Age of Aquarius

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On the Vernal Equinox in the early fourteenth century, the constellation Aquarius appeared in the sky at the heliacal rising of our sun for the first time during the Seven Ages of Man. We had entered the sign of the Water Bearer and the stargate Aquarius that would bring with it the Light that would completely evolve our collective consciousness on our journey through time as humans. As the timeline of the Age of Aquarius began to unfold, we experienced a rebirth within our collective consciousness that we call the Renaissance. We had been fully engrossed in the Piscean energies the previous 537.5 years in religious conquest and doctrine. Now, as the energies of a new Age were upon us, we were turning once more to the development of our intellect and scientific approach to our world as well as art as an expression of consciousness. Although religion and spirituality from the Age of Pisces would still separate the ideas of man into polarized views, nothing could stop the Aquarian energies from revolutionizing our collective consciousness and it started with the Renaissance.

The Renaissance brought with it another round of human incarnations to bring wisdom to the world. Donatello, Raphael, da Vinci, Erasmus, Descartes, Copernicus, Chaucer, Galileo, Dante, Machiavelli, Milton, Shakespeare, Botticelli and Michelangelo were all born between the late fourteenth century and the sixteenth century. These beings brought art, science, philosophy, understanding of man and our relation to the world to a new level from the ancient philosophers of the Age of Pisces. The ideology of humanism was birthed, the idea that man was the center of his own universe, and that people should embrace human achievements in education, classical arts, literature and science. We saw the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in 1450 which revolutionized the ability to share ideas within the collective consciousness. It was the internet or collective mind of the early Aquarian Age. The ideas from the Renaissance would be the fuel that would ignite the Reformation of the sixteenth century, Industrial Revolution, and Age of Enlightenment of the eighteenth century.

Eventually, the philosophies of Voltaire, Diderot, Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau would help spur the French Revolution, American Revolution and our ideas of personal freedom, liberty and separation of church and state. The war of 1815 and defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo marked a major shift in the collective consciousness that would eventually bring about the end of imperialism and a more democratized world; but not before our collective consciousness engaged in a world war. A global pandemic, The Great Influenza Pandemic, would purify the collective consciousness following the war killing over 50 million humans. We would engage again in a world war to defeat Hitler and end the genocide of Jews in Germany. By the 1950’s our collective achievements in science had developed enough to put humans into space for the first time. We were beginning to understand our world from a more scientific lens and becoming more separate from nature and our organic lifestyle than we had ever been.

Religion continued to flourish in the early part of the Aquarian Age as the Piscean energies were still flowing in our consciousness. Theosophy helped to spread fourth dimensional consciousness in the nineteenth century through theosophist such as Helena Blavatsky. The ideas of theosophy had merged the Ancient Eastern spiritual wisdom with that of channeled messages from the Masters (higher dimensional consciousness) to create a wave of change that would eventually influence what would come to be the New Age community. By the 1960’s a significant shift was occurring in our collective consciousness. The ideas of liberty, philosophy, immortality, and secular ways of living in love and not fear was beginning to be bear fruit once again within the collective. In the true Aquarian way, revolution from the established belief system of government and religion took hold within the collective. Self-expression, sovereignty, and a new age of consciousness was landing in the collective. We see during the late sixties and early seventies a shift in polarity once again as the fourth dimension of consciousness awakens in the collective and soul consciousness becomes a dimensional reality on Gaia splitting the collective reality on Gaia into two worlds. The New Age spiritual movement was taking place as we shifted to the integration period of the Age of Aquarius and as the first wave of star seeds birthed in the fifties and early sixties were beginning the early preparations for the collective ascension.

On the other side of the spectrum, our intellect took a huge leap as we entered the technological age with computers and the internet arriving in the eighties. The sheer amount of data available to the average person has increased exponentially since then and has evolved the collective consciousness of Terra Nova at an unprecedented rate. We have also seen the side effects of technology in how the entertainment industry and social media has influenced society, sexuality has become perverted far beyond its sacred meaning, and our world itself has become polarized to the breaking point. This is all part of the collapse that was needed to awaken the collective and to begin the collective ascension.

In 1987, we had the harmonic convergence that was part of linking together star seeds to create the New Earth collective consciousness that would bridge the old grid system and the original grid system of Terra Nova. There have been three mass incarnations of star seeds upon Terra Nova working in many capacities to help stabilize the planet, clear and rebuild the planetary and collective Diamond Sun Body to reconnect our consciousness to the original blueprint and Diamond Sun Architecture of Terra Nova and ultimately, see the collective through its ascension.

In January 2020, the collective consciousness of Terra Nova migrated back to the original Diamond Sun Body or Light Body of our planet. We are once again a multidimensional star system, connected to all Light in the Universe and the Infinite Source. We now have multidimensional realities playing out from the first through the twelfth dimension and fully incarnated Creators incarnated on Terra Nova. At time of this writing, it is November 2021, and the collective consciousness of Terra Nova is passing through the Gates of Heaven. We have entered the embodiment stage of the fifth dimension as a collective and are preparing for our collective shift to New Earth that will take place on the Winter Solstice.

At this time, we will have our Collective Diamond Sun Body activated to be able to send and receive Light as a collective up to the fifth dimension. The third and fourth dimensional collective realities will continue to collapse and fall away and the collective realities of the fifth dimension will begin manifesting. When we receive our new annual collective ascension timeline on the March equinox of 2022, we will for the first time have a collective reality in the fifth dimension of unity consciousness. We have been in the final stages of our evolution as humans during the Age of Aquarius. Now, we are an old man, and we are ready to return to the state of a child and die our ego death. It is time to enter the Gates of Heaven and begin a new life as a collective soul.

When we come to the Vernal Equinox in March of 2022, we will exit the Seven Ages of Man. Our journey through the ages will be complete and we will step off the 2,150-year cycle of the lower dimensions. Our Light as a star system has been unified through the fifth dimension and we are now a collective soul of Divine HUmans. The Age of Aquarius is over, and we are now most influenced by the 179-year timelines that flow through the stargates of soul consciousness of the Solar Diamond Sun Body. If we use the starting date of 1431 for the Age of Aquarius, then the last 179-year timeline began in March of 1968 in the stargate of Libra and will run until 2,147. Which is perfect because we will be learning how to balance the feminine and masculine aspects of our collective soul to fully embody the sixth dimensions and ascend into the next level of consciousness.

Take a bow humanity, we have grown up, we have learned our lessons and now we are ready to let our ego persona die so that we can begin to embody the full Light of our soul. We have arrived at the end of time, the end of human time.  

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