Awakening to galactic consciousness happens when we are able to pierce the veil that separates good and evil, heaven and hell, war and peace…. to begin to see that in all these things lies the I AM presence of consciousness. It is the beginning of slicing through the dualistic nature of our minds and programming into the unification of concepts and understanding that the evolution of consciousness brings. When we are liberated from the separation that heaven exists outside of hell, our soul aspect begins to breakdown the illusion that it is “going to Heaven” and REAlizes that it is already there. When we can see beyond good and evil, we REALize that consciousness, the I AM, is playing all the parts and it is only in our judgements and our mental concepts about good and evil that our reality contains this separation. When we can see beyond spirituality and space wars into the truth that these do not exist as the antithesis to what we “used to believe” but rather an extension of the many realities and dimensions of consciousness that make up the Absolute Reality, we become free of their delusions. When we can see that we simply did a polarization of perception, then we can begin to liberate ourself from the binds of soul consciousness and work towards perceiving reality through the lens of Divine neutrality.

When this happens we awaken to a new reality beyond good and evil, heaven and hell, war and peace and begin to understand existence beyond being a human and a soul that religion and spirituality taught us and begin to remember the I AM across all of space and time. We begin to awaken to ascension as a path to enlightenment and liberation from all dualistic concepts and experiences of reality into a more unified and joy filled experience of reality. The soul awakening was when we awakened the love within our own hearts. The galactic awakening is when we REALlize that love is all there is and that everything else is simply a veil over it. 

When this times comes our crystalline light body is activated and we begin the journey of building the stargate system that will one day allow our consciousness to travel this universe without a merkabah. We begin to awaken to ancient lifetimes on other planets and galaxies and may be called to various places on the planet as part of building the stargate system within our physical crystalline light body. Which is all part of embodying the wisdom that the galactic awakening brings with it. 


  • Unity Consciousness Awakens
  • New Earth Experience 
  • Light Language Activation
  • Star Lineage Revealed
  • Travel to Energy Centers on Gaia
  • Divine Wisdom begins to download 
  • Urged to share with others 
  • Physical Body and Light Body Merge
  • Crystalline Light Body Online
  • Entire Soul/Monadic Purpose Revealed
  • Relocation Possible
  • Reincarnation/Major Reality Changes
  • Plus More