The Solar Flash by Sophia

On 11:11 a.m. at the sixth dimensional grid section and Pacific Standard Time on 12-20-21, as a unified collective consciousness, we anchored the solar flash into the Collective Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova. The significance of the time 11:11 corresponds to the Cosmic Code for ascension and the date containing 122 signifies the Cosmic Code of the ONE, Master Builder of this Universe. Each being on Terra Nova received the Light into their Diamond Solar Heart and Light body whether they were conscious of the solar flash or not. This Light is still being integrated within the consciousness of all ascending beings on Terra Nova. The collective consciousness has shifted to New Earth. The radiation centers are activated and the beacons of Light are on across the planet. As each integrates the Light from this massive Light influx (continuing through January 4th), the understanding will land in each of what has transpired per their own level of consciousness. This will happen to each at the right now moment of each’s individual ascension timeline. The Light quotient of Terra Nova has officially increased enough to create New Earth realities on the 2022 timeline and activate the Master Build of Terra Nova. We are in the incubation phase of our annual ascension timeline and many are in the void and offline as we prepare for the new. We will share more when it feels appropriate. Below is a video directly after the solar flash that began the Light influx that is/has shifted the collective. The joy is absolutely uncontainable as you will see. Shortly after the flash as I was walking outside, a white lamb appeared to me to signal the birth of Christ Consciousness within the Collective Reality! “Behold the lamb of God that will take away the sins of the world!” A new world begins now! We did it! The Event has occurred. Now we move forward into the new! May this time be fruitful for all beings on Terra Nova. I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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