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The Ages of Taurus and Aries brought the feminine and masculine aspects of our adolescence and manhood into maturation. We had created civilizations, commerce, trade, writing, basic sciences, and methods for keeping time to assist with agriculture and the movements of the Heavens. We also created weapons, war, and the thirst for establishing our self as the conquer and ruler of men. We created social classes, ownership, and government which led to inequality taking root within our world. We had gone from group consciousness into a more separated view of our world and each other. Now, the Age of Pisces was on our doorstep and with this timeline we would have to learn how to merge the feminine and masculine aspects of our manhood (ego) so that we could begin to cultivate a much greater part of ourselves, our collective heart (soul). It was time to learn right from wrong.

The beginnings of laws and rules that began to emerge in the Age of Aries to regulate our ego development would evolve into a more philosophical understanding of good and evil and a higher way to approach life. As the Age of Pisces dawned, a slew of beings were born that would bring with them new ways of viewing reality and developing the intellect. Socrates, Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tzu, and Ptolemy are a few, all born between 600 BC and 100 BC that brought the higher wisdom of the heart and mind and man’s interpretation of it.

We were beginning to learn that the ego must be tempered and yoked (the literal meaning of yoga) into a greater self through sacrifice and non-attachment. Mathematics, sciences, and literature were flourishing, greatly enriching our civilizations and way of life. Classical Greece and the Roman Empire embody the early shift into the Age of Pisces with the literature and architectural feats that came from these civilizations. The Roman water system is still in use in some capacity in modern day Rome. The philosophies of Ancient Greece would eventually shape the modern world. Some philosophies like Aristotle’s, would split our collective view of the world into two very polarized categories still playing out today. The mystical versus the scientific. Other civilizations were flourishing as well, the Parthian Empire in Iran, the Han dynasty in China, the Vedic civilization in India and in the New World, the Mayans, Olmecs and other Mesoamerican civilizations were building great pyramids and civilizations that would sustain until the Spanish conquests during the Age of Aquarius.

Across the globe, the early Age of Pisces brought with it the formation of religion, including Judaism and Zoroastrianism in the Near East, Vedic, Vedanta, Jainism and Buddhism in India, and Confucianism as the earliest form of Taoism in China. Again, we see the duality of right and wrong, good and evil, mind and heart, being illuminated during this time of our collective evolution. Then during the integration phase of the Age of Pisces, once we had made the conscious choice to embrace the higher wisdom of the heart collectively, a new teacher incarnated onto the planet. His name was Yeshua, he was a starseed and one of the greatest teachers to incarnate onto Terra Nova.

He did not come alone, as Mary Magdalene and twelve other men were incarnated during this time as well. These beings would bring the teachings of the Trinitized God Forces of Christ Consciousness to the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. Yeshua representing Christos, the Divine Masculine, Father God and Mary Magdalene, Sophia, the Divine Feminine, Mother God. The twelve apostles represented the twelve attributes of the Creator. It is through the teachings of Yeshua and the others that Christ Consciousness was born and spread on Terra Nova. We must understand that Yeshua lived during a time when the males had power and women were subservient. Therefore, little has been truly revealed about his relationship with Mary Magdalene and the role she played in history. This is also why the apostles were men as their messages would have been received by the masses.

The story of Jesus taught humanity that the ego must sacrifice itself or crucify itself to a much greater victory than that of the warrior from the Age of Aries. His teachings taught of unity, love of neighbor, justice, peace, and ultimately, the Law of ONE. They were tailored to the consciousness level of man during his lifetime, yet the messages are timeless when viewed from the highest lens. These teachings were opposite and heretical to the teachings of his day where man wanted dominion over one another through fear. He taught the opposite of this through freedom for all through love. A threat to the established reality, he was crucified as per the method of execution during his time. While the Old Testament of the Bible is a collection of Creation myths, historical accounts, and prophecies, mixed with human imagination and interpretation, the story of Jesus in the New Testament is historical events mixed with man’s fear of losing control by leaving out a major part of the Trinitized God Force, the Divine Feminine.

However, the message of Christ Consciousness was received by the world and would spread like wildfire around the globe, albeit in a perverted manner. By 313 AD, the Roman Empire including Constantinople were declared Christian and by 100 AD the Roman Catholic Church was formed. In the seventh century, a prophet named Mohammed would bring Islam to the world, a religion that would rival Christianity for the amount of blood shed in its name.

As we concluded the embodiment phase of the Age of Pisces, religion was formed, the dualistic visons of wrong and right had crystallized into our realities, the philosophies of the East and West had cross pollinated, and the heart of man was opening. Our birth into the ever-widening collective reality of polarity had begun. Then just as the Light had begun to dawn in our consciousness, we entered the incubation period of the Age of Pisces formerly known as the Dark Ages of Man. It was a time of little recorded history or great advancements like those we had seen in during the start of the Age of Pisces.

However, it was a time when the Light and Dark began to battle itself within our collective reality. The end of the Age of Pisces is marked by a period of conquests, crusades, fundamentalism, and bloodshed and violence all in the name of our benevolent Gods. The world map would change quite frequently during this time as empires would rise and fall, religions would govern man and the boundaries of our collective beliefs would continue to polarize. The fifteenth century would bring with it a temperament to our religious fervor and a shift back into our developing intellect as we entered the Age of Aquarius, the Renaissance and Modern History.

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