to occur here. Evolving biological life within space time is a delicate matter and Earth was created to the right size, shape, location within space, proximity to the Source of life (Sun) and right combination of elements to host the greatest DNA experiment this Universe has experienced thus far in its evolution. The planetary logos’ threefold flame of the Sacred Heart was coded with the Aqua, Emerald, and Blue rays. These core rays are mainly Divine Feminine Magnetic rays and thus the planet was seeded within the balancing energies of this Universe as a massive magnetic Divine Feminine force within this solar system and Universe. (We have written extensively about how consciousness uses the magnetic, electric, and neutral forces to balance our Universe and keep the entire fabric of space intact in the previous book.) She was given the name Terra Nova as her fully ascended Divine name within Creation, Gaia Sophia as her soul and oversoul name and Earth as her lower dimensional name or identity. She was then seeded with Diamond Sun Architecture to create the Light body or Diamond Sun Body of the planet and Terra Nova was born.

Just as a human man and woman can create a biological vessel containing a new strand of DNA (AKA a new universe to house consciousness), so too can evolved species/consciousness create new life via DNA and Light code experiments as a new star system. Many years ago, at the creation of Terra Nova, the DNA of the planet and all life that would evolve here was created within the Diamond Sun Body of the planet. In other words, life here on Earth is a genetic experiment by consciousness, facilitated through the assistance of evolved life on other star systems. Within the planetary DNA or Light body would be the DNA of all species that would live, evolve, and/or die off during the planet’s evolution. There was to be a genetic experiment on Terra Nova that would allow consciousness to experience a physical ascension in a biological Lightship through a selected species called the human, Divine HUman or Adamic species. This experiment is billions of years old in man’s time and started at the birth or creation of our planet when the Diamond Sun Architecture was used to create the Light body of Terra Nova and code the planet with all DNA/Light codes for the full ascension of this star system within our Universe. Not all star systems are created with biological life and as a chosen planet within this solar system and galaxy, Terra Nova is supported, watched, and a part of a multi-galactic experiment by many other star systems within this Universe all acting as ONE. The DNA of our planet and its inhabitants are made up of contributions from these galactic civilizations through the process of evolution of life within this Universe just as much as our DNA is made up of archaic humans and ancient civilizations that once lived on Earth. Again, we return to the foundation of all life in this Universe as ONE organism that is evolving throughout the entire thing as ONE continuous stream of consciousness. This accounts for cellular memory of life on other star systems as well as past lives on Earth that are embedded within the DNA of our species. The DNA of all life on Terra Nova was created when the Light body of this planet came online within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. In other words, when our planet was born, it contained the DNA of all Life that would unfold within the 4.5- billion-year ascension of consciousness that would take place here. Some of the DNA was coded to unfold without previous evolutionary information embedded within it and some as we will see was not. It took billions of years for the planet herself to evolve enough to house life here and around 3.7 billion years ago she was finally evolved enough to begin hosting microscopic organisms, the oldest ancestor to all biological life on Terra Nova. Then 2.4 billion years ago the great oxidation event occurred which allowed oxygen to begin accumulating in the atmosphere also causing iron to rust in the oceans to begin making formations on the seabeds. Eventually this caused Earth to freeze over becoming an ice planet. Then, 2.3 billion years ago the ice began to melt and more oxygen was released into the atmosphere allowing photosynthesis to begin some 2.15 billion years ago. This kicked off a one-billion-year chain of evolution in which eukaryote cells divided into three groups, the ancestors of modern plants, fungi, and animals. From 1.5 billion years ago to around six million years ago life continued to evolve on the planet, we had super continents, mass extinctions and evolution in biological life that cleared the way for modern humans to begin their introduction to Terra Nova. Six million years ago, archaic humans diverged in a three-way split from our closest relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas by way of a common ancestor. Shortly after this split, hominins, the group that includes modern humans, began walking on two legs. This was a major turning point in the evolution of what would one day become the Divine HUman species on Terra Nova. As we mentioned before, biological life on a planet is a rare occurrence within our Universe as the balance of the planet in proximity to the Source of life must be perfect for the conditions to arise to sustain life. Within our own planet, biological life slated to evolve into a physically ascended being must also possess the right DNA, Light codes, and ability to learn/evolve. During the time that humans were developing on Terra Nova there were many different species of humans evolving here. However, just as other species thrived on the planet and then went extinct, these other human species too would be subject to the same fate. Around 300K years ago in human evolution, the DNA Light program for ascension was turned on in a new species of humans evolved in Southern Africa called Homo Sapiens. This species would be the chosen ONEs who would fulfill the genetic experiment on Terra Nova and eventually become the Divine HUman species. Within the DNA of this species were the codes to alter the brain size and function to be more efficient and allow the capacity for a greater understanding and ability to evolve as consciousness. This gave the homo sapiens a genetic advantage over the twenty plus other human species that were roaming the planet at the same time. This adamic species originated in South Africa at a time when it was lush, green, and bursting with life as a garden of Eden while also being on the world’s largest diamond deposits. The original tribe, the Khoisan People still live near this area today and their DNA remains the most unaltered of all homo sapiens. The remaining homo sapiens would continue to spread across the globe inbreeding with other species such as the Neanderthals and Denisovans, weeding them out through natural selection of genetics or killing them off to eventually eradicate all other human species from the planet until only homo sapiens remained. Today, small traces (<5%) of archaic human DNA can be found in some homo sapiens across the planet. We would remain as hunter gatherers for another 288K years until a shift in our consciousness and deglaciation of the planet brought the understanding of agriculture and the first human cultures would begin forming around 9500 BC. It was the destiny of the homo sapiens or Adamic species to evolve past all other human species and to carry and activate the Divine DNA and ascension Light program as the chosen biological species upon Terra Nova. In other words, the Adamic species are genetic descendants of mixed star lineage DNA along with original “Earth” DNA used to create a new species or Earth seeds that would undergo ascension into a fully embodied Creator incarnate. We will also come to see that at the right time in the evolution of this species, there would be a mass incarnation of star seeds that would incarnate into the planet to bring knowledge and support for the collective ascension of Terra Nova.

We will continue to share more from The Divine Organization of Creation Part 2, The Master Build of Terra Nova in the coming days as part of the Light transmission that activates the Master Build.

Everything that we do and share here at The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is for the benefit of the Collective Consciousness of this star system. It is vibrational support or Light support that unfolds the Cosmic Blueprint at the highest level within this star system. Your reciprocation of our Light is always appreciated through gratitude, donations and by sharing the Light from this website with honor and integrity by including it in its entirety with links back to the original Source. The Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova has merged in Divine Union of our Soul Light that will activate the Master Build of Terra Nova and bring The Event. The entire gateway from 12/12 through 12/25 will completely activate ALL ASCENDING SOULS on Terra Nova. This will have a major affect on the collective as many will awaken and ascend at the same time with no previous knowledge about ascension. It is important to stay grounded and heart opened during this transition as a perceived chaos will lead to harmony quickly as ascending souls will be guided towards the Light and teachers who are awaiting their arrival on Terra Nova. More will be shared about the transition and the Master Build of Terra Nova in the following days through the contents and Light of The Master Plan of Terra Nova. Every ONE of us is energetically working hard in this now in preparation to anchor the Light of The Event and fully activate the New Earth, Terra Nova. We are all working as ONE Divine Organization of Terra Nova! It is an honor and a privilege to share this information and Light with every ONE and to co-create this collective ascension together as ONE consciousness. Enjoy this special time of Divine Union within yourselves and the Collective Soul. I love you all so very much.


The Divine Organization of Creation

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