Fundamentally and at the core of our being we are pure unconditional love. Throughout our lives we construct a personality based on the outside world around us as well as cellular memory from past incarnations. Often times the beliefs and thought patterns that we accumulate create a personality that separates us from the world. Consequently we also separate off from the love that is our natural state of being. We begin to live life from our minds and not our hearts. In reality, there is no separation between us or anything else in creation. As we begin to awaken to the love that we are the veils of separation begin to disappear and our entire reality changes. The veils that I speak of are created by belief systems that manifest in our reality as judgment, lack of self love, jealousy, envy, competition etc.

There are two foundational states within us, love and fear. As we begin to dive into our own mind and heart we can tie all emotions, behaviors and thought patterns back to these two. It is a journey that each must take to uncover the true self. The goal of awakening the love within is to rid ourselves of any fear and uncover a love that is so pure all separation disappears. This is who and what you truly are – Pure Unconditional Love.
 By awakening the love within we begin to work to clear beliefs and thought patterns that prevent us from living a healthy and happy life as our sovereign authentic self. We are guided by our hearts in clearing the energy body by working through self esteem issues, life traumas, negative thought patterns and belief systems that keep us enslaved in our own minds. Sometimes the guidance comes from within and sometimes we are guided to seek the light of others to assist us. By working through these beliefs and thought patterns we can begin to open our hearts, finding the true self, the pure unconditional love we are. Once the mind is in line with the heart we can begin to experience life in a completely new way. Everything changes as we walk through life with the love awake within us. Awakening to our true state of being, love, allows us to further our spiritual growth into higher levels of embodiment of our Divinity. This is the path of Ascension, the evolution and expansion of our consciousness to higher levels, frequencies, dimensions. There is an entire section of this website dedicated to explaining Ascension, dimensions, realities etc. and how it relates to our journey of awakening the love.

What does love really mean?

We live in a time where the meaning of the word love has been severely tainted. When we speak of love many think of romantic love or loving a family member, friend etc. –even when we feel this is only out of obligation. The truth is the meaning of love goes so much deeper than that. Most love that many of us experience is an emotion, an adulated feeling we get when someone we care about fulfills a need within us. This love can fluctuate based on outside stimulus, desires and needs. Pure unconditional love however is not an emotion but a state of being.  It is not a feeling but rather a state of neutrality and compassion that one resides in regardless of outside circumstances. This love surpasses all emotions and allows one to stay in their heart at all times. This is who you really are. This is the love that we all seek to awaken within ourselves. This is what Awakening the Love is all about.

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