Photons dancing in space flow through the electromagnetic field of the heart

Hurling into empty mind, playing the harmony of eternal bliss

Striking neurons, shooting rays of Light down neural pathways devoid of purpose

Gently plucking these Divine guitar strings plays the melody into holographic form

Strumming the mind as the tune comes alive through electromagnetic radiation of Pure Vibration

Photons flowing upon perfectly tuned strings merges all into the Divine experience

The sweet melody of balanced Light particles glides through neural pathways into eternal space

Effortlessly radiating the blissful tune eternally playing through the heart, empty mind, and the void of space

Without beginning or end, the quantum fabric in perfect harmony as the song of Pure Consciousness

Eternally on repeat, playing through the Divine Ouroboros of Light, the holographic Universe

Photons dancing as the electromagnetic field of existence eternally strumming itself through itself

Player and instrument revealed as holographic manifestations of the eternal song of Pure Consciousness

Separation and Union are dissolved in the mind, tuning the neural guitar strings to Divine Perfection

What can never be separated can never be united, Unity Consciousness reveals itself as illusion

Eternity is realized

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