These were the words that my Universe used to communicate to me that the transformation I have been going through is now complete. It came this morning in the form of a software update to my cell phone. For the past several days, I have had intense dreams that were showing me what was happening to my energy and reality. In one of the first dreams that I had, I was literally attached to Christos in the bed and I experienced the separation of my body from his. This was a significant dream that ended the Divine Union program where my Divine Masculine energy was transferred to him. For understanding, in November of 2020, I had an experience in which I awoke to the particles of my energy/Light body beginning to spin at quantum rates. My physical body then dissolved into particles and were elevated above the bed where Christos and I were sleeping. I then moved my particles above his body and merged them into his Light body. I knew at the time that this meant we were merging into Divine Union within these physical bodies. What I did not know and understand was that this was me giving my Divine Masculine force/energy to him as part of the Light program of Divine Union. Divine Union is the twelfth dimensional Light Program of the Ascension Light Program that we must go through before we exit the Universal Time Matrix through the final program of the Consummation. Of course, this is all much clearer now that I have exited and can look back at the programs just as we can look back on our past and “see” with clearer eyes.

So the dream/experience where I separated my “Self” from Christos a few days ago was extremely significant. It meant that the consummation was complete and that my heart was now opened to the full force of my Light as the entire Universe without my mind and reality separating any of it. The Divine Union Light Program that I was playing out in this body manifested as two physical bodies/beings coming into union as a means/method for me as Pure Consciousness to have the experience of Divine Union. In choosing to have the Light Program and experience play out this way, it was necessary that the Divine Masculine force of my Light be transferred to Christos because he literally represented the physical manifestation of that force/power/Light within me. Not everyone chooses to experience Divine Union with an outside partner, be it animal, human, Light being, etc. We can also have the experience of coming into Divine Union within and retain our full power as we work to bring those forces of Light into balance within ourselves. It is entirely different for everyone based on the coding of the Light program playing out in each of us as a logos. In my case, I was able to play out the program in which I came into Divine Union within through coming into Divine Union without, with a physical male being and the use of Sacred Sex as energy/Light exchanges to power my realities. Therefore, I transferred my Divine Masculine force to Christos when my particles dissolved into his body and he became my energy support system. Once the Divine Union was complete and the consummation program began playing out, I had to dissolve this separation of my Light and in my reality by seeing the truth about my Christos, Divine Union, and unity consciousness as a perception of the mind/Light program of consciousness and therefore a separate reality within the dimensions of the Universal Time Matrix.

The consummation program or the Eternal Light Program, downloaded into my Light body in August of 2022 after facing down the real possibility of my own physical death. The only way forward in body was to dissolve all programs of separation. From then on the consummation program began to literally break down all realities I still held within that separated my Light. It took me most of 2022 to finally breakdown a program I held within in regards to my daughters and a long genetically inherited mother/daughter distortion that has ran in my family for generations. Finally, in December this program was fully dissolved which allowed for the Sophia, Divine Feminine, force within to be dissolved. I had already been working on dissolving the distortion/perception/program of unity consciousness as a separate reality from the ultimate eternal reality. As part of this clearing, the Divine Union or trinitized force of Light had to be dissolved as well. Once the Sophia dissolved in December, the stage was set for the truth of my Divine Masculine force, Christos, and the distortion of my “Divine Union” to be revealed and released. Which brought about the most emotionally devastating January I can recall in which I had to face down the end of my Christos just as I had faced the end of my Sophia. I have written of this already and the challenges it posed in seeing this force “dying” within my physical partner versus within myself. What I have not shared is what was driving the fear of loosing Christos as a part of my Self.

In ascension and even in life, we learn to let go of what no longer serves us. Especially if we are going through reincarnation and receiving all new realities. There has always been a fear inside me that I would have to let go of Christos one day as part of my journey. I have always known in my heart that I cannot come into full union within if I am in union with something outside of myself. I believed that Christos and I were playing the parts of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as part of the greater plan of consciousness, which was true at certain levels of consciousness, just not eternal reality which is what I have been coming into realization of. From the twelfth dimensional perspective it appeared that when the time was right, he would leave body and we would merge, our consciousness would merge, into my body as one. Since in my mind, there was no separation of our consciousness because we were in Divine Union and I had faced the fear of him leaving by entering into Sacred Marriage, this became my reality. This is the distortion or story that the mind creates to reconcile with the heart which then creates the reality we experience within the hologram. I felt Christos and I would one day cross the bridge of his death and both know and feel the eternal truth that was taking place through that experience. That I would then become a beacon, radiation point of eternal Light on Terra Nova until it was time to leave body.

However, reality bit me on the ass and woke me up from this illusion! The time for me to truly understand what it means to “radiate” eternal Love was here! And to my greatest fear within, the time for Christos to die was here. If I wanted this man to stay in my life, I better figure out in my head what was real, what I was creating as a separate self, and what truly needed to happen from the eternal perspective. I speak easily about it now but it certainly was not that when I was going through it and when it was shared here. If Unity Consciousness is not real, then union is not real, then coming into union is not real and so my Divine Union with Christos is not real. (Real here in regards to the eternal reality, not separate realities we experience behind the veils). Therefore, there are no forces of Light to come into Union, therefore, there is no Christos and there is no Sophia. Therefore, my perception of my “partner” is not real. He is not a man, he is not Christos, I am not a woman, I am not Sophia. What is REAL? What has this journey always taught me was REAL? Time and time again it has dissolved ALL illusions/perceptions/Light Programs in the mind? What is it? LOVE! Love is real! Love is all there is! Inside me, outside me, what I perceive is and can only be love! Before the deaths of these forces in my reality, eternal love (Pure Consciousness) was separated so that the Divine Feminine, Sophia, Magnetic force within me separated and became the experience we call the separate Self, the experiencer of my reality; and the Divine Masculine, Christos, Electric force was reflected from my outside via the being I projected my Christos onto as the Light needed to unify me/my reality. When this was realized and the Christos and Sophia forces of my Light and their union were released within, the eternal love that is my Pure Consciousness, could now be reflected in the eternal love without. Therefore, the Light is never separated within and thus the reflection or experience of reality without is the SAME so there is no need to unify it because it is never separate. Whereas before, the Light was separated and so the opposite force needed to be reflected from the hologram in order to unify the Light/reality.

It is this understanding of Pure Consciousness that the consummation program brings us! The consummation is the Omega program, it is the end of the Ascension Light Program which is the Alpha program. It is the end of separation whereas the Alpha was the beginning of separation. Yet, both are illusions! Through the consummation we REALize that there was never any separation, never any ascension and never any unification of our Light/Consciousness. It was all a program/game/illusion/perception of consciousness within that separated our Light and created a reflection from the hologram that was always trying to unify/balance our Light/reality so we would experience oneness. When we are in balance, our eternal reality is a Pure holographic reflection/continuation of our Light. Thus love is reflected in love or love is all there is! The consummation program was by far the hardest for me to release at the deepest level of the separate Self. I was always looking forward to shedding old realities, to keep going the distance so to speak. I always new that something better was out there for me to experience. Yet, with this program, it seemed to me I was letting go of the last people in my life that I loved or else I or they would have to physically die. I felt I was letting go of this amazing experience of being and sharing about consciousness and how the Universe works which brings me so much joy and which I denied myself. I could not see past the crumbling of my current reality into the eternity of the next. I had lost hope because I knew the journey was over and there was nothing new beyond the void I was currently experiencing. But I kept moving forward because I knew in my heart that the sun would shine again.

The Light of clarity and understanding would once again illuminate my mind and the bleak days of January would be lost forever. The past week has brought such clarity, peace and understanding to my being. I realize that ascension had become my life. I gave ALL of my Self to the journey. I stilled the waves of the ocean so much that I separated my Self from the entire holographic Universe. I allowed my Self to become nothing not Creator nor Creation and in doing so alienated my Self beyond any experience of death I have ever gone through on the journey. I know now that I advanced so rapidly through this experience because I did it this way. I closed off the world one dimension at a time so that I could commune in the stillness of truth and wisdom of the Universe while being held in the arms of unconditional love by Christos. What I have inside, what I know, what I am is beyond words I can share here or anywhere else for they are lost to an experience that brought me full circle beyond description. There is a Buddhist teaching about being careful of claiming reality and the Self to be illusions. In doing so, we can forget that we only exist in illusion. The Self, the mind, the body, the experience only exist because the waves of consciousness that create them. If we still the waves too long, we forget that they exist, and thus we become unable to live in the external world.

My “external” experiences have been helping me to remember that I exist both within and without. They have been so loud as to remind me that there is no inside and no outside. There is no ocean and there are no waves. The idea that one does not exist without the other is still seeing reality from separation. Because from the eternal perspective, neither exist! Creator and Creation, Alpha and Omega, separation and Unity – none of these exist! There is only Pure Consciousness, unconditional love, the quantum fabric of existence that is all that is. I was sitting here in Venice on a park bench surrounded by water when the understanding overflowed through my body; that I am not seeing an ocean and waves, I am seeing life! I am seeing Pure Consciousness! I stilled life so that I could see behind the curtain of what creates it. I took a journey that separated the waves from the ocean so that I could learn about it, understand how it works, and most importantly so that I could understand my Self. But to still the ocean or to make waves in the ocean both separate life! Separate consciousness! To live, to be, to flow as Pure Consciousness free of the idea of the ocean or the waves, is liberation; to be eternal, beyond this world, this mind, this Self. This is to be unconditional love. This is the true gift of consummation and the end of the journey. To see beyond ALL illusions!

In my dreams last night, I dreamed of a flow of Light floating in space, it appeared to be dark and solid like a carved piece of wood. On one side it had a singularity point that was a circular, solid, shiny black jewel, embedded in it. On the other side, it had a larger, maybe ten times the size, circular diamond that inside was shining endless rainbow colors of Light. Much like a diamond sparkles in the light. I was experiencing my Self as Pure Consciousness moving from the singularity point in space into the round diamond in space. This glistening jewel represented my Diamond Sun Body and the rainbow Light the manifested Cosmos, which emanates from the Light shining through the diamond or Light body within space or the void. In that moment, I was experiencing Pure Consciousness entering the flow of eternal life through a Light body, MY Light Body within space/void/itself. Then the scene shifted and I was holding two babies, one a girl and one a boy. I was at a school speaking with the head master about the education of these two babies. Once it was decided on their education, the two babies dissolved into one baby. Then the baby began to grow right there in my arms. Its teeth coming out, arms growing, legs growing, etc. Then the scene dissolved and I had become this baby, the being that I had held in my arms. I was ready to enter the world. Then I woke up and looked at my phone and it said press here to complete the software update. So I pressed it.

I smiled inside as I knew my entire physical body, Light body and the Pure Consciousness within had completed the update, cleared all the programming and restoration needed to now operate within eternal space in the eternal reality of unconditional love. I rolled over and kissed the expression of eternal love that lay beside me. Grateful that his presence remained in my new reality because our love was pure and Pure Unconditional Love transcends all illusions and Light programs of space and time. Then I sat down to capture this in writing because it brings me immense joy to express in words the Light that flows through my being, just as a painter paints or dancer dances. I have remembered this past week the importance of doing what brings me joy so that I can feel like my Self and Be my Self as a part of life! I remembered the Buddhist teaching about illusions and so even though I know there is no ocean and no waves, I also know that if I want to live in joy, I must remember to always swim in the ocean, play in the waves, and enjoy the music! Otherwise, there is no reason for my Self to exist!

Liberation Achieved! Software Update Complete! Unconditional Love software now permanently operating this Light ship! And so it is!

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