Age of Taurus

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With the coming of the Age of Taurus, man had graduated from childhood and was ready to enter the adult world of mankind we call ancient history. We had developed a basic understanding of our world and now were ready to move into the next phase of our evolution, civilization. In one of the earliest civilizations on Earth, Mesopotamia, early forms of writing, basic mathematics, astrology, astronomy, civil law and even sailboats were entering the world stage. The early period of the Age of Taurus was still influenced by the language attribute of Gemini which helped us to refine and advance our writing skills during the Age of Taurus.

By 3400 BC, writing had made its way into our world. The most known being the cuneiform script of Sumer as well as hieroglyphs from Egypt. The Taurian energy brought with it the energy to own or have ownership, which manifested itself in the collective as cities or civilizations where families owned land and/or goods. This came with commerce, division of labor, banking, money, ownership of property both land and goods. It was a hard-working Age that saw the birth of the calendar in megalithic form.

The earliest megalithic calendar can be found in Africa in the Nubian Desert. The Napta Playa Circle aligns with the solstices and was used to tell when the monsoon season would begin as well as serve as an observatory of the Heavens. The people who constructed this site were cattle worshippers as evidence of cattle burials around the site. A testament to the manifestation of the Age of Taurus. Bull worshipping shows up frequently during the Age of Taurus. This area of the Nubian Desert would eventually succumb to climate change and become uninhabitable, and the people would have to migrate to a new land. Much like the story of the Israelites that built their Golden Cow (Age of Taurus) right before the ten commandments (Age of Aries) were brought down from Mt. Sinai in the Bible.

By the time that we had embodied the Age of Taurus in the third millennium BC, civilization was taking root in the near East and other places on the globe. Along with Mesopotamia, the Yellow River civilization in China, the Egyptian civilization, the Indus Valley civilization in India/Pakistan and the Norte Chico civilization in Peru were all forming from villages into cities and civilizations located around fertile valleys and rivers.

Across the world, megalithic time pieces were built to observe the solstices as a way for man to tell time and the changes in the seasons. The Thirteen Towers at Chankillo in Peru, Stonehenge in England, Newgrange in Ireland, Mnajdra in Malta, Goseck Circle in Germany, amongst hundreds of others scattered across the globe. In addition to these megalithic calendars, our love for multiple Gods also brought about new temples dedicated to specific deities. Man was still working under group consciousness which allowed use of combined manpower to build megalithic structures and temples during this Age such as the White Temple of Uruk in modern day Iraq and Hagar Qim in Malta. This combined use of manpower would flow well into the next Age as humans would begin to build some of the most well-known structures in the world, the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

The Age of Taurus completely shifted our world into one with civilizations, cultural roots, and identities. These varied in their expression of the attributes according to the Light program each civilization was playing out as expressions of the ONE. Which is why we see different writing styles, monuments, etc. During this Age, we invented writing, money, commerce, basic sciences, megalithic calendars and the ability to tell time to be able to know when the seasons were changing. Towards the end of the Age, around 3300 BC, we began working with copper and bronze to make metal tools and objects. Kicking off the Bronze Age that would take us all the way through the Age of Aries.

Our entire way of life had shifted as a collective from small communities into larger cities as we were now reliant on each other and our community to sustain life. People were flocking to cities by the thousands and this new way of life would eventually drive the need for social order by way of collective rules and social hierarchy. As we will see, the collective ego was struggling with identity and the need to prove our self, as the Age of Aries swept in providing the spark that lit the war match between the feminine bull energy and the masculine ram energy. The latter part of the Age of Aries would bring with it collective laws, hierarchy, and rules to regulate the development of our newly advancing civilizations and collective ego, preparing the way for another big shift in our collective consciousness.

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