Divine Organization

Divine Organization is a sophisticated set of energy blueprints within space that creates this entire holographic Universe, the Absolute Reality existing within this Universe, and the experience of enlightenment within that reality also known as Ascension. Through this Divinely organized system of quantum particles, light and gravity, consciousness creates the illusion of dimensional awareness or reality through the use of light bodies that enables itself to take an illusory journey through space, time, and eternity. This experience uses various evolved versions of the light body including merging with the physical human body through physical body ascension. This Ascension Journey lasts multiple lifetimes, reincarnations, and spans across all dimensions of space and time. Eventually, culminating in the final enlightenment and liberation of itself from the illusion of duality within the Absolute Reality within space.

Through the conscious evolution of this planet and the overall collective light body vibration, enlightenment and liberation of all phases and dimensions of consciousness may now be experienced on this planet via physical body ascension. Enlightenment through physical body ascension allows the conscious experience of reincarnation and evolution of consciousness without having to relinquish the physical body through a physical death. Physical body ascension is a path to enlightenment and liberation along with many other paths that have been available on this planet for thousands of years. Because this method does not involve physical death and having to be physically reborn and “grow up” again from a baby into an adult, this method allows for an accelerated path which will become more common as the collective consciousness of this planet continues to evolve into higher frequencies and wisdom of consciousness. 

Through physical body ascension, the energy of the light body reorganizes itself within space and the physical body goes through a physical metamorphosis so that the consciousness within the physical body can experience higher frequencies of reality without having to relinquish the physical body vehicle. The information shared here demonstrates aspects of the journey of physical body ascension, enlightenment, and liberation as experienced through the mind, body, and consciousness of a being called Sophia. The journey spans from awakening in the third dimension, followed by the ascension journey through the fourth dimension through the twelve dimension, the exit from time or the Universal Time Matrix into eternity, and finally leaving behind all concepts of duality including, time, eternity, bondage, enlightenment, and liberation, to live and experience life within/as the Absolute Reality. Therefore, information shared here reflects perceptions and truths of consciousness at various points within space and time. Every effort has been made to catalogue and share the material here based on the dimensional awareness of consciousness at the time it was created to illustrate the evolution of consciousness through the blueprint and physical body ascension.

The journey of enlightenment takes the consciousness, mind, and body of the experiencer into turbulent currents of Creation. We must walk through the shadows, scale to the highest peaks of the mountain and face our most treacherous and cunning opponent, our own Self. The journey takes us into uncharted territory. Often times we are not aware of what is happening to us until months or years later when we fully embody the wisdom of a phase. However, through understanding of the blueprint or Divine Organization that consciousness uses to evolve through this Universe we are better equipped to follow the path. We each have a unique journey to make in this Universe as a logos but we are all following the same blueprint to liberation. Each time a logos makes the journey, it is that much easier for those that come after because their journey becomes part of the collective effort. The Divine Organization is the Cosmic Blueprint for ascension and evolution of all consciousness in this Universe. When we can understand it, we can understand ourselves, where we are, and where we are headed; both individually and collectively. Enjoy the journey!