Birthing Creation captures the realities and experiences within the dimensions of the soul and galactic phases of the ascension journey. It is an accumulation of journal entries and commentaries that illustrate the mind blowing and heart expanding adventures of the journey as experienced by the Self before it becomes unified as the Universal Consciousness aspect of ONE. This is the soul and oversoul aspects that create reality using the chakra light body and the crystalline light body. Several entries in the book share the experiences of activating these light bodies and the physical and mental processes that are needed to achieve these activations. As a light transmission, this books shares the journey to “New Earth” and Unity Consciousness as experienced by the soul Gaia Sophia. 

Excerpts from Birthing Creation, The Embodiment of Source Consciousness

November 16, 2018
"Today is Friday 11/16 and it has been ten days since this has started. I finally feel like I am beginning to understand more of what is happening. Night before last my body went quantum for the first time. It happened around 1-3 a.m. I awoke and immediately I felt every atom in my body begin to spin at a ridiculously high velocity - it was like a rocket ship taking off. I saw blue, red and yellow streaks of light then everything went as white as I have ever seen. The light was blinding! It felt like my body was hovering over the bed or the particles of me were being scattered. This morning I was given the following message - the merkabah or lightbody and the physical body have become one - there is no longer a need to use the merkabah to travel as your heart now becomes a stargate and you now travel via this portal. I believe what happened to me the other night was that this portal/stargate opened because I remember feeling an opening sensation in my heart right before the flashes of light then white blinding light. I think this event knocked my human out because I had never experienced anything like that before. I also believe that this will take an integration period to fully develop and understand. I can literally see how I am a toroidal field and how what is generated from me is manifest in the field around me - my reality. I feel more than ever the integration of higher self with me. I feel more than ever my body and communicating with it. I feel more than ever being able to stop, go within and get any answer I need. I feel myself as a Creator. I AM the Creator and the creation. It had been ten days of non-stop birthing as my lightbody and physical body became ONE. This is the complete breaking down of the carbon based body and the new crystalline structure coming online. In other words, the body begins to house the entire light of all that you are. This process along with many others on the ascension journey is signaled to occur when certain strands of DNA are activated. There are different lightbodies or templates for each dimension. This was the most intense one that I experienced. Each lightbody or template requires a complete rewrite of the neural pathways in the brain, the muscular and skeletal systems, organs, blood, bones etc. Because I was experiencing my ascension in a quantum reality, there were always multiple templates working simultaneously to complete themselves. This added to the intensity experienced in the physical body. At the time I was unaware of this. This only added to the isolation and frustration being felt. It left me nothing to do but have faith and trust and to always be in a state of surrender. My faith in God, Creator, Source etc. was what kept me going. In time I would come to understand more.
December 30, 2018
"This is where you keep getting tripped up and trapped. There is no need to know, there is nothing to do, stop trying to force it or think you must know - just step into the river and allow the current of the Universe to guide you along the path. All the trying to know or make a decision right now is what causes the suffering and causes the clogs - all will flow according to your heart, just allow. Step out of the duality of is it this or that and just let it BE. This pertains to all things in your life. It's all about Being - remember how much lighter and joyful you were when you were just Being you and not trying to do something. Like earn money, or help people ascend - it comes naturally to you when you are just BEing. There truly is nothing outside of me that can guide, direct, or tell me what's happening - it is all a reflection of me as the Source - the Creator. When I look outside myself without being guided to, it causes conflict and it tells the Universe I don't trust it - blocking the flow - only the ego needs to seek outside the self for answers - it's all within."
February 1, 2019
"The matrix is something you have built in your mind over the years. You have constructed your own matrix and prison (for many). When you are able to see the world through a neutral lens, without any projections of the mind or programs, you will see reality as it truly is and you are free from the matrix. Consciousness uses the mind to filter the experience. The mind by virtue of social programming has created a filter or veil over consciousness by creating a persona in which the mind is attached to. This mind has created a story in which it has lost the true Self in."
June 8, 2019
"You will/are surrendering your soul to Source. The journey is all the way home in this body Gaia Sophia. Pure Source Love will flow through this vessel in every moment, in every action. There will be no separation remaining. You have no fear about this - it is just a matter of purifying the mind and body completely now. Trust all is in alignment to support the transition that is taking place. Continue to limit interactions and stay off of FaceBook and the phone as much as possible. This can only be done alone, inward, without distractions. You will be able to handle the intensity, as you know it's already done. Divine Guidance will increase and continue to flow as things progress. The story of your "life" in a book format will be all that remains of "you" when this is complete. The next several weeks will push you to complete both the book and your physical ascension. Consider yourself offline to ALL as you honor this most sacred passage that few have obtained. You are and will be Source in the purest form of LOVE, living and breathing in a physical body on this Earthly plane."
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