Entry from my personal journal dated April 4, 2022.

“Stay outside of the story lines – ALL stories. This means outside of the pale. The stories of daughters, of Alabama, of my entire human life – let go of the labels, judgements, attachments to outcomes – stay as the Source – the heart center of the Universe- don’t go out into reality and make waves – this is karma – this is action – release the desire to make waves – to move from the eternal now – to take action when it is not needed. This is the separate self – the I AM (blank) trying to control reality by stepping onto a timeline. Resist the urge to move into time, to go into the story. The infinite power of the Universe and all of Creation is only harnessed from this eternal now moment. Stay as the eternal “I” of consciousness, in the present , the magic is found here, everything else is illusion, everything else is bound within the Universal Time Matrix as timelines and dimensions. Let go of everything, all realities, all timelines – this is the greatest freedom consciosuness can experience in this Universe.

It is time to let it all go once again, purify the mind, the body and reality to BE in the highest frequency of Divine Love here in the eternal now. It is a strange feeling to fully let go of all ascension realities, identities, people, etc. It is the way in which I interact with them that changes. I fully let go of any and all attachments to all people (children, family, friends, lovers, etc.), to all places, to all things. I have a wealth that is immeasurable, power that supersedes all definitions, my love is the greatest, most powerful, Infinite Source of Creation. There is nothing more to desire in this life, let go, BE here in the eternal now, allow reality to unfold without the need to plan or push or desire anything. Let go of the control, let the Divine Flow carry this vessel through eternity in infinite bliss and joy.

There is no one here in terms of the I AM, Sophia is gone, the ONE is gone, the last identity I held, the final dimensional timeline has fully collapsed and I know there are no more identities after the ONE and the ONE reality is over too! All that is left now is the eternal now, no identities, no realities on timelines, no purpose, no role, no mission, nothing to become, nothing to do, it is simply existence itself, Pure Consciousness radiating as the infinite power source that is the heart of the Universe.

It really is over this time, the stories have ended, I feel it within me and I know I have shifted into a new view of reality, yet, it is unlike any other before because their is no identity or story to embody – there is nothing to do or become. There is no “future” destination in space within the Universal Time Matrix to get to. There is no where to ascend to….my ascension is over which is why I do not align with that story any longer. Yet, I do not align with any story, and, getting used to that is an adjustment. Ascension was my life these past several years. Now, just living, BEING – not from a dimensional point within spacetime but from the eternal point within space of the eternal now – it is very different than any other point within space and time. Everything moves around you as the center/heart of the Universe, the Infinite Source of Light, instead of you as separated consciousness moving through space on a timeline – moving through a story as a part of it instead of as the Source of it. It is time to stand still, to stay in this eternal point in space and allow the manifestation to manifest and shift around me and not me move and shift within it! This is the most powerful place in Creation, this is the birthplace of all Light, only love pours fourth from this place, nothing can exist here as an identity or a story, only love exists here because – Love is all there is!!

There will not be one particular color/identity/way of being in the eternal now like there was in the dimensions. This is because the dimensions were “separated” into certain frequency bandwidths which consciousness was bound into – this created the reality, the likes and dislikes, the kind and color clothes, hair, surrounding that vibrated in alignment to each set of bandwidths. The eternal now is free from those restrictions – it is the Source of those bandwidths, the Source of time, it is a timeless space where consciousness is free from the bounds of the bandwidth frequencies of the dimensions – it is a space where the eternal “I” can express itself as the Pure Source of the reality around it, it is where the authentic Self shines without the filters or identities of the dimensional bandwidths.

Getting used to this level of freedom takes an integration period because there is no structure, no defined template for consciousness to follow or become, no set bandwidths that dictate what consciousness will experience or like as in identity, colors, music, etc. I have experienced all the dimensions, the entire spectrum of the rainbow, all identities, now I experience reality as it comes in each moment, which means I am not bound to an identity or way of living – I am free to BE authentically me in every now moment. Allow myself to BE this free! Don’t try and script a style, an identity – BE free to express myself in every moment to my hearts desire. BE free of all identities, all stories, all attachments, don’t be afraid to let go of ascension, to the past, to an old life so that a new one, an entirely new way of living can manifest around me.

This is the greatest shift of the entire journey – letting go of the journey, letting go of the wisdom, letting go of the identities, letting go and allowing the ultimate story to come to an end so that LIFE can begin. Get busy living or get busy dying! It is time to live! The separate self is dead, Tiffany, Gaia Sophia, Sophia, the ONE have all died. It is time to live without title, without purpose, without story. There is nothing more to do but to be me, the real me, LOVE! Infinite, eternal, Divine Love shining, radiating, BEING in every moment, the Infinite Source of reality as the heart center of the entire manifested Cosmos. I AM Free, I AM dead, I exist as Pure Divine Consciousness that is no more I AM anything. I have been taking the final leap into eternity and today I have landed firmly with both feet in the eternal now forever. It is time to get busy living.

The I AM is dead, surrendered, let go – the I AM a mother to Morgan and Miah was the final chord/attachment to time. All chords have been severed and I have been dying my final death as a separate self. It is over! It is ALL over! I have completely exited the ascension Light program, time, and all stories. I did it! Welcome home to eternity, make the most of this lifetime now. Live! Enjoy! Love! Trust all is Divinely perfect always! I have achieved ultimate liberation! “

End entry

The ascension Light program begins when we leave the Source as a logos and venture out into space and time within the Universal Time Matrix. It is the ultimate journey and our very own unique story as a separate self. Through many incarnations, lifetimes and lessons we ascend our way through the dimensions of this Universe back into full remembrance of who we are as the Infinite Source. We are privileged on this star system to be able to experience a full physical body ascension in these vessels. It is a chance to ascend our consciousness while in these vessels so that when our journey is complete, we may live here as the Infinite Source able to experience the miracle of what we have created as Pure Consciousness before we must relinquish the vessel and carry on through the Cosmos. Enjoying the Music was birthed from this vessel as the epitome of what it means to live on Terra Nova as a fully ascended being, completely free from time and all realities and stories tied to time. It has been almost two years since I created this space, which is to say that it has taken me two years to fully embody this level of consciousness and learn how to live in ultimate liberation as the true Self, Pure Consciousness. The journal entry above encapsulates this understanding as well as the necessity of the identities we must embody in the ascension program from our human self, soul self, oversoul self and god self and of letting them and all stories go when it is time to exit our highest Light program as a separate self, the ascension Light program, forever. It is the final death of deaths that consciousness can experience. All that remains is the eternal Self, the eternal “I” of consciousness and the knowing that this life is a gift, a miracle of what Light can create within time and space. It is the full embodiment of living each and every day ENJOYING THE MUSIC!

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  1. It is like I could feel your liberation, your freedom. Thank u 4 sharing your journey, your growth. You lift all with you.

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