Virtual Appendix

Comprehensive Explanation of Material 

*Suggested viewing before and after reading the written material

2.0 Diamond Sun Body – HUman Design Layout

4.0 Classic Radio Dial

4.1 Light Wave Frequency Example

10.0 Creation Waves Illustration

10.1 Creation Waves in Dimensions

10.2 Third Dimensional Reality being created from a HUman Light Body

10.2 a Video Explanation of Illustration above

10.3 Twelfth Dimensional Reality being created from a HUman Light Body

10.3 a Video Explanation of Illustration and Bonus Content

10.4 Receiving Light into the HUman Light Body

10.4 a Video Explanation of Illustration and Bonus Content

12.0 Collective Ascension Timeline

13.0 Geometric Structure of the Diamond Sun Body

13.1 Fabric of Space Illustration

13.1 a Video Explanation of the geometry and Fabric

13.2 Lotus of Life and Tri-Wave Illustration

13.2a Video Explanation of Lotus of Life Geometry

Law of Abundance Video

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