The curtain rises in 1980, a new life is born

Youth passes quickly, in the blink of an eye my childhood is gone

The trauma and moving left me lost, a home and love is what I needed

The hardest Act of all

Adolescence, the scene changes to Alabama, my life is forever changed

Young love comes knocking at my door, a new life shortly follows

The downs outweigh the ups and life shifts again. another new life arrives

Little feet and big hearts, bright idolizing eyes and best friends

My children, the greatest Act of all

Love comes again, yet, I cannot hold on to it

Death comes knocking and my soul awakens

It frightens and sends me in a downward spiral

Entropy has me and I struggle to break free 

Change of scenery is a must, California dreams rouse me again

The Act of Awakening

Love is found in a twin, the fire and ice breaks the ego
A solo sojourn calls me to foreign lands, I must follow my heart

The soul blossoms, a great shift into organic ascension occurs

The eternal dance with the masculine continues, this one will stand the test of time

The Act of Divine Love

Climbing the dimensional ladder, spiritual egos are quickly unmasked

From spiritual warrior to neutral observer, the heart continues to expand
New identities along the way, becoming, letting go. nothing must last long in an accelerated ascension

The knowledge of the Cosmos nourishes and propels me higher

The Act of Divine Wisdom

The Great Mother, Sophia, shares her wisdom in a book

The ONE follows with a sequel

The apex is reached, there is no where to go, all Acts have been experienced, life was but a dream

The end of time is reached, eternity awaits

The final Act concludes

The journey is complete, this time traveler lays down their staff 

At 41, like a centenarian who has lived a full life, I look back in wonder at how it happened so fast

The Great Acts of "My" life are each savored for their gifts

No longer feeling real, only like a dream from long ago

Their memories are slipping away, this is the end

I close my eyes

The heart is full, it is time to say goodbye, to let go as if this was the last breath in this body
I AM dead so that I may live

The story has ended, the dream is dreamt, take a final bow

The curtain falls in 2022, a new life is born

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