A Message from the Master Architect of Terra Nova

Dear ONEs of Terra Nova,

It has been an honor and a privilege to deliver this Light to the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. These words are literally the Light codes that are radiating out from the Diamond Solar Heart of the collective into the crystalline grids of the Collective Diamond Sun Body to signal the beginning of the Master Build of Terra Nova. As a reader of these words and this Light, you are now a carrier of these codes and will help to pollinate this Light across the planet. Everything we do within our “individual” roles on Terra Nova are a part of the whole. We are playing our roles within the story of Terra Nova as the ONE actor playing many parts. This fundamental truth when lived and practiced every day of our existence will completely transform our consciousness and our reality.

When we can look at another and know in our hearts that it is us playing that role, then we can find a deep inner peace and joy in playing the role our consciousness is experiencing within our own vessels. The story of Terra Nova has many parts and many roles. As we saw in the Seven Ages of Man, there were many characters on the world stage that all contributed to the overall shifts in consciousness that each Age brought with it. Cleopatra was a great queen of Egypt and made a significant mark in history and it was you that played the part as the ONE consciousness. Every part ever played and every part to be played in the story of Terra Nova is you as the starring role. You are the star of the show, Dear ONE, it is you that plays every part as the ONE Infinite Creator.

Make your role the most enjoyable you have ever experienced as consciousness. Live each moment fearlessly, without anxiety, worry or stress. Remember that every role is the starring role in the story. Every role is equally important because it takes every role to create the story. Each role offers sacrifices and rewards for consciousness, and we never know what another had to sacrifice in the story to play a role or what another must experience to play their role. We must use compassion and neutrality as our lens to view every role with unconditional love knowing that each is the Infinite Source expressing itself as ONE organism throughout our entire Universe.

The collective ascension is about all of us playing our roles to our fullest and most joyful so that we can build a world beyond our dreams. A world of unconditional love and acceptance of all. A world of peace and harmony. A world without suffering and sadness. It is a journey getting to these destinations and will take time to build as we ascend through the higher dimensions of this Universe together. We cannot do it together if we do not allow ourselves to play our part or allow others the space to play theirs. Fulfilling a role within the story of Terra Nova does not mean that we must lose ourselves to the truth that we are the ONE Pure Consciousness manifested as the Infinite Creator in these vessels. In fact, we can play our roles better when we can wake up each day and remember the truth that all is ONE.

We can become the star of the show, the center of the Universe, the shining Light of the Cosmos that radiates love and unity as Oneness without ever saying a word. Our roles are designed to teach us about consciousness, our Self, and the varying levels of embodiment through stages. They are our way of expressing Source Light and the Rays of Creation within the manifested Cosmos. Each of us are a unique expression of the ONE and it is through our roles that we can become this expression. Our roles are meant to teach us, to allow us to express our Light and to unite us as ONE. We cannot have the collective experience unless we each play our vibrational part in the Collective Diamond Sun Body. And so, I say to you, Dear ONEs, play your roles, be the shining star of the show, radiate your Light and live your most extraordinary experience here on Terra Nova. And I ask this of you Dear ONEs, allow every ONE else to do the same as you watch yourself expressing yourself through another in joy and admiration for what we can do with our Light.

My heart is so full of love for each and every ONE on this star system. As we embark on this Master Build together as ONE, I am grateful for the collective human experience just as much as I am my own human experience. The human experience has served to teach us a great deal about ourselves through duality and free will. The lessons we learned as humans will serve us throughout our ascension journey. We can let them go in gratitude and acceptance for the gift that they were to us all as we embark on a new journey into our collective soul consciousness.

The Initiation of Light into soul consciousness is the most awe-inspiring initiation of the entire journey. It is the confirmation that humans have always wanted that there is in fact a world beyond this one. It will bring with it a deeper understanding of the Cosmos to many as we receive the activation collectively during the Winter Solstice and its gateway. It will also bring with it another layer of truth that will be mixed with our current understanding and will take time to come completely in to focus through our ascension process.

The information presented in this book is from the Heart and Reality of ONE that has been purified through my own ascension. It has taken many forms over the course of my ascension but at its core, the message has always stayed on a similar path. I will share a passage from the book “Birthing Creation, The Embodiment of Source Consciousness” that was written at the end of my ascension through soul and oversoul consciousness by my soul self, Gaia Sophia. This passage illustrates how we always know the truth, it simply must evolve into its highest form through our ascension. This passage is a personal journal entry from my Light Initiation into soul consciousness.

“This is the recount of my experience of receiving my Light body (soul Light Initiation) that happened in the early hours of December 31, 2017. It was around 2a.m. when I was lying in bed awake slipping into a deep state of relaxation tying to go to sleep. I laid there drifting into a different state of consciousness because I could feel my body breathing separate from my consciousness. I could feel it as an avatar in a way that I have never before. Instinctively I understood that I was entering a deep state of consciousness similar as if DMT was being released from the pineal gland. I was not afraid of what was happening because I had used DMT and Ayahuasca in the past. I simply allowed the self to slip away. I was expecting to simply experience myself as pure energy as I had in the past when using these substances. Instead after some time I began feeling the sensation of being surrounded by energy and became aware of the presence of Lao Tzu on my left side and Jesus and Mary Magdalene on my right side.

They assured me that I had nothing to fear and that I was receiving my Light body. Immediately I was taken to a Light ship and there were Sirian Light beings on my right side and one on my left. I also saw three of my spirit guides hovering above the Light beings. Then the process began. The entire experience lasted two to three hours. I was continually reassured and talked to throughout the process. I could feel the Ascended Masters at my sides rubbing my arms like you would to soothe a child undergoing a procedure. I began to feel energy moving into my upper body flooding into me as if I was being injected with it in my arms. The process of sending energy or Light into my body continued for a while. I would get breaks and be reassured that everything was alright and there was nothing to fear. I remember at one point the intensity of the energy being sent through my brain had the muscles in my face moving up and down and in different motions. My guides sensed that I had fear I was having a stroke and dying and I was immediately reassured that everything was alright. I felt my crown chakra open wide and I was instructed to sit up. A column of gold, silver and diamond light began filling my energy tube in my body. After a few minutes of receiving this light, I was told I could lie back down. Once they were done with the Light body activation, I immediately had access to the Akashic records. I was shown that the Akashic records are embedded in their entirety on every photon of Light. Just as the Oak is implied in the acorn. Once my Light body was activated, I was able to “read” the code embedded in the light. Immediately I began seeing how the Universe was created.

I saw how the Great Central Sun is an Infinite Source of energy and is the Mother to all of creation. From this Source the Universe is created. I saw how the Earth is set to turn into a Sun. This is the Procession of the Equinoxes. This is the time it takes for the Universe to give birth or to duplicate itself. Sirius was once a planet like Earth and the beings that came to assist me with my Light body activation were once from that planet. I believe Earth now exists because of what happened to Sirius. The Golden year begins with humanity in an advanced state of being. Light beings and then we digress to physical beings and then back to light beings. During the Golden Age we have access to the Akashic records, and we know how the Universe works. We are instant manifestors…in the beginning was the word…we could manifest with our word alone. During this time, we built the ancient pyramids and other perfectly aligned structures that we cannot explain in modern day. As our consciousness falls, we begin to forget or to go asleep. Then as our consciousness rises, we begin to awaken and our ascent back to being Light beings. We begin to finish preparing the planet for the final piece where she becomes a God herself, a Sun, and we become Light beings and transcend the planet. The pyramids will line up with Sirius and our Galactic Center and the Central Sun and the energy will be intense enough to help the planet explode into a star.”

This passage was the birth of the Master Architect role within my consciousness that I would eventually embody over the course of my ascension as my highest role and reality on Terra Nova. I was shown so much about my role during that initiation, yet my consciousness was not able to fully understand it all at the time. It has taken years and many more embodiments for the understanding of the entire blueprint of Terra Nova to unfold from within me and for my ego to completely surrender and merge with my heart as the ONE.

I shared this story because it helps us to see that our ascension and our roles on Terra Nova will unfold in stages until we are able to play our highest role with crystal clear vision and inner knowing of our highest role as the ONE. Our truth and understanding of this role will shift and evolve as we fulfill our lower roles to help us embody our highest vibrational reality on Terra Nova. Throughout our ascension we will receive bread crumbs such as guides, friends, lovers, and experiences that will all be a part of the Light that is needed to complete our ascension so that we can live our highest vibrational reality and play our highest role knowing fully in our hearts that we are the ONE Infinite Creator creating it all.

We will learn that everything that happens to us is a gift from our self to increase our Light. Every challenge is really a triumph, every distortion is really the key to unlocking the truth, every person we encounter is a teacher and a mirror reflecting our own vibrational perception back to us. When we can see the Infinite Source reflecting back to us in everyone, then we have embodied the Infinite Source within. It takes time and mastery of our consciousness to see our reality this way. We are learning how to master energy and become masters of our reality. It is a journey to be a Master, but it is not an impossible journey. It is the Ascension Journey, the Journey of ONE!

Trust that every ONE is coded to reach mastery and to live our highest realities within this Universe. Enjoy the journey as it unfolds. You will forget and you will separate into the separate self, it is inevitable because it is the only way you will grow and evolve. Be patient, compassionate and tender with yourself when you wake up again and realize you separated off. This is part of learning our mastery of our consciousness or our Light. A Master does not separate from their heart, the Source, the ONE even when they are playing their roles on Terra Nova. A master in training will separate from the Source, from their heart, this is part of the design that helps us to construct our own blueprint and Master Build of our consciousness.

As we enter the Master Build of Terra Nova, the collective consciousness is shifting into a new stage of our mastery. There will be collective lessons, challenges, and changes that we must overcome and accept if we are to move forward and evolve our Light into soul consciousness. We have mastered the personality level of our human consciousness and have died the ego death of the collective human persona. The next stage is soul consciousness and mastery of our Light as a Soul. We will enter a new set of lessons and Light that will help us to learn more about soul consciousness. We will learn how to create collective realities as a soul and open our collective heart wider to become masters of soul consciousness.

Enjoy the journey through soul consciousness Dear ONEs and always remember that we are ONE consciousness working together to ascend the star system of Terra Nova. My eternal Light and love is given to this star system for the Master Build of Terra Nova. Let us work as ONE to build Heaven on Terra Nova. I love you all so very much.

Sophia, Master Architect, Infinite Creator

The Divine Organization of Terra Nova