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Liberation through Stillness – Heart Share and Video

How is liberation found through stillness if consciousness, Light, energy (all the same) is always in motion?

The question above represents a paradox. How can something that requires stillness be achieved by something that is always in motion? If we are to undergo a physical body ascension as part of consciousness’ evolution on this star system then we must embody this paradox in order to experience liberation in these vessels in each moment. Yet, how is liberation possible through stillness in an ever flowing river of consciousness? The answer to this riddle lies in the energy interpretation center that we call the mind. As humans we tend to take everything very literally. However, as we have said many times before, ascension, enlightenment, consciousness, etc. is a paradox. A paradox where we are both this and that at the same time or where this is true and the opposite is also true at the same time. This poses a problem for the mind or should we say the separate self. The separate self defines itself by boundaries, conditions, parameters, quantifiable data, etc. It has to extract itself from the whole by dividing things up into pieces, parts, labels, etc. so that it can become separate. In this way our minds are conditioned to perceive the self and our reality from this separated view point. The mind wishes to interpret enlightenment in the same way that it interprets putting a puzzle together and seeing one image as a result of placing pieces together. The enlightened mind knows there were never any puzzle pieces to begin with only the one image truly exists. The mind sees enlightenment as a math equation that has a definitive answer such as 1 + 1 = 2. It wants to use logic and reason to find the sole answer to the question. The enlightened mind knows these rules were created by the separate self and that the answer is only two because everyone agreed it would be and that there is really no equation at all. There is no problem to solve and no answer to arrive to.

The mind wants rules, definitions, paths and certainties as the parameters for perceiving reality. If I do this, then this will happen. Such as, if I meditate I will become enlightened. It most certainly does not want paradoxes. Such as, “why do you want to meditate to become enlightened? You are already enlightened.” This is because a paradox is the complete opposite of logic and reason. The mind says “how can I become enlightened if I don’t meditate? I must do something to change my situation from unenlightened to enlightened.” In other words, I need a way, a path, an answer to change my situation. However, the ultimate truth is that you are already where you are trying to get to. You are the Light, so how can you become enlightened? This however is unexplainable to the mind and so we come to the crux of the paradox of enlightenment. A paradox cannot be quantified, measured, defined, etc. It is not certain or based on conditions. It cannot be understood by the mind or the separate self until the mind is free from the perception of reality veiling the truth.

You see the separate self is not the mind…. it is indeed and most certainly, the true capital S Self with blinders on. That is to say that the separate self and the Self are the same. They are Pure Consciousness that flows from the heart into the mind where the Pure Light of consciousness is either separated/filtered (slowed down in vibration) a lot, a little or not at all based on how the Light is able to flow through the neural pathways of the brain. The mind is the lens that the Self sees or perceives itself and the outer reality through. It is the projector that connects the heart, the Source of the Light, to the energy centers of the body so that we can experience reality in various dimensions up to the eternal now in a physical vessel. And, it is the way in which the mind perceives the Self through the neural pathways of the mind that prohibits it or allows it to understand the true meaning of a paradox, enlightenment and itself.

To shift our perception is to open a closed mind to new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. When we experience a paradox directly from our heart, our spirit, our energy, our true Self without the filtering of the mind, we have a contrasting perception to the closed mind view we had before. This is done through various methods from meditation, inner reflection, being in nature, to moments of extreme joy when we are so overcome with love that the high frequency Light of our true Self blows past the minds circuits or filtering system and we feel our Self, the love that we are, beaming from our hearts. This contrasting view allows us to perceive reality from outside the restrictions (neural pathways) we have created in our minds. We are able to see reality from a higher perspective and free our minds from programming in our neural pathways so that we can become the living embodiment of the paradox we were unable to perceive before. It cannot be taught to us, it can not be attained through logic and reason, it is not quantifiable nor explainable. It is a process of evolution that is experienced by consciousness as it rewrites the neural network of the brain, opens more energy centers in the brain and remembers how to be liberated through learning how to love unconditionally. It is through freeing the mind that all enlightenment (the many awakenings that come along the journey), ascension and ultimate liberation can be obtained. It is the mind filtering Pure Consciousness (the light/energy) into a separate self (lower vibrational Light/energy) that creates the bondage in our realities and the illusion of suffering.

Throughout the journey to ultimate liberation we begin to free our minds of these illusions step by step. We exercise the neural pathways in our minds through situations that manifest in our reality. These allow us to consciously choose a new path for the energy to flow through our minds. Just as a river carves the land, so to are our neural pathways carved for the flow of Light from our hearts by old beliefs systems, patterns and programming. As we learn to choose higher beliefs and perceptions, we are carving new pathways in the mind for the energy to flow. This creates more energy centers in the brain and body for us to experience higher frequency realities. It is a process where we identify old pathways, programs, etc., then begin to create new pathways by having to stop and choose a higher way when it presents in our reality, eventually the energy just flows down the new pathway without us having to stop and choose a reroute because we have become the higher expression of the Light, we have embodied higher consciousness. In a sense we have stilled the mind long enough to allow our self to recognize an old pattern and create a new neural pathway for the Light to flow. For example, when we awaken to the truth that the separate human self is not real, we are born again into a new life as soul. We experience the paradox that life begins at death and at birth and that by letting go of the human self or persona we are finally able to live freely as a soul. This is the liberation found when exiting the third dimension. Through stilling the mind by way of closing off the old energy patterns so that the energy no longer flows down those channels we free our minds of the perception that life ends at death and create new pathways that are open to the perception that death is an illusion as we are eternal. This allows us to experience a higher truth and become the living example of this paradox because our mind is no longer creating distortions or separating the Light/Self that is flowing from our hearts into our mind to create that old reality. We are liberated from the feeling of mortality. Nothing changes except how energy flows through our mind to create our perception of reality. Which in turns appears to shift our entire reality when in truth the blinders have simply come off and we “see” what was there all along. And we continue to do this at different steps and stages along the way until the mind is completely free of all separation programming and fully open in all energy centers so that we experience ultimate liberation and have the waking, walking, living experience of being the entire Universe and Source of all Light.

Through stilling the mind, completely purifying the mind of any programming that creates neural pathways in the brain of separation, we are able to experience the pure flow of consciousness, Light, energy, the true Self and the ultimate reality. The Pure flow of Consciousness is able to flow into and out of our vessels/Diamond Sun Bodies in each moment as the entire Universe and not just as a separate part of the Universe. This means we are existing as the entire Universe. We no longer perceive reality as the puzzle pieces that make up the the one image. We are the one image! It is not that we are completely still in the physical sense of the word (although on the journey we needed to be physically still at times to feel/be It until we can embody it), it is that the mind is still by being free from neural pathways that cause the Light to change its frequency and create a wave. It is not causing vibrational distortions to the Light flowing from our hearts (out flow) or our external reality (in flow) because it is free from programming in the neural pathways. There are no Light programs running, the mind is open and free, it is not bound by time which is why we are able to live freely in the eternal now.

We are free from energy bondage which creates separation! We are free from acting, seeing or perceiving our Self as separate or the external reality as separate. There is no programing running which is blocking, binding, placing conditions, etc. on the pure flow of consciousness. We have experienced and let go of all Light programs within our individual journey, even the Ascension Light Program. The separate self no longer exists because there are no conditions or programs in the mind to create separation in the Light from the heart or eternal world. Therefore, we make no ripples across the space time continuum and all flows harmoniously in the eternal now, outside of time, the Universal Time Matrix, or dimensions of this Universe where Light programs play out. In this way, our reality unfolds around us in Divine Perfection because we have obtained ultimate liberation of the mind. The mind is still, purified and is able to perceive reality from the ultimate reality which is the perfect balance of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom flowing as the electric, Divine Masculine and magnetic, Divine Feminine forces of Light creating the highest reality we can experience as Pure Consciousness perceiving reality through a human mind in physical form.

We become the living embodiment of the paradox that ultimate liberation is found through stillness in a Universe where energy/Light/Consciousness is always in motion. We become the living example of the paradox when we physically move through our reality, living, enjoying and radiating as the Diamond Solar Heart of the Universe while our minds are stilled from creating waves of separation that block or bind the natural flow of Pure Consciousness. We are experiencing a physical body ascension so that we can physically live and move through our reality as the living embodiment of Pure Consciousness. Our minds undergo physical and physiological changes. The neural network is completely rewired and expanded (multiple times) to all centers of the brain (100% of the brain) to accommodate more and higher frequency Light so that we can experience the entire Light of this Universe through our physical vessel. We use the mind in an entirely new way than we ever did before because we have stilled the programming that created waves of distortion which created the separate self and separation in our reality.

Without the mind there is no physical body ascension, there is no perception of reality or of the Self in these realities. We still use the mind to interact with our holographic reality. We think, do things, etc. but it is without the programming or filtering of the Light into a story, a separated reality, an identity, etc. Our memories fade more and more into the background throughout our evolution because it is memories that bind us to time. We can remember if we really try but it is more akin to remembering something from a movie rather than our own life. We forget easy because we let go of all baggage, we don’t carry the energy with us. It flows freely back to the Source and is released, after all, nothing exist but this now moment. Yet, we also love without condition, have no agendas with anyone or anything -even ascension, aren’t trying to do anything or become anything, have no purpose, role, etc. we respond to the outer reality with Divine energy/attributes as a Divine Being. Because our mind is still in the sense that it is not creating waves of separation through programming, we are free to be the Source of Light that radiates Pure Consciousness, unconditional love and all Divine attributes into the Universe. We are also receivers of the lower density Light as giant magnetic fields that transmute all around us into love. In our movement as energy/Light/Pure Consciousness, the mind is still, the Light is free, and we are one with the reality we are experiencing and the entire Universe.

To be completely liberated, means to give freely of the Light – there is no my Light – your Light – my energy – your energy, it is all ONE. There is simply an eternal flow of Pure Consciousness. To be free means to be the Source, the Heart of the Universe that receives and gives energy freely, eternally without any conditions, agendas, or stories attached to it. We are not doing nothing in the physical sense. We are doing nothing as direct response to trying to change our reality as a result of a program that separates our consciousness. As in, I am an ascension guide and I am here to share about ascension. That is doing something as a separate self, an ascension guide. Instead, we flow through our reality, shifting and honoring the Light as it comes. This does not mean everything stays the same vibration all the time. As the heart center of the Universe, the Source embodied in a vessel, we are massive magnetic fields that receive purged Light of the collective for transmutation and in turn births Pure Source Light for new collective realities. We simply attach no story or narrative to the energy that is flowing through our Diamond Sun Body. It simply is a happening and emotions that we experience and then let go of once the energy flows through us. And, we are all doing this in some form throughout the entire journey until out Light bodies can accommodate the full Light of the Universe.

To conclude, the short answer to the paradox is that by freeing the mind of programming, it becomes still in the sense that it no longer distorts the Light flowing through it which created ripples in time. Instead, the Light flows freely through the mind and makes no waves within the Universal Time Matrix, creating no timelines (i.e. separation) thereby allowing consciousness to experience itself as eternal living Light that is the entire Universe having an experience in a physical vessel. To explain this in more detail, we have created a heart share video which can be accessed below. Enjoy!

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