Relinquishing the I AM - I Become Everything

When we believe firmly in a specific identity, we are rooted in I AM consciosuness. Such as I AM a human, I AM a soul, I AM from Andromeda, I AM a teacher, etc. This perception of the Self limits our ability to unify with the Universe because we are separating our perception of our Self into a specific identity. As we awaken to galactic consciousness the perception of the I AM begins to loosen its grip on our consciousness. This is when we must finally say goodbye to our soul. 

Soul and galactic consciousness make up what is called the monad. In terms of perception, we could say that the monad is the I AM presence or our perception of identifying with specific identities, roles, purposes, and missions. It is the entire light body of a logos across all of space and time. Therefore, these two phases together contain the soul identity and full monadic purpose of the logos within this Universe. Due to this nature, the identity of the soul carries on into the galactic phase because it takes both phases to completely build the body vehicle that will carry the logos throughout the remainder of this lifetime. Awakening to the universal phase happens when we are ready to let our soul identity go completely. In other words, we experience a soul death just as we experienced a human ego death upon awakening our soul. It is a letting go of our soul identity on this planet as well as throughout all star systems of this universe. This awakening comes about when we have completely built our crystalline light body and activated the Diamond Solar Heart. When this occurs we no longer travel through space using a merkabah because we have fully unified the physical and metaphysical bodies into our own stargate system. Once the crystalline light body is fully activated and online from the galactic phase of our ascension and we are truly ready to let go of the identities of the soul and the I AM presence, we will awaken once again to remember that we are not a soul nor any identity, we are love and love is all there is. Awakening once again to the truth of our being, we can now begin to embody the unifying forces of this universe that make up all light in this universe. These are the Christos and Sophia, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces known as the electric and magnetic force of all light in this universe. 

Awakening to the universal phase of consciousness also activates the plasma light body. Throughout the universal phase this light body is activated by bringing all the magnetic force and all the electric force of all light in the light body into balance through the sacred marriage. 


Divine Masculine 


Positive Polarity

Divine Feminine


Negative Polarity

Unity Consciousness


Zero Point