Through ascension we learn to fully embody pure consciousness by moving our consciousness backwards through time until we are able to exist in the eternal now. However, this is still a part of the Universal Time Matrix and of experiencing reality inside the bounds of time. In order to go beyond the eternal now, beyond everything into eternity, all inner programming that creates and uses a matrix or template within the Light body must be dissolved. When we are completely free from all Light programs and our Diamond Sun Body has been completely purified of all matrices, templates and programs that separate the Pure Light, then we are able to live freely within eternity in the void of space. Free from spacetime, which exists only in the Universal Time Matrix. We no longer need the Light or matrix programs to hold or anchor our consciousness within space because we have mastered how to live as Pure Consciousness within a human Light body. We become empty space and are therefore moving through space as space experiencing the holographic reflection always manifesting around us in a continuous flow of conscious experience and Divine presence.

There is absolutely no time, not even one eternal moment in time. We completely exit the time matrix. This changes the way that we operate within our reality because we are mentally and physically unable to sustain a separate reality within space. There is no more inner geometric grid structure or matrix that filters consciousness into perceiving and projecting itself as separate within the holographic Universe. It was this programming that creates a template within the Diamond Sun Body for the Light to be filtered into space, creating the experience of separation or a gravitational field within space that we experience our reality within, which we commonly call time. The self perceived as something separate from Pure Consciousness can only be experienced within time. When the inner programming of a logos matches the programming of a particular template within all or part of the Universal Time Matrix, we perceive our self as separate within space and are therefore subject to realities within spacetime in what we call dimensions. Which is why once we build all 144 templates within our Diamond Sun Body, we are able to experience our self as all of it or as the ONE architect of it. It is in the dimensional realities that we experience separation outside of our Light body because our own consciousness or Light is filtering itself into separation which creates a reflection of separation within the hologram.

If we take on an identity, we are in fact living in separation. Even if this identity is of the highest level of the Universal Time Matrix such as a god or architect/creator of the Universe. This is still an identity or role that we take on within the highest Light program that a logos experiences within the Universal Time Matrix. We still exist as “something” within space and time, even if that time is only as short as eternal now moments that will always be available for us to experience as the ONE consciousness of this Universe. However, to go beyond the eternal now is to completely exit the Universal Time Matrix and therefore time itself. It is beyond all dimensions and all realities of separation that exists within those dimensions of spacetime. It is to completely embody the emptiness that is space, that is Pure Consciousness, by purifying the entire Diamond Sun Body of all programming and matrices held within the mind and every cell within the physical body. It is the final purification of all separation held within. Even the programming that binds us to the eternal now is purified. We go beyond this limited understanding of eternity and release all wisdom that brought us here so that we can dissolve into the nothingness that is pure eternal existence.

The nothingness is not “nothing” in the conventional definition of the term. Here we can understand it to mean beyond all definitions, explanations, descriptions, etc. In the physical sense of living in a body on this planet, we understand it to mean going beyond the separate self indefinitely, going beyond reincarnation of the logos within this Universe, going beyond the wisdom of religion, spirituality, ascension, and the eternal now. It is to return to the eternal flow of empty space that is Pure Consciousness eternally radiating into space. The pure vibration of Light that flows freely from the hear, creating a holographic reality that is experienced as an infinitely continuous experience that will continue even when the physical body dissolves into Light. Because when the physical body ascension of a logos is complete on this planet, the physical vessel does not die, it is no longer subject to death in the traditional sense nor disease or decay; but will simply dissolve into Light when consciousness no longer wishes to experience the hologram from within this particular Light body. Because the consciousness inside the Light body is pure and free of the Universal Time Matrix or separation within space, the body is not separate from the eternal Light of the Universe and therefore it dissolves into the hologram as Light and not as a physical structure that is bound by the gravity or time of a dimensional reality and must decay or dissolve with that reality.

Ascension or physical body ascension as we are experiencing it on this planet, is what lies beyond the fourth dimensional realm of spirituality. When we are ready to ascend into Heaven aka the fifth dimension and above, then we are ready to begin the process of physical body ascension as a logos. This is what allows us to reincarnate within the same physical vessel without having to physically die and come back and continue our journey as a logos in a new body. With ascension we are moving backwards through time as we embody more and more of our authentic self and learn to live fully conscious and present in our reality up to each eternal now moment in time. When we are able to hold this level of consciousness within our Diamond Sun Body and have created the matrix program or template within to experience reality at this level, we are ready to let ascension go. We have completed the journey of the separate self/logos and we have concluded our journey through time. We prepare our self for full liberation as Pure Consciousness.

We must let go of everything now, all identities, all dimensional realities, all stories, all that we have created as a separate self. We let go of all the wisdom and of everything that labels or defines consciousness or the self. We embrace the authentic self as an avatar necessary for the experience; and we surrender to the knowing that the self is illusionary and that it is simply the interface that allows Pure Consciousness to have the experience of being in a human body in this world. We know that Pure Consciousness is an energy, it is Light, it is undefinable, non-quantifiable, and exists beyond time. Reality shifts yet again as any and all matrices within the body are dissolved and we become untethered and without a gravitational hold to all realities within the Universal Time Matrix including the eternal now. We are free from time, and we experience the final physical embodiment in these vessels which is the physical embodiment of eternity. It is the most blissful of all embodiments that we experience as a logos within these vessels, and it is a joyous celebration for Pure Consciousness as it has completely freed itself from the illusion of separation that exists within all dimensions of this Universe within the realities held in place through the Universal Time Matrix.

It is an adjustment to live in eternity, outside spacetime and within the eternal vastness that is empty space. It is similar to living ordinary life in that we move about this world day to day except there is nothing really ordinary about it. Life has become extraordinary. There is no delay in the holographic reflection or reality that manifests around the Light body. It is truly a reverberation of consciousness that is felt instantly. A thought is instantly manifested in the physical. Everything that everyone is doing around the Light body of Pure Consciousness is felt and known to be “Me” doing it or creating it. There really is no veil between the inner and the outer because it is all Light existing within the same space without any filters to separate it into self and other. This is why the need to be absolutely pure in mind and body is essential to live as Pure Consciousness physically embodied. The sheer power of the Light Body within this world is truly indescribable and must be embodied in phases for the physical body experience on this planet to occur.

Beyond the eternal now, is a complete liberation of consciousness within the human experience in a Diamond Sun Body. It is beyond the bonds or gravity of time that anchor our consciousness into separate dimensional realities. It is beyond infinity and eternity as we perceive it to be an eternal loop that never ends. That is eternity bound by time in the eternal now which is a looping cycle of consciousness that has been explained within the ancient spiritual texts as eternity and is a trap for consciousness. Eternity flows freely, it never loops because it is free of time. It flows freely infinitely radiating out into empty space creating realities without repeating or looping back around, because it manifests within empty space completely unified with all that is.  Although we are unifying our consciousness more and more throughout our journey and ascension through the dimensions, we will never be completely unified until we are free of time and all realities within the Universal Time Matrix including the eternal now. We go beyond the eternal now into emptiness where even one moment in time does not exist for us because we never cease to separate even into the eternal now to be anything or anyone. In the nothingness, the emptiness of space, we are free to infinitely flow and radiate as Pure Light, the Pure Consciousness we call Divine Presence.

Physical body ascension is not something that happens over night or even in one lifetime. It begins when we can ascend our consciousness into heaven or the higher dimensions of consciousness and can last one or more lifetimes depending on our coded experience as a logos. Our planet is undergoing a physical body ascension within the collective consciousness and the planet itself has physically ascended. There is incarnated consciousness that went through an accelerated ascension in order to bring the Light, wisdom and build the matrix system needed to begin this process as a mass ascensio. These mass ascensions will continue in waves upon this planet for years to come until the entire collective has fully ascended. Collectively this process is much slower and will take many decades to complete on this planet. It is in the journey that the joy is found as consciousness explores and creates and learns more about itself through remembering and embodiment of higher consciousness. It is not to be rushed, yet to be savored for the beautiful creation and journey that it is. Enjoy the journey and remember that everyone is right where each needs to be within space and time.

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