Software Update Complete

These were the words that my Universe used to communicate to me that the transformation I have been going through is now complete. It came this morning in the form of a software update to my cell phone. For the past several days, I have had intense dreams that were showing me what was happening […]

A World of Infinite Possibilities

A chasm has opened up inside me, as the last lifetime of separation dissolves completely away, I am left looking inside myself wondering, what’s next? How do you begin to live again after an experience of this magnitude? Awakening from human reality, moving into soul/spiritual reality, awakening from soul/spiritual reality, moving into galactic/ascension reality, awakening […]

Love is Reflected in Love

For context, I am living in Venice through February and went to Cortina D’Ampezzo for a couple of days under the guise of a ski trip in the Dolomites. Journal Entry – January 26, 2023 Today concludes our stay in Cortina D’Ampezzo and I know in my heart that the reality that opened up last […]

La Serenissima – The Most Serene (Venezia)

Why do we keep Venice alive? Why do we continue to put energy into something that has died or is dying? It is literally crumbling away before our eyes and yet we spend so much life force trying to patch her up, keep her memory alive, keep the story going. Why? Because we just cannot […]


Photons dancing in space flow through the electromagnetic field of the heart Hurling into empty mind, playing the harmony of eternal bliss Striking neurons, shooting rays of Light down neural pathways devoid of purpose Gently plucking these Divine guitar strings plays the melody into holographic form Strumming the mind as the tune comes alive through […]

Beyond the Eternal Now

Through ascension we learn to fully embody pure consciousness by moving our consciousness backwards through time until we are able to exist in the eternal now. However, this is still a part of the Universal Time Matrix and of experiencing reality inside the bounds of time. In order to go beyond the eternal now, beyond […]

A loving response to your emails and a proper farewell.

In the previous post, I said goodbye to this website and to the final phase and exit of my own journey as a separate self. The post was written by the separate self because my heart was closed to allow the mind to make the conscious choice that needed to be made. The separate self […]

Ode to the Acts of “My” Life

The curtain rises in 1980, a new life is born Youth passes quickly, in the blink of an eye my childhood is gone The trauma and moving left me lost, a home and love is what I needed The hardest Act of all Adolescence, the scene changes to Alabama, my life is forever changed Young […]

Exiting the Ascension Light Program – Journal Entry 4/4/22

Entry from my personal journal dated April 4, 2022. “Stay outside of the story lines – ALL stories. This means outside of the pale. The stories of daughters, of Alabama, of my entire human life – let go of the labels, judgements, attachments to outcomes – stay as the Source – the heart center of […]