Age of Gemini

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The Age of Gemini was a time of much activity for human beings, although there is little recorded evidence during this Age aside from the development of new and existing cultures. The ideas that had sprouted during the Age of Cancer were spreading around the planet much in part to the trade and communications aspects that the new Age ushered in. We were learning to work together and cross pollinate ideas. There were consistently more settlements, cultures, and agricultural practices throughout the world. As we began to have surplus, the beginning stages of trade were being introduced which was also aided in part to the development of languages.

The origins of writing have been found on clay pots from the sixth millennium in the Levant. This was a great time of humans fine tuning our intellectual development, as language began to play an important role in our lives. Oral traditions were developed and with them came our first myths and stories about Creation. Duality also began to play a role as the twin energy of Gemini brought with it a new understanding of self and other. The masculine energy we embodied during the Age of Leo and the feminine energy we embodied during the Age of Cancer were helping us to cultivate an understanding of man and woman, moon and sun, and how both of these affect fertility and Creation. This understanding would be crucial in the next Age as we began to use the sun and moon to tell time and the coming of the seasons for the first time.

The Age of Gemini was a masculine energy that signified our adolescent years, we were taking the basic knowledge we had obtained during the previous two Ages, and we were using it create a new understanding of our world. In terms of ascension, we were shifting completely out of the first and second dimensions and moving into the third dimension of consciousness as a collective. By the time we had embodied the energy from the Age of Gemini timeline, our intellectual capacity for understanding our world that we had been embodying since the Age of Leo, had completely been embodied and we were able to understand our world from a new lens. Agriculture had taken root across the globe, languages were developed, inter-group communication and trade had been established and we were poised as a species to make a significant timeline jump with the coming Age of Taurus into the conscious awareness of the Heavens and how the celestial cycles created “seasons” of change upon our planet.

The sun and the moon signs of Leo and Caner had brought us complete knowledge of the masculine and feminine properties and the Age of Gemini saw us merge these properties to begin to understand ourselves and our world better by combining the understanding of the two into one. It was time for us to graduate into the next phase of our evolution as humans as a new Age was dawning on our planet. The Age of Taurus came in like a bull in a china shop and completely shifted our collective reality with the birth of civilized man.

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