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Excerpts from The Divine Organization of Creation Part 1, Blueprint of the Cosmos

Introduction Excerpt
"Creation follows a specific set of blueprints. A master set of blueprints that governs everything from how a universe is created to how your own human body is created. This set of blueprints is created through the intelligent design called Diamond Sun Architecture and it is the original organic set of energy blueprints that has and continues to create the Light Body of the Cosmos known as The Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. It is made up of the Light of every soul or logos within Creation. Essentially, it is the totality of all Light at varying frequencies that together creates the fabric of existence itself. It is a highly organized structure of Light also known as The Divine Organization that fractals throughout the Cosmos creating holographic realities within all dimensions of Creation. This fractalization is how the Cosmos replicates itself at every layer from the micro to the macro. The Divine Organization of Creation is made up of many different parts. It is an energetic structure or Light body that is created when all 144 rays of Light or harmonic frequencies of this Universe are embodied. It is a structure or organization of different Light frequencies, Creation Waves and Light Bodies that work together to create the conscious experience of Being for all logos in Creation. To understand this organization, we must first understand the architecture that creates the blueprints for the organization to manifest. "
Diamond Sun Architecture Excerpt
"Ascension is essentially energy mastery of all frequencies within Creation. Mastery of a frequency is about bringing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces of each ray into balance or equilibrium. There are twelve tonal chords, attributes, or rays of Creation. Each vibrates at twelve different frequencies within the twelve different dimensions of Creation. This creates a total of 144 frequencies or harmonics that a logos must master to achieve full ascension. The twelve chords within each dimension when in balance creates a zero-point field of Pure Source energy known as a stargate. The opening of this stargate allows consciousness to travel through the stargate to another dimension."
The Trinitized God Force Excerpt
"What we call God, is essentially, the electric and magnetic forces that create all Light in our holographic Universe. They are interrelated and interdependent, one cannot exist without the other. From the Father and Mother God force of the entire Cosmos to the High Council of Light of the Cosmos, these forces are what hold the entire Universe and each dimension in place within the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. They are also the forces that send and receive the Light through the Universe as ONE organism and within each dimension to maintain balance. Without these forces in place, the Diamond Sun Body of any logos would not exist, all Light in our Universe would not exist and the holographic realities we experience would not exist. It takes the electric and magnetic forces to create Light, to hold it all in place and to send and receive all Light in our holographic Universe. These God force logi fractal down throughout the Cosmos to hold these fractalized Light structures or Diamond Sun Bodies in place and facilitate the movement of Light through the Light Body of every logos in Creation. "
Universal Time Matrix Excerpt
"To further understand Creation waves and timelines, it is necessary to go deeper into the true nature of time. What is it, how does it work, what part does it play in the structure of the Divine Organization of Creation? And most importantly how does time work within spacetime to create the manifested Cosmos. We may think that time only exists on our planet via our clocks and calendars, but this is only man’s time. Time is much more complex than our system of time. It spans through all twelve dimensions of Creation, although the experience of time varies greatly based on these dimensions. All of space is made up of an infinite amount of quanta. This quanta makes up the fabric of space or the quantum field from which all holographic realities manifest in what we call spacetime. This fabric is made multidimensional through geometric Light structures that create gravitational fields. It is these Light structures that house or create time within the fabric of space. One such structure could be called our Universe. Our Universe is created through a complex set fractalized geometrics that create a Universal Time Matrix which allows for all realities within this Universe to be created. It is this matrix that allows for the experience of time as will attempt to explain below."
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