Photons dancing in space flow through the electromagnetic field of the heart Hurling into empty mind, playing the harmony of eternal bliss Striking neurons, shooting rays of Light down neural pathways devoid of purpose Gently plucking these Divine guitar strings plays the melody into holographic form Strumming the mind as the tune comes alive through […]

Ode to the Acts of “My” Life

The curtain rises in 1980, a new life is born Youth passes quickly, in the blink of an eye my childhood is gone The trauma and moving left me lost, a home and love is what I needed The hardest Act of all Adolescence, the scene changes to Alabama, my life is forever changed Young […]


From the Light I was birthed into the Universe I am a child of the Creator Out of the darkness I crawled towards the Light I am a Divine Child of the Creator Standing in the Light I remembered the truth I am a soul Journeying deeper into the Light my heart revealed more I […]

Live an Extraordinary Life

Awaken to reality and live an extraordinary life The power is yours to fulfill your destiny Heaven is only a blink away Close your eyes and ask it to appear Open your heart and the I shall see it Freedom is liberation of the Light Unleashing the pure flow of Creation into your life Light […]

Sailing Towards Liberation

Ocean waves crash against the bow drumming the song of freedom Sail into the Light towards liberation The light of a thousand stars and impregnated moon illumine the path Sail into the Light towards liberation The sirens of the sea play their track echoing the direction of ONE Sail into the Light towards liberation The […]

Hollow Bone

I am an empty space for Light to fill A vacant vessel brought to Life in each now moment A crystal vase poured to perfection when filled with the Light of Creation From my bones, this Light projects my truth I have become a hollow bone My eyes are a gateway to the void, the […]

Divine HUmans De~Light

Dance, Dance, Children of the Light You are not from the stars You are a star Here on a journey to remember Your Divine HUman birthright Dance, Dance, Children of the Light Each of you shining bright Eight billion suns of Light Divine HUmans on Gaia Dancing with clear sight Dance, Dance, Children of the […]

Public Pool

A women splashesChildren swim belowThe lifeguard watches the diverThe dance is in motion One stroke, two strokes, three strokes, breatheSilence, laughter, silence, shoutingOne stroke, two strokes, three strokes, breatheSwimmer, water, swimmer, airOne stroke, two strokes, three strokes, stop Rhythmic motion of the swim endsStroke, breath, silence, laughterShouting, water, swimmer, airDissolve into nothingnessSwimmer awakens, becomes the Source […]

Lady Shasta

The essence of a wise woman envelops me The scent of her earthy perfume fills my nose The rhythmic beating of her heart resonates within my own chest The familiar feel of a mother’s arms wrap around me Yes, Lady Shasta, you have called me back I am home Many walk your trails unknowing the […]

The Sun

The Sun does not ask anything of it’s creation It shines relentless, timeless without distinction to what is The Sun gives life, radiates Light, to birth the realities of it’s Universe By simply being, it creates effortlessly and flawlessly everything it experiences The Sun does not compete for titles or even to be called a […]