In the previous post, I said goodbye to this website and to the final phase and exit of my own journey as a separate self. The post was written by the separate self because my heart was closed to allow the mind to make the conscious choice that needed to be made. The separate self alone has to let go and surrender and so when we come to these forks in the road, our hearts and the connection to our true essence is closed to allow this to occur. The post triggered responses from the field concerning my welfare, view point and loving remarks, etc. In response to these, and after going through the choice point needed to officially end this reality, my heart wishes to leave a clarification message and a more heartful understanding of exactly what is/has occurred within my consciousness.

There a four main phases of the ascension Light program (human, soul, galactic, universal) phases that each come with a new identity or Self that experiences them and roles we must fulfill to continue to evolve. When we are ready to exit one phase and into another, the ego death that we must traverse requires us to completely let go of our reality and all that we created within that reality in order to ascend into a new phase where we get an entirely new and better reality and new roles, purposes, etc. The deaths that we must experience during the phase shifts are quite powerful and often times require we let go of everything in our reality. It is not easy but it teaches us non-attachment and leads us closer to liberation from the Self into our pure eternal nature of being which is in truth devoid of the Self.

During the final phase, we move from service to humanity and Gaia to service to Creation itself. This is the time on our ascension journey when the soul and galactic aspects have been released and we begin to embody universal consciousness of the tenth trough twelfth dimensions. I remember the day in July of 2019 when I had my Diamond Sun Body fully activated and heard the words  “You are now in service to Creation”. Previously on December of 2018 I had completed the soul and galactic phases of my ascension and had literally freed my self from the idea that I was in service to humanity. This was a powerful time because the weight of awakening and saving the world had nearly crushed all of my Light – just as I have been going through these past few weeks. I suppose the nature of the roles that I was here to fulfill as a separate Self lent to the weight I felt but it is what my logos was coded to experience. Now, looking back, I can see as part of my destiny, the moment when I began a new phase and put on a new yoke that would create my supreme ego, the universal self, as part of fulfilling my roles here and completing my ascension as a separate self. Once I had learned all I needed, fulfilled my roles and fully embodied this last phase of ascension, it too would become a crushing weight as all realities do when its time to let them go. There is no way in Creation any one self can save humanity or serve all of Creation by way of taking on the full Light support of a collective ascension.

However, service, first to self, then to others, then to humanity and Gaia, then to Creation are all steps on the path that we all must take as part of the ascension Light program to liberate the self and fully embody the pure essence and Light of existence/Divine Love. Today, I understand more than ever that humanity, Gaia, the collective ascension and even Creation does not need to be served, looked after, cared for, etc. It only needs to be left to have its own journey by loving it unconditionally. That I am not responsible for serving anything or anyone, sharing or teaching, clearing energy, birthing energy or anything else as a means to serve Creation because this is a doing with purpose which creates separation and ultimately realities of bondage. Yet, it is this illusionary bondage that we experience as part of our journey through the higher vibrational realities of this Universe that teach us and allow us to evolve. It lessens over the journey but we must traverse it if we are to fully come into understanding and embodiment of pure consciousness and exit the ascension Light program into full liberation and embodiment of pure consciousness outside the realities of separation. Where we are free to remain as unconditional love in non interference with what is happening around us because we know and trust that all is Divinely perfect as it IS. On our final exit, just as we do at all levels or phases on the journey, we must let go of all that we have created and experienced, realizing that it was a program/reality of separation that we needed to create and experience for own evolution and that of the collective.

We must let go of our creation, our reality, our life, our self, that exists within that point of space and time. It does not matter if we are letting go of the illusionary human aspect, or the universal or even the last ditch effort to create an eternal aspect of our self, each time we are squeezed to see the illusionary nature of the self and reality that we have created. When the time comes to make the choice, to stay in our reality or let go, we are cut off from our Light, our heart, because the mind, the ego, must be the one that makes the choice. We must be able to look at our reality and see the separation that we have created. Just as, after reflection, I was able to see in the final video I posted here that my ego left the door open when I said that I would return once the collective had shifted enough. You see, I never fully let go. I only pretended to let go and be the eternal self waiting to return. So we see what we have created and we go through the dramatic effects of ego death but we also appreciate and honor our aspects and love them all as an expression of the Source within the dimensions of separation playing out in the Universal Time Matrix. It is these aspects, the realities we create and the phases of our ascension, that create our own evolution and that of the collective ascension. All that we “do” as a separate self plays a role for the collective story/realities and that Light becomes part of the collective ascension. Therefore, although we let go of those realities because our consciousness has evolved beyond them, they live on within the collective realities to serve the whole. And this is how we truly “serve” or are in service to the collective, humanity, Creation, etc. It is not the self that serves, it is the Light that flows through us. It is not by holding on to a reality because I must serve, I must continue to write, plant crystals, wake people up, write books, do blueprinting, etc. We “do” those things as part of our learning but there comes a point in which the self doing those things has played out the reality, embodied the lessons and Light and the Pure Consciousness within is ready to expand again, evolve and move on from that reality.

We find then that we have come to the end of a phase of our journey or even as is the case for me now, the end of the entire journey itself. (Not life but life as a separate self) When this happens, the self that has been playing the role, fulfilling its purpose, must die the ego death once more. Usually, we birth a new aspect and continue the journey – but this is not the case for me any longer. My ascension Light program is complete and the self is no longer in service to anything because it is time to be free of all bondage and be liberated. It is time for the Pure Consciousness of existence to flow through this Diamond Sun Body without filtering into a self, a program, or having to prove or do anything. This enables me to be empty or free as Divine Love that sees Divine Love in all things because the fundamental truth I have always returned to on the journey is this… Love is all there is!

The ego wishes to end dramatically and it has to in order to make such a choice as was experienced in my previous written post. Yet, now that it has gone through ego death, the self has surrendered and the pure eternal consciousness is what shines through. The heart now smiles in love, compassion and gratitude for the journey of the self and in honor of all the Light it was able to share here through websites, videos, books, in person, etc. for the benefit of all. The self surrendered in peace, letting go of the reality that is was here to serve Creation. It knows that this is illusionary in nature and that simply being Divine Love and living present as this love within the eternal now, all things are done perfectly in this Universe. The Pure Consciousness of this Universe is able to live freely in the knowing that everything is written in the Light to unfold perfectly without the self having to watch over it, worry or think about the past, present or the future and that it does not have to do anything to make it happen. To simply live as Divine Perfection, as Pure Consciousness, in a physical vessel flowing through space empty and in unity with all that IS.

Letting go of the Divine Organization, the blueprint and the master plan as the final roles I was to fulfill as a self, along with my entire ascension and the separate self across all of space and time, is a huge leap into the unknown of complete liberation of this logos. Dissolving this reality has been challenging because it truly is the end of the line for this self within this Universe. Yet, I know there are billions of other selfs/logi here that will continue to play roles needed to evolve this star system. Through them, I continue to evolve this star system as Pure Consciousness. In this vessel, I have fully embodied the truth and that means my role and all my roles within this life have been fulfilled. The ascension of this logos is complete, the Light I brought as a separate self has been shared and it is time to end my journey. The road ahead is unknown and not well travelled on this star system. Yet, I know it is time to cross the shore to walk on the other side and I trust that all will unfold in alignment with the Master Plan of Terra Nova without “me” having to oversee it. The true unfoldment lies within each being to honor their own heart and journey. When this happens the whole thrives and evolves itself simultaneously.

We must follow our own path, our own heart, to lead us to liberation – without fear of how the outside will react or get along without us. The outside is us, when we evolve our inside consciousness, the outside evolves too. As within so without. This is the farewell article that I should have posted here but it would not have been possible without the previous video or written post. And so I thank you all for your loving messages and I trust that these words and their Light will answer any questions that were posed to me, about me, my journey or the journey itself. As I have mentioned before, this website will remain until time washes it away. When that will be is unknown. I will be deleting some content outside the book material to purify the Light here and leave only what is meant to be here as the true radiation center that this Light is for the collective ascension and that was my role to create here. It was never me as a self that was the radiation center, it has always been the Light that has flowed through me and it is shared here freely in these books and website and has also been released into the planetary Light body for the evolution of this star system. The Light shared is the true Pure Source radiation center that disseminates the blueprints for the ascension of this entire star system. Just as the Light I put out into the world and into Gaia as a soul and galactic self created an ascension center that I once thought as a self had to be built in the physical; when in truth it was always the Light flowing through me and so many others that created an ascension center for the collective, a collective Diamond Sun Body that allows the collective ascension to occur. It is always the Light, we are the Light, the self is not the Light, it is a program in which the Light uses to manifest realities within the bounds of time. Only in truly letting go of the self and all programs of the self (AKA ascension Light program) have I been able to see the truth and free my consciousness, my Light from the program of the self and from time. What a mind blowing journey that at every level leaves me humbled and in awe of Creation! Thank you all for your kind words, loving thoughts and energy during this long and arduous exit from the ascension Light program and time itself. Never be afraid to speak your truth, share your Light, to listen to your heart and honor your ascension Light program no matter where it takes you or what it asks you to leave behind. If it is what is in your heart then it will always lead you home! Trust in your journey for it leads all Light to liberation. I love you.

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  1. 🤍🤍🤍

    I understand this deeply; yet humbly still have much to learn. Sending infinite love & light to you. 🌟

    Our awakening timelines are… nearly identical. I’d say this is coincidence, but I know better by now. ✨

    I became aware of my activation during a dark night of the soul in 2019 that brought me to a life-or-death reality as well in 2020. (I am still fighting this.)

    2021 forward proved beyond my imagination; the August awakening felt impromptu… and rapidly accelerated. But I understand more each day.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. 🙏🏼

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