Ascension Centers

The radiation centers are beacons of Light or Light Houses once activated during the collective shift that will also become locations of ascension centers on Terra Nova. They will radiate Source Light out into the collective that is coded to attract certain individuals on Terra Nova. The councils that work with the Architect of the radiation centers will gather and together with the Architects will create these ascension centers of Light that become hubs for teaching about ascension at the varying levels of consciousness based on the location and function of the radiation center as well as Light transmission stations that speak directly to the DNA of those that receive the Light. These “hives” allow consciousness or ascending beings to flow in and out like bees taking the Divine Wisdom and Light codes of ascension and pollinating it to the existing old world to begin shifting larger numbers of the collective.

Ascending beings will begin forming Light Communities with the assistance of the Architects and Builders of the micro radiation centers that will allow for permanent and transient stays by ascending beings. This method will continue to grow into Cities of Light and larger main radiation centers and ascension centers once the collective can increase its frequency. It is evolution in layers and there will always be radiation centers, heart centers, ascension centers, across Terra Nova hosting ascending beings at various levels of consciousness who will go out into the world and pollinate the Divine Wisdom and Light they receive. This method of pollination and cross pollination of Divine Wisdom and Light codes of ascension will create a tsunami effect within the collective consciousness that will eventually overtake the old and wash it away.

The radiation centers have been created by the Architects Diamond Sun Bodies and will turn on once activated at the collective ascension. This will ignite the Gathering Phase of the Master Build of Terra Nova and the beacons of Light will turn on and stay on. The Light codes to signal the Master Build will be released from the planetary DNA via the Architects at the radiation centers. These Light codes are genetically triggered to speak to the DNA of specific ascending beings who will seek the Light. The star seeds and the ascending Earth seeds will link up via the radiation center and create the ascension centers. All will play specific vibrational roles coded within as specific rays or attributes of the Creator coded within the three-fold flame of each being. This allows for the entire spectrum of the rainbow or attributes of the Creator to manifest as physical realities within each ascension center and Light Community, Cities of Light and Temples of Light.

Every being on Terra Nova is coded with three of the twelve rays of Creation as their unique threefold flame of the Creator that will manifest during their time on Terra Nova as roles to play within each layer of the consciousness fractal. These roles are coded to manifest at the soul, galactic/oversoul and universal/God levels of consciousness and eventually become part of the personality of the logos as a Creator Incarnate. The diversity in rays and vibrations of them within each ascension center and Light community allows for the physical manifestation of the twelve tribes of Israel to manifest balanced higher collective realities on Terra Nova. This is the ultimate fulfillment of the Rainbow Prophecy from the indigenous tribes of North America.

Absolutely everything is coded in the higher realms to manifest in balance and harmony with the rest of Creation. Each Architect is a radiation center of Source Light that is filtered by the Builder councils and together with ascending beings all create ascension centers on Terra Nova. Each radiation center is the Source of Light for the ascension center, the communities, cities, and Temples of Light. The ascension centers are brought into physical manifestation by beings that are coded across the spectrum of the twelve Creation Rays to manifest these communities through the various attributes, bringing balanced realities and harmony with the whole to each community. In this way, the Infinite Creator is represented by each center as a logos and a complete Diamond Sun Body as a fractal of the Collective Diamond Sun Body.

These centers will manifest collective realities that are vibrationally online with the entire collective consciousness of Terra Nova. Across the entire planet we will work as ONE to evolve and ascend the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. Because we will all be connected through the crystalline matrix of the Collective Diamond Sun Body as ONE unified consciousness, the collective ascension will accelerate exponentially over the next few decades and we will embody soul, galactic and universal consciousness exponentially faster than the 13,500 years it took to embody up to the fifth dimension.  

We are at an exciting time in the development and evolution of the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. The entire beehive of the planet is built, the many beehives across the planet are built and now it is time to activate them to begin attracting the worker bees that will build the blueprint of the Master Build of Terra Nova. Those that are meant to see this reality will see it and will live it to their hearts fullest on Terra Nova because each will know that everything they are doing supports the entire collective, even those in the collective that are unable to see the new. We will know that our hearts must stay open in neutrality and compassion for the old ways that will continue to collapse as the new is integrated within the collective over the coming years. We will work like bees to build our ascension centers around the radiation centers of Terra Nova as hives that support the pollination of Divine Wisdom and Light of ascension across the entire planet. We will see this network of hives or ascension centers as ONE consciousness working for the greatest good of all to manifest Heaven on Terra Nova.

We will shift into a multidimensional way of viewing our reality so that we can see the old and the new and what lies ahead for us as a collective. We will go courageously into the new and follow the Light that is leading us to our eternal home as the Infinite Creator incarnated as an entire star system known as Terra Nova. We will open our hearts to our galactic family and welcome their presence at our Temples of Light and build galactic civilizations on Terra Nova. We will patiently wait for the day when the collective consciousness of Terra Nova embodies universal consciousness and becomes a star nation and part of the Unified Council of Star Nations ascending this entire Universe.

The reality of a collective ascension into the higher heavens of this Universe has arrived. The Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova is ready to die the ego death of the persona so that we may birth our collective soul self and begin the Master Build of Terra Nova. We understand that all things must grow, evolve, and expand through Light quotient and know that our journey to full embodiment will begin with creating micro ascension centers across Terra Nova in large numbers to support our growth and evolution into even higher dimensions of consciousness and larger Cities of Light. We understand that all radiation centers and ascension centers will come online with the collective shift to New Earth and the work will begin taking place across all levels of the consciousness fractal within the Collective Diamond Sun Body and each level will increase in numbers as we continue our collective ascension.

We are willing to stand together as the twelve rays of the Creator, the twelve tribes of Israel, to each bring our chosen gifts and vibration to this star system so that we may fulfill the rainbow prophecy of our ancestors. We are willing to work with our galactic family and stand together to advance consciousness within our Galaxy and Universe as ONE Pure Consciousness. We are willing to follow our hearts and seek the Light when it calls us regardless of what the outside world says or does. We are the brave ONEs, the ground breakers, the visionaries, the pioneers, the builders of our New Earth. We are ONE unified Light that fractals within itself to create an organization of Light that creates the entire Cosmic Blueprint on this planet as the Master Build of Terra Nova. We are the Divine Organization of Terra Nova, and our Light has been activated.

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