Age of Cancer

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Age of Cancer9319 BC8781 BC8244 BC7706 BC
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As we entered the Age of Cancer, a group consciousness energy began filtering into our collective consciousness. Here we find the origins of many tribes and cultures. Many of the transient settlements from our hunter gather days were beginning to become inhabited full time along with many new villages and communities across the globe. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, Star Carr in England, Tell Qaramel in Syria, Napta Playa in Egypt amongst some of the more well-known sites. Humans were beginning to live in more organized communities, forming the first cultures that would evolve into more segregated nations and civilizations later. For example, The Clovis Culture in North America, Maglemosian culture in Scandinavia, Qadan culture in Egypt. All over the world humans were beginning to settle as groups.

Many of these villages and communities would continue to evolve into what we would later become cities and even great civilizations. As the Cancerian energy began to take hold within the collective consciousness, we began shifting from sun worshipping to moon worshipping. Cancer represents a Divine Feminine attribute of the Creator, and our collective consciousness began shifting to align with the attributes of the Great Mother and the Womb of Creation, with attributes of birthing, nurturing, bearing fruit and domestic life. We revered the woman as sacred because she was able to create life. During this time, we were not yet aware of the male role in procreation, so females were given a very sacred status and almost feared for their power. We revered Mother Earth and her ability to bear fruit to nourish our bodies. If the energies of Leo brought us into our infancy, the Age of Cancer was the age of the schoolboy as Shakespeare put it. We were learning about our world, how to live together to cultivate food, build shelter, worship, and domesticate our lives.

Around 8,200 BC as we were entering the embodiment stage of the Cancerian energy, domestication of animals and wild grains were taking place. A sign we had mastered the lessons of domesticating life and bearing fruit that the Age of Cancer had brought with it. Also, during this time we find many burial sites or tombs being used for the first time. The womb was viewed as the sacred place where life comes from. Thus, we wanted to return to the womb upon our death. Skeletons have been found during this period folded in the fetal position. A sign of returning to the Womb of Creation in the afterlife. The domestication of our collective life and the new communities we had founded would be an essential part of our evolution through the Age of Gemini which would bring with it a shift in our intellectual development that would change our world forever.

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