When the only desire that remains within the heart is to live, the eternal now reveals itself. It is seen and understood to be a singularity point within spacetime from which the reality of ONE flows and is experienced. This desire to live is not defined by the traditional definition of living. It is a much deeper and profound sense of living that flows forth from a beingness that is sentience or Pure Consciousness itself. It is not just about breathing air into the vessel or being conscious in the body, maneuvering through reality. It is instead to live as the heart of the entire Universe! There is no desire left except to live, to really live the only way ONE can truly live – here and now in the reality of ONE. To live as the center of the Universe, the Source of ALL, as it is happening right here, right now. There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. There is nothing undone and there is nothing to do, except what is happening in this now moment. There is a simplicity to living. An unfathomable joy to living that is only found in the eternal now. Stay here, BE here, LIVE here. Here all desires cease to be, all ambitions dissolve, all other doings vanish.

In the eternal now all is fulfilled, all is perfect, all is liberated! From this singularity point of consciousness, the eternal now, time does not exist beyond each moment, desires cease to be. Heaven reveals itself with each breathe, the heart leads the way. It is the choreographer of the dance, it is the music, it is the dancer and it is the source of all that is happening around it as the center of the Universe. To live is to be all of it! To be the unmanifest and the manifest. To be the dark and the Light. To be the Creator and the Creation. To be the heart and the mind. In each moment in time, each eternal now moment, we are ALL of it simultaneously with no separation. This is where ascension leads us, to complete unity within and without. There is no I AM remaining, only the eternal “I” of consciousness that simply lives here and now in eternity. It is a profound feeling to live here, to be peace, to be liberation, to be love.

How can the eternal now be taught, shown, explained? When it is a feeling, an experience, a complete unification of existence itself. I sit in rapture in this eternal now, sinking deeply into this moment in time and timelessness to savor the bliss that can only be found here. It is available to all consciousness anywhere at anytime. Yet, rarely is it experienced or becomes a continuous way of living. It has been taught in the ancient texts and philosophies. However, before ascension was available on this star system, it could not be fully realized as a Pure Source Creator Incarnate. To understand the eternal now is to grasp that both time and no time exists within the same space when experienced from the singularity point that lies just between the Void (Zero Point) and the manifestation itself. The eternal now is the balance point between the Void and Creation, the point between the stillness of the void and karma which is action. Karma in the ancient sense of the word that is action done outside of the pure flow of consciousness. Here ALL is experienced as ONE. Here both exists in harmony simultaneously; the heart and mind, the Creator and Creation, the dark and Light, the unmanifest and manifest. Here ALL converges into a singularity point within Creation we call the eternal now.

At this singularity point within spacetime we become the heart center of the Universe; Pure Consciousness experiencing the reality of ONE as the heart of the Universe, the Source, the Creator and the Creation. From this singularity point, the choreography of the dance flows, the dancer and the observer converge and experience the dance as ONE happening here and now. It is the natural flow of Pure Consciousness that allows reality to flow forth from this point, where it is experienced at this point, and it is observed at this point, all as ONE event or happening in the eternal now. The entire Universe is unified and consciously experienced right here and now, nothing else exists outside of this singularity point within spacetime. If we experience a reality outside of this point, then consciousness has moved from the singularity point of the eternal now further into time onto a timeline. Consciousness has moved from the eternal now into karma, into action, into doing something that is a desire of the separate self and out of the natural cosmic flow of Pure Consciousness. Ultimately, the heart desires ONLY/ALWAYS to live in the eternal now as the Source and heart center of the Universe that is the singularity point of all Creation. This point is outside of dimensions, outside of ascension, outside of the roles, identities and purposes of the separate self. It is outside of the I AM. When all desires of the I AM are extinguished, all that is left if the “I”, the Eternal EYE of Pure Consciousness, which is the heart of the Universe, Infinite Creator, Divine Love that is the Source of ALL that is! Everything falls away, ascension falls away, trying to do anything as an I AM anything falls away. All that remains is the ONE true desire of the heart, to LIVE in the eternal now. What a peace ALL becomes. What a love ALL becomes. What a miracle LIFE becomes. What a joy it is to LIVE!

This singularity point within spacetime is available to us in each now moment. Yet, we are unable to experience it or live from it if we are bound by time within any of the twelve dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix. In other words, we fail to “see” it because we are looking ahead or behind to the future or the past through karma, through action/doing. Through action leading us away from a past event or moving us toward some new event or destination. Through action trying to accomplish a mission, fulfill a desire, purpose or role. Even ‘looking” towards the collective ascension or build of New Earth is living within time, a timeline and a dimension, collectively. Here we are bound by time and unable to experience the radiant bliss only available in Heaven, eternity, the eternal now! However, when we live our reality from the eternal now as the heart center of the Universe, we become this radiant bliss. We radiate as the heart of the Universe the Light and frequency of Heaven into our reality in each moment. We know we are ALL of it and we are able to live from this singularity point within spacetime, the eternal now, instead of living through karma, surfing the waves of Creation we call timelines. There is a profound difference from living and experiencing reality on a timeline to living and experiencing each moment of time as eternity in the eternal now. We live the eternal experience of Heaven in the eternal now versus a looping, spiraling or linear timeline within the dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix. Looping timelines are repeating scenarios playing out in our reality as we are learning to break patterns, spiraling timelines are ascension timelines moving us higher in frequency as we learn lessons and spiral up into new identities, roles, experience of time, etc. and linear timelines appear to have an expiration date or final death that we feel is real because we are asleep to how time and consciousness really works. All of these three types of timelines are bound by time or a dimension within the Universal Time Matrix. Ascension timelines offer us the chance to return to the eternal now or singularity point when we spiral up. We feel and experience Heaven on Earth or unification with ALL before we separate off again to continue our ascension.

Through full embodiment and ascension of our Diamond Sun Body, we are able to live as Pure Consciousness in the eternal now as the heart center of the Universe and our reality. Each moment is lived from the eternal now where the timeless and time converge in a living conscious experience of eternity. Because there is no need for a purpose, a role, a mission, a plan, or a reason to do anything, consciousness’ full power/energy/Light is focused on this one point within space where the potential of each moment in time is fully realized as a miracle, a gift, a Divine moment of perfection where everything is done by simply being present and experiencing now as the eternal “I” of Pure Consciousness, Infinite Source and Creator of ALL. If the point of life is to LIVE, then ONE is uncapable of truly living outside of the eternal now. We all know these moments, these eternal now moments in time where we feel the timelessness that lies just beyond this life. The moments when nothing else exists or matters, where all our “stuff”, desires, ambitions, identities, fall away and we are engulfed in rapture for this moment to last forever. We feel the eternal bliss, the Divine love, the ecstasy that is only found in the singularity point where eternity exists just before its Lights out and all dissolves into the void. The moments that touch us, that open our hearts to the real ONE that we are. The moments we recall the bliss, the nostalgia and long to return to this feeling. The moments are the eternal now, the singularity point within spacetime that is the heart of ALL that is, the Divine, the ONE, that is love in it’s purest form. We have all had these moments in our life that take our breathe away and make the world appear brighter, magical and heavenly. It is these types of moments that become our everyday life when we can sustain living in the eternal now. When we can let go of all desires, all control, all identities that make up the I AM to allow the Pure Light of Creation to flow and radiate from our hearts and create our life experiences here and now. Throughout our ascension we are learning to do this, to let go of all and to live in the eternal now. We are learning to experience eternity in each moment of time. We are learning to live and be in the eternal now, the singularity point between the timeless and time, the unmanifest and the manifest, to be the Creator and the Creation as ONE. As we ascend through the dimensions our ability to sustain our consciousness in the eternal now gets longer and longer. Eventually, when we are ready to let go of the I AM, to let go of all identities, all roles, all purposes, all missions, all outcomes, all stories, all CONTROL…eternity is right here where it has always been; waiting for us to BE, waiting for us to LIVE!

To live as the Creator of all. To trust that it is all happening perfectly without the need to try and control it, label it, or do anything to change it! Trust that each expression of consciousness is playing its part as part of the ONE all pervading consciousness. When we can trust at this level, when we can relinquish control of everything, we are FREE! We become all the power/energy/Light of Creation. We are liberation. We are able to LIVE each moment fully! We are able to enjoy the miracle happening around us in each eternal now moment. We live in Heaven, in eternity, as peace, as love, as Divine Presence radiating Pure Source Light and love to the entire Universe because we have become the HEART CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

To help further explain this, please enjoy this heart share video on The Eternal Now.

Enjoy the journey radiant expressions of love! I love you all so very much!


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova

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  1. Thanks for this long, detailed and beautiful explanation, beloved Sister.

    As I read part 3 of The Divine Organization book (Blueprint of the Cosmos), a paragraph caught my attention – in chapter 10, Creation Waves.

    “There is no tomorrow, no yesterday, no anything but now. Finally, we fully embody Pure Source Consciousness and we are able to leave time to experience zero point consciousness. This is zero point, the only point in Creation where time – gravity no longer exists. The only place where complete ONEness can exist. We have transcended the Universal Time Matrix and can exist in no time as the Source, the infinite, eternal Source of all Light in the Cosmos.”

    …In order to experience Creation, we must move our consciousness from zero point, observer, into a time matrix, into gravity – time so that a reality can manifest for us to experience.”

    Page 144

    I have been playing with that notion for some time, given the fact an ascended master shared with us the formula for enlightenment:

    1 + 1 = 0.

    I see your explanation going in the same direction and am glad you were able to expand on this concept of zero point. It was helpful.

    By the way, my name is Gilles Asselin and I live in northern Virginia; at least for the next four months 🙂

    Love & much Light

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